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Road Trip Adventure Unforgettable Road Trips: 12 Road Trips you should not miss July 29, 2019

Is it now a better time to start planning your next road trip? From stunning natural panoramas to tropical beaches to down-home Texas barbecue, this list has it all. Explore the most unforgettable road trips in the world that you never knew you were missing. Make sure you add them to your travel list.   Route 66, USA One of the most unforgettable road trips is the famous Route 66, which was completed in 1926, connecting Chicago and Los Angeles via the heart of America. Today, the road has become as famous as ever. Starting from Chicago and ending in Santa Monica on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It is not surprising that Route 66 has taken centre stage thanks to its spectacular views of 2,448 miles, travelling through the likes of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, Offering you ideal views to capture photos. Great Ocean Road, Australia The Great Ocean Road (B100) is one of the most popular travel routes in Australia and also one of the unforgettable road trips that you can travel through. Take the travellers on an incredible breakthrough pocket of rainforests, tranquil coastal towns and under tree-shade trees. Attractions include limestone cliffs and dairy farms, and travellers can get close and personal through the strong waves in the Southern Ocean. Ruta, Argentina Ruta 40 is one of Argentina's longest highways (3,100 miles long) and is one of the world's most unforgettable road trips. It runs through 20 national parks, climbs 28 mountains and crosses 18 major rivers. Blue Ridge Parkway, USA Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile long strip running across Virginia and North Carolina. It spans the southern and central Appalachian Mountains, offering exceptional views of regional flora and fauna and is renowned for its biodiversity and wildlife. Sites along Whitewater Falls and Mount Mitchell include the highest mountain peak in the eastern United States. Finger Lakes Highways, USA In western New York, the hills are cut by 11 long narrow bodies of water called Finger Lakes. The area is known as an outdoor paradise (in addition to the state's main wine-growing area). The area also has beautiful scenic drives and to the west, Keuka Lake is bordered by two small government parks that are particularly attractive. Valley of Fire Road, USA Served in the state-of-the-art Valley of Fire Park, a 40,000-acre area of bright red Aztec sandstone, this vast desert road runs its way miles from the expansive landscape. This is really one of the most spectacular and unforgettable road trips around the world. Ring Road, Iceland Also known as Route 1, the ring road was completed in 1974 and encircles the island to connect most of the country's populated areas. Leading to some of the country's best tourist attractions, such as the Seljalandsfoss Falls, Skógafoss and Jökulsárlón Glacier, and the route has seen increasing numbers of visitors over the last 10 years. Trollstigen, Norway Part of the Norwegian Scenic Road strolls Trollstigen (Route 63) through the 11 hairpin curve during its climb to Stigrøra (858 metres above sea level). The mountain crosses certain places and includes a natural stone bridge across the Stigfossen waterfall. The road is the result of the 100-year-old engineering work that offers stunning views. A popular choice for visitors to Norway. Icefields Parkway, Canada Top Road In North America, the Park field Icefields in Alberta take travellers as close as possible to reach the Rocky Mountain peak in the car. The roadside stations provide an opportunity to enjoy the sparkling glacier lakes, waterfalls and observation points of Parkway. Cabot Trail, Canada Walking on the Cabot Trail is Nova Scotia's most famous leisure activity. And the road takes visitors along winding roads and tranquil lakes, making it one of the most unforgettable road trips around the world. West Coast & Milford Sound, New Zealand On the west coast, you will encounter glaciers, beaches and rainforests, in a country so picturesque that you can stand in the middle of the earth. The 75-mile trip from Te Anau to Milford Sound along Milford Road is undoubtedly a magnet. This winding road takes you to the National Park of Fordingland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is also the largest national park in New Zealand. Passing highlights including Mirror Lakes and The Chasm, but in fact, it is the epic mountain landscape that makes driving very distinctive. Milford Sound is the final destination of the Milford Road, a beautiful strait of the Miter Peak, a stunning mountain rising straight out of the water. You can see this better by doing a boat tour at Milford Sound. Cyprus Cyprus is the candidate for one of the unforgettable road trips in the world. Many roads dot the stunning coastline, providing great views of the deep Mediterranean Sea. As you drive from the beaches of Ayia Napa in the east to Paphos in the west, the ancient ruins form wonderful stops along the way for any lover of history. History, not your thing? Head to the Troodos Mountains to do some hiking and explore part of Cyprus that most people never see. Do not forget many wineries in Cyprus, one of the most wine regions in Europe. Finally, do not forget to stop in the capital of Nicosia (also called Lefkosa in Turkish) to walk across the border from the southern (Greek) side to the north side (Turkish) for a completely different perspective. Also, you can read: 7 Things to do for the perfect road trip Travel checklist: The best travel advice you will ever get

