Horse Riding in Bahrain


Enjoy horseback riding in Bahrain, have fun and learn to practice an amazing sport. We offer several horse riding tours in Bahrain, you can enjoy this great activity around Bahrain Fort, witnessing the magnificence of the fort while you practice this elegant sport, or you can choose to enjoy horse riding along the beautiful beach as you get sprayed by the waves and breathe the fresh air, or you can take the country route and ride among lush green fields and flourishing farms. Whatever you choose, horse riding in Bahrain gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Kingdom.

  • Horse Riding

-One hour of horse riding.

-All ages can come, and no prior experience is needed.

-Available every day from 5am to 7pm.

-Private companion is available for extra fees.

-Several routes are available, you can choose between riding around Bahrain Fort, riding along the beach or riding amidst lush green fields.

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