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Wild Wadi Tickets

Wild Wadi Tickets

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Wild Wadi Waterpark Tickets

Wild Wadi Waterpark Tickets

Due to Dubai's mild climate, Wild Wadi Water Park tickets are in high demand all year. Wild Wadi Dubai, one of the top waterparks in the world and an aquatic Arabian adventurer, is situated in Jumeirah, right close to the renowned Burj Al Arab.

The exciting family attraction themed around the story of the well-known folklore figure Juha has a variety of exhilarating rides, slides, and activities for all ages. If relaxation is your style, the calm Wave Pool is a wonderful place to pass the time. Or, for some peace, while relaxing at the Lazy River, you can rent a private cabana.

wild wadi dubai ticket price

wild wadi dubai ticket price

Wild Wadi ticket prices start at AED 250 per person. A person's height determines how much a ticket costs at the Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai. People who are 1.1 meters tall and shorter are divided into two categories. Tickets purchased in advance from the website are subject to discounts. Along with that, little children under two are admitted free of charge with identification. Lockers cost money if you need them.

Wild Wadi Water Park Location

Wild Wadi Water Park Location

Wild Wadi Waterpark is located in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel

wild wadi water park rides and attractions

wild wadi water park rides and attractions

One of the world's most vibrant and stunning waterparks is the Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, offering a spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab. This waterpark boasts 30 distinct attractions, here the Best wild Wadi rides:

Jumeirah Sceirah: This 32-meter-high slide is one of the park's most thrilling attractions. Riders can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, making it an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Wipeout and Riptide: These man-made surf rides simulate surfing by spraying a thin layer of water at a rate of more than seven tonnes per second across foam structures. This creates a realistic wave effect, perfect for bodyboarding and kneeboarding.

18-Meter-High Waterfall: A stunning waterfall that adds to the park's visual appeal and provides a refreshing spectacle for visitors.

Juha's Dhow and Lagoon: This sizable playground is designed for children, featuring a variety of slides. The giant tipping bucket in this area is sure to soak anyone standing nearby, adding an element of surprise and fun.

Flood River Flyer: For those seeking more tempo and thrill, this speed slide offers an exhilarating ride.

Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley: These new additions replace traditional family rides. Burj Surj includes two bowls, while Tantrum Alley combines three tornadoes, offering unique and exciting experiences.

Ring Rides: Conventional downhill slides where riders can sit in either a single or double ring, providing a fun and versatile sliding experience.

Breakers Bay: This is the largest wave pool in the Middle East, generating 1.5-meter-high parallel and crossing waves in five distinct configurations, making it a popular spot for wave enthusiasts.

Juha's Journey: A 360-meter-long lazy river that allows visitors to unwind as they leisurely float around the park.

Children's Play Area: With over 100 water slides and games, Juha's Dhow and Lagoon is the ultimate play zone for kids, ensuring endless fun and excitement.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Jumeirah is a premier destination for thrill-seekers and families alike, providing a wide range of exciting and fun-filled attractions that cater to all ages.

Frequently asked questions

What are wild Wadi opening times?

Wild Wadi opening times: Sun-Sat 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM FAQ

Are reservations for the Wild Wadi Waterpark required in advance?

We advise purchasing e-tickets in advance to guarantee your position because Wild Wadi Waterpark might get busy. Get your Wild Wadi entrance fee when you reserve with Ootlah.

Which amenities are offered at Wild Wadi?

There are a number of amenities at Wild Wadi, including parking, dining options, stores selling mementoes, free access for guests of specific hotels, etc.

Is bringing food into Wild Wadi permitted?

Inside Wild Wadi, outside food is not permitted. However, visitors are permitted to bring a single 1-litre water bottle into the park. Some rides are physically demanding and could be dangerous.

Is the park suitable for young children?

Yes, the park has designated areas for young children, such as Juha's Dhow and Lagoon, which features a variety of games and slides suitable for kids.

What are the most popular Rides at Wild Wadi Water Park?

Jumeirah Sceirah
Wipeout, Riptide
Breakers Bay
Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj

Is there a place to buy souvenirs?

Yes, souvenir shops are available within the park where visitors can purchase gifts and products related to Wild Wadi.

Is the park accessible for people with special needs?

Yes, Wild Wadi Waterpark is equipped to accommodate visitors with special needs, providing appropriate facilities and assistance services to ensure their comfort.

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