Travel Reviews Traveling stories: the best travel books for avid readers April 07, 2019

If you love traveling and love reading then you must love traveling stories! Actually, traveling stories are probably one of the most important reasons why a lot of young readers grow up to become travel lovers, they make them yearn to travel themselves. Some travel books tell real stories and adventures that happened to travelers, and some tell fictional stories about magical countries, and some mix both worlds and tell fictional stories about traveling to real countries. What combines all these books however is that they weave a fantastic tale about discovering the world. So here are the best traveling stories and travel books, we bet you will find yourself dreaming about your next trip when reading one of them. Around the world in 200 Days, Anis Mansour This book tells a fascinating journey of traveling around the globe in 225 days, a journey which the author himself has undertaken for various reasons, one of them is writing this book. The traveling stories told in this book take us in a magical tour from east to west to north to south, we discover the world as Anis sees it. Some of the stunning countries he visited in this book are Japan, USA, Indonesia, and India. He also made many stops at smaller islands and less traveled destinations in his trip, one of the least traveled destinations he talks about in the book is his trip to Tibet to meet the Dalai Lama. The book also talks about the facts and traditions of those countries in that era, as Anis Mansour made that trip in the early 1960s. This book has certainly inspired many to travel and see more of the world around them. Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift This fictional book may very well be the most popular traveling story of all time, everyone has heard of Gulliver's Travels, and many have read them. Many people say that Gulliver's Travels are meant to show us the true human nature, that it is, in fact, a journey to discover how people actually act. Whether that was the true intention of the writer or not it certainly adds a depth to the enjoyable stories. Gulliver takes us with him on a weird journey to the land of the tiny people, then to the land of the giants and the lands of various weird human species, and we enjoy every minute of that bizarre trip. Even though the book was written in 1726, you will find that the human nature which Swift takes a journey through has not changed much. The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner In a quest for happiness, Eric Weiner, a former correspondent from war-ridden countries, takes a journey to what he presumed to be happy destinations. His traveling stories are both funny and inspirational, you will find yourself equal amounts daydreaming about traveling and wondering about the true meaning of happiness. Eric travels to Iceland, Qatar, India, and Denmark in his quest for happy places, and to Moldova because people often assume that it is an inherently unhappy place, and we join him through this journey full of life laughter and philosophy enjoying his interactions with locals in search of the answers to this significant question: what makes a society really happy? South and East: Trips and Dreams, Mohamed El-Makhzangi This travel book is a collection of travel journals written by Mohamed El-Makhzangi, a renowned journalist and writer who traveled to less paved roads to write about them. These journals were published at the time in the paper in which he worked but were later collected and made into a book that provides a mesmerizing read. In his travel stories, El-Makhzangi takes us to different destinations, he went to sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and Indo-China. At a time when all travel journals talked about the West, this book was written in the early 90s, he chose to travel South and East to give readers new destinations. El-Makhzangi’s sense of humor makes this book a fascinating read indeed. Travels with Charley: In Search of America, John Steinbeck At the age of 58, renowned author John Steinbeck decided to take a long road trip with his faithful dog Charley to rediscover America. As usual, Steinbeck’s writing is beyond beautiful, and his eye for detail and ability to see people for what they truly are make this book fascinating to read. You will probably find yourself more interested in road trips after reading this book, and more familiar with the culture and traditions of Southern USA. So B. It, Sarah Weeks A traveling story like no other, this fictional story tells the tale of a young girl called Heidi who goes on a long distance journey to discover the truth about her life. This book may not be what most people have in mind when talking about travel books, however, it does tell a remarkable travel story from a unique perspective. When we see life through this small girl’s eyes, we get a fresh fascinating outlook for traveling, and gain a better perspective of life, we learn that the journey is just as important as the destination. To learn more about inspirational traveling stories see also: Arab chronicles: The most famous Arab travelers in history Extreme tourist destinations: The Edge of The World

Adventure plan Holidays in Bahrain: things to do on your next holiday July 14, 2019

The kingdom of Bahrain is a very diverse cosmopolitan country, spending holidays in Bahrain is a fascinating experience indeed as you will never be short for things to do. From scuba diving to camping to cycling to sailing, the kingdom has got it all, and we are here to help you navigate your way around the numerous activities you can do during your next vacation in Bahrain. Here is our fantastic guide to spending amazing holidays in Bahrain. Pearl diving in Bahrain Known as The Pearl of The Gulf, of course, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of things to do in Bahrain is pearl diving. The center of natural pearl trade in the world, the kingdom does not allow artificial pearls or trade in them to preserve the industry. And a few years ago, the government allowed tourism agencies to arrange recreational pearl diving tours in Bahrain. You can enjoy diving, learn all about this age-old trade and get to keep the pearls you find, what more can a person ask for! In the old days, pearl divers would cover their faces with a cloth and weigh themselves down with a rock to be able to collect oysters. It was a hard job that not all could endure. Nowadays, however, it is a totally different practice. Pearl diving now is a very popular pastime among people spending their holidays in Bahrain. And for tourists, it is a fantastic recreational activity. A licensed tour operator must accompany all divers, and gear them up properly. Also, each diver gets to collect a limited number of oysters to check for pearls in them. Camping in Bahrain People in Bahrain take camping very seriously, the activity is very popular among both locals and tourists. The high season for camping in the kingdom in the winter, from November to March you will find almost all camping sites in Bahrain brimming with activities. However, some serious campers love spending the summer nights under the stars. Of course in the harsh gulf summer, you can only camp in the desert during nighttime. The most famous campsite in Bahrain is Sakhir, people also enjoy camping around the Tree of Life, a 400-year-old huge tree that sits alone surrounded by sand dunes. In Bahrain, you can take your tent and set up your own camp, you can rent an existing tent, or you can join an arranged camping tour, anyways you are guaranteed to have fun and spend an unforgettable holiday in Bahrain. Cycling in Bahrain Cycling or biking or bicycling is a very popular activity in many countries, it is a sport, a means of transportation and a way to tour the wonderful attractions of any city. Combining exercise with fun and exploration, cycling is one of the best ways to boost your mood as well as your energy. It also helps you burn fat, increase muscle mass and sleep better. In addition to that, Bahrain features many magnificent cycling tracks, so you can find numerous amazing places to enjoy cycling in the Kingdom, whether you choose to go solo or join a cycling tour. As an archipelago, Bahrain comprises many amazing beaches, and a lot of them feature cycling tracks. There is also a wonderful track to be enjoyed at Al Areen Wildlife Park. Our personal favorite is the cycling tour around Bahrain Fort, as it allows you to enjoy exercising while exploring a wonderful historical site with a backdrop of amazing sea views. Horse riding in Bahrain A relaxing pastime or a competitive sport, horse riding can be whatever you want it to be! Horses are magnificent animals, they are a joy to be around let alone ride. And horse riding has always been associated with luxury and sometimes royalty. Horseback riding allows people to breathe in the fresh air, explore the city, and enjoy being around striking creatures This splendid activity can be enjoyed in many locations in Bahrain. Imagine riding a beautiful horse along the golden Bahraini coastline while enjoying the sunrise or sunset, or riding a charming mare between green fields in the countryside… Yes, this can be you on your next holiday! Taking a cruise in the Gulf Looking for a relaxing day on a luxurious yacht? Looking for a fun day full of water sports like snorkeling and swimming? Want to explore more of the smaller islands in the kingdom? Cruises in Bahrain can offer you all that and more, taking a cruise in the Gulf is one of the most popular activities when spending holidays in Bahrain, and for good reason. The sea breeze offers relief from the hot crowded cities, and you can find many different tours that allow you to enjoy numerous activities from lively water sports to quiet relaxing day trips. For more about spending holidays in Bahrain see also: Bahraini adventure: Top places to visit in Bahrain Best value for money: the top 7 cheap hotels in Bahrain Brunch in Bahrain: top restaurants for brunch in the kingdom

Travel Reviews Turkish Shopping: Best malls in Istanbul March 17, 2019

A magnificent multicultural city, Istanbul is split between two continents. The dark blue of the Bosphorus Strait separates Europe from Asia in the Turkish capital, making a clear line between the old city and the new city. This among many other qualities make Istanbul a popular tourist destination. The large number of tourists choosing to spend their vacations in Istanbul is constantly growing. And as the numbers of tourists increase so does the numbers of malls in Istanbul. Turkey is globally renowned for being a shopping destination as well as a tourist destination. That is why most travelers ask about the best malls and the best Souqs in the country. So here is our guide for shopping in the Turkish capital, these are the best malls in Istanbul. Mall of Istanbul Located in one of the fastest developing areas in the capital, Basaksehir, Mall of Istanbul is the largest shopping center in Turkey. In addition to hosting the largest number of retail shops in Turkey, the mall is also home to many tourist destinations such as the biggest indoor amusement park in Europe, MOIPARK, and many local attractions such as the biggest cineplex in Turkey, Cinetech. The mall itself features an easily navigated design in spite of its huge size, it is well organized and the design benefits from maximum natural light during the day. Like all other malls, it also features numerous food and beverage outlets, so you can very easily spend the day there shopping and relaxing. Moreover, it is easily accessible from both the European and the Asian parts of the city, and there is a metro station nearby. Istinye Park Located in İstinye, a residential district in the European side of Istanbul, this state of the art mall features 300 stores across indoor and outdoor shopping sections, as well as the first IMAX in Turkey. The innovative design of the mall is the first of its kind in Istanbul. The outdoor shopping section is built around a green central park that makes shopping a wonderfully relaxing experience. And the indoor section is glass roofed for maximum daylight. Furthermore, the mall is entirely green and eco-friendly. Alongside the new shops selling top world brands, the mall is home to a traditional Turkish bazaar. It is also home to numerous restaurants and a traditional Turkish food market. The traditional section of the mall and how it is incorporated within the modern architecture make Istinye Park one of the best malls in Istanbul. Kanyon Shopping Mall Situated in the Levent business district, this mixed-use architectural gem houses one of the most unique malls in Istanbul. The name comes from the extraordinary design. The project mixes a residential project, an office tower and a shopping mall into a complex built around a unique architectural canyon. In addition to more than 160 stores, the mall is also home to numerous dining options, a fitness center and a large cineplex. Istanbul Cevahir One of the largest malls in Istanbul and the world, Istanbul Cevahir houses more than 340 retail shops, numerous restaurants and cafes, and 12 movie theaters. Additionally, the mall features a kids’ cinema, which means that your children can relax and have fun watching a movie while you shop in the mall. The mall also features a roller coaster and other entertainment facilities. Located in Sisli, this mall is easily accessed by public transportation. You cannot miss the huge clock facade, which is the second largest in the world. Forum Istanbul Home to the globally renowned Sea Life Aquarium, Forum Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. In addition to a huge number of retail shops, the mall also features other tourist attractions such as Jurassic Land, an entertainment exhibition space about dinosaurs, mini golf, and a bowling alley. It also features a huge selection of food and beverage options and a cineplex. Plus, it is easily accessible by metro. Olivium outlet center located in Zeytinburnu district outside of the ancient city walls of Istanbul, Olivium outlet center is a destination for serious shoppers, as this is the largest outlet center in Istanbul. More than 100 brand outlets can be found in this mall, alongside dining and entertainment facilities. That is why it is a favorite among tourists. The nearest metro station is a mere five-minute walk, and the historical area surrounding the mall is definitely worth a visit. To see more of Istanbul check also: Turkish food: The best restaurants in Istanbul Cappadocia: An adventure in the heart of nature Tour packages in Turkey

Travel Tips Travel checklist: The best travel advice you will ever get February 03, 2019

Do you travel a lot? Is this your first time? Do you find traveling daunting? Is traveling alone for the first time a scary experience for you? If the answer to any of the above is yes then this travel checklist is for you! In order to make the ultimate travel checklist for you we have searched all given advice from numerous enthusiastic travelers, including ourselves, and cross referenced everything. Here is your ultimate guide of the best travel advice. The best packing advice 1- Make a list We often make several mental lists when we start planning our trip. However, time and constant traveling have proven that such mental lists are futile. The keyword here is making a real documented list! When you first start planning your trip start a packing note on your cell phone, and whenever you remember something add it to the list immediately. 2- Research and plan your outfits ahead Research the weather where you’re going, and plan you preliminary itinerary. This will help you plan the outfits you need for the trip. Will you need hiking boots? Raincoats? Swimming suits? Planning all this ahead will help you pack what you need so you don’t have to buy last minute in a place you don’t know. And when packing shoes, always opt for comfort. Even if you are traveling for business and need dressy shoes, invest in a pair of comfortable dressy shoes. Nothing can ruin your day like being unable to explore because your feet are in pain. 3- Be flexible That said, you have to allow for change. Do not for instance pack your bags to the point of bursting, leave room for shopping. And add a light jacket even if you are traveling during summer and a light shirt in winter, allow for surprises. Also try to pack versatile pieces, a piece that can be worn more than once and in different ways is a true gem when traveling. 4- Mix personal items If traveling with family or with a spouse, it is much better to mix items in all bags instead of assigning a bag to each person. This way, if one of the bags is lost no one is left without any personal belongings. 5- Pack a first aid kit Packing this is much easier than trying to shop for meds in an unfamiliar place. The basics are a pain killer, antiseptic, band aids, something for insect bites, something for upset stomach and something for sunburn. If you happen to use any specific medication make sure to pack enough of that as well. The best vacation advice 1- Diversify your personal economy Do not put all your money and all your credit cards in one place, and do not carry a lot of cash with you. The same thing goes for travel documents such as passports, keep a copy of everything and put in another pocket or another bag. 2- Ask the locals for advice If you want to find the best transportation and the best local food, the best travel advice we can give you is to ask the locals. And by locals we do not mean the hotel reception. The hotel often has offers that they want to sell, it’s better to ask local citizens or residents for that sort of advice. And don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine, after all, it is a huge part of the traveling experience! Put that on your travel checklist right now, try local street food. 3- Take lots of photos There is a fine balance between taking a lot of photos to save the memories and not making any memories because you are too busy taking photos! No matter how many people tell you to not waste your time taking photos don't listen to them. Of course taking photos should be on your travel checklist. The best travel advice for this dilemma is to allow yourself a few minutes whenever you go someplace new to take photos. Once your 5 minutes are up, put the camera away and enjoy the experience. 4- Learn some of the local language Even a few words like hello and thank you will forever be a part of your traveling experience. Plus, they make your interactions with the locals much nicer, saying hello to someone in their native language can make a new friend, especially if accompanied by a smile. 5- Embrace the unexpected No matter how well you review your travel checklist or how long you plan your trip, surprises always happen, and they are not always the fun sort. However you have two choices, either to panic and ruin your trip or to embrace whatever comes your way and consider it an adventure. Lost in a place you do not know where the locals do not speak your language, the adventure of a lifetime! Your bag was lost, time for shopping! Just relax and try to have fun no matter what. For more travel inspiration see also: The land of mountains and magic: Top things to do in Nepal Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food Unusual Food: Weirdest restaurants in the world

Adventure plan Discover Wildlife: A great experience in wildlife hotels December 06, 2018

One of the best way to have vacation, is having a new experience. Have you ever discovered the wildlife before? If not so definitely you need to pack and begin your trip. Now you can discover wildlife easier than you imagine, as some hotels offers you a great experience to discover wildlife. All what you need to do is to make reservation in one of these hotels, and enjoy the fun and joy you will have, because wild animals will lives with you in the same hotel, and may be in the same room. As you can walk around with animals everywhere, or you may found a giraffe trying to eat your food. There is a lot of wildlife hotels around the world, but here is the best 10 hotels that will let you discover wildlife and feel the adventure. Wildlife hotel This hotel located in Lodge in Australia, where you can live side to side by lions, giraffes, huge bears, and a lot of scary wild animals. This hotel provides his tourists and visitors by a unique experience. Although all that wild animals around, you should not be afraid, because the hotel is protected very well. But also you should not be panic, if you see those animals, when you are walking around, or having a shower. Bwind Lodge If you want a unique experience with the gorillas, you need to go to the Bwind Lodge Hotel, which runs through Bwindi Forest in Uganda. This hotel allows you to discover wildlife by watching mountain gorillas everywhere around the surrounding land. The hotel's building is built of wood and stone to feel like you live in the forest. It also has windows overlooking the dense woods surrounding the hotel, to enjoy the view of the mountain gorillas. Indora Resort Like Uganda, Indora Beach & Golf Resort, one of the largest protected areas in Central America, is located in Janet Kawas National Park. This resort offers unique accommodation among the Hauler monkeys, which feed on fruits and flowers. Do not worry if you stroll through the gardens to find a monkey next to you. Bushman's Clovis For a unique experience, we recommend going to Bushman's Clovis, 168 miles from Cape Town, South Africa, at the foot of Cedarberg Mountain. Staying in this hotel ensures you live in a world full of animals you have never seen before. It is surrounded by many species of wild animals such as antelopes, gray ribbons, ostriches, African fox and the circus, as well as the most famous animals of South Africa, the zebra. Tabakon Resort This resort is located in the heart of the rainforest and tropical plants of Costa Rica. It boasts more than 500 species of local plants and wildlife, where you can wander among the holler monkeys and white-faced and lazy white cabos. In addition, it is a natural hot springs resort, spread over an area of 900 acres in the Arenal region of Costa Rica. Stanley Hotel If you are a deer lover, you can now see herds of deer and bears walking around with you at the Stanley Hotel. It is located outside the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, which offers you watching what you love in wildlife and experiencing an exciting adventure experience. The giraffe’s hotel For more excited adventure, we invite you to go to the giraffe’s hotel in Kenya. You can walk around beside some giraffes, through your stay there. As you can find giraffes everywhere in the hotel. You may found that one of them is looking at you through the window, or trying to share your breakfast with you. This hotel is rich in wild life. Galapagos Islands One of the different experiences you may also enjoy is the Galapagos Islands, which lies off the west coast of Ecuador. Going there gives you the opportunity to discover another type of wildlife, as you can enjoy diving with the marine iguana and walk by the giant tortoise that has been inhabiting the islands for more than 150 years. You can also watch different bird species such as Darwin dart and blue-eyed boobs. Hypo Point - Nakuru Located in the heart of Hypo Point, Kenya, Hippo Point Nakuru is a natural environment for 1,200 species of animals and more than 350 species of birds. The hotel is uniquely designed in the form of a Buddhist temple, although for the first time it can be imagined by a large acacia tree amid nature. It has meditation rooms, and you can discover wildlife by strolling freely with the zebra herds and giraffes. Watamo tree house - watamo The most unusual of all hotels is the watamo tree house in Kenya, as it doesn’t have a glass window that will prevent the guests from enjoying the life of nature around them. The hotel overlooks the Indian Ocean on the one hand and the heart of the forest and its beautiful and charming nature on the other. Designed with local woods and innovative architectural designs, this hotel ensures the greatest comfort and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of the guests. To discover more about wildlife see: Travel packages in Kenya

Adventure plan Canary Tour: Where to go in the Canary Islands June 25, 2018

If you are planning a trip to the Canary you are already on the right track, but first, do you know where to go in the Canary Islands? Near perfect weather year round allows tourists to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Canary Islands anytime of the year. Whether it is summer or winter in your home country you can travel to the Canary and enjoy a sublime weather and a beautiful vacation. This is one of the reasons why the islands are very popular among tourists. We are here to help you schedule your vacation wisely so you don’t miss a thing! If you do not know where to go in the Canary Islands here is a nice itinerary for you. Check our list of the absolutely must see sights and must do activities in the Canary Islands: Catch a cable car to Pico Del Teide With an impressive height of 3,718 meters, Teide volcano is the third highest volcano in the world and Spain's highest peak. To catch the stunning view from the peak of El Teide, The cable car provides the most enjoyable as well as the easiest way to get up. It takes only eight minutes to climb up 1200 meters to the top station. Each car holds 35 passengers and the cars leave every 10 minutes. Be sure to choose a clear day though (check the weather before you go) because if the peak is covered with clouds you might not see a thing. Some people find the experience of hanging among clouds a magical one though! However if the sky is clear, you can catch a stunning view of the volcanic valley spreading out splendidly below. You can even see the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro rising up from the Atlantic. A truly magical view!   Explore La Gomera, the island lost in time No international airport in La Gomera, no five star chain hotels, and no masses of tourists. Nonetheless, the small island boasts magnificent natural beauty, an authentic way of life and picturesque colorful local homes. The tiny villages in the small island are one of its most attractive elements, each with its own personality and beauty. Make sure to check El Cercado to watch how local potters carefully craft traditional ceramics using techniques inherited from their ancestors. The island features one of Europe’s last remaining cloud forests due to the huge banks of swirling fog surrounding the emerald peak which rises 1487 meters above sea level. Which leads us to our next must see in the Canary Islands.   Check the surreal Parque Nacional de Garajonay Lush greenery shrouded in mists, this surreal park looks like an enchanted forest out of a fairytale. This cloud forest enjoys a much cooler temperature than the rest of the island due to the elevation and humidity. Inside this unique atmosphere you will feel like you have travelled to another world, one that is not utterly real. Garajonay is one of the best-preserved subtropical rainforests in Europe that is largely due to preservation efforts on La Gomera. The park is home to around 400 species of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the Canary Islands.   Scuba dive in La Restinga Marine Reserve Thanks to the warm crystal clear waters, which allow more than 30 meters of visibility, The Canary Islands are a haven for divers. If you know how to dive, or interested in trying, then you shouldn't wonder where to go in the Canary Islands. Go Diving! Diving in the Canary Islands allows you to enjoy one of the best underwater biodiversities in the world with a water temperature of more than 20 C all year round. La Restinga is a sanctuary on El Hierro Island where turtles, tunafish, rays, grouper, dolphins and barracudas visit every year. The rich and varied biodiversity there is unbelievable, and so it the clarity of the water.   Catch a unique show at Loro Parque If you are still wondering where to go in the Canary Islands you have to catch the only killer whale show during your visit! Loro Parque is located in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife; it comprises an aquarium where sharks, rays and fish swim among coral reefs just a few feet away from visitors. It also features a globally renowned orca show. Killer whales dance to the music and dive and jump around a giant transparent tank, which allows spectators to see all of their underwater acrobatics. Sometimes the stunts are so spectacular that those spectators get splashed by water. Moreover, the park is also renowned for its impressive collection of exotic birds. It is home to more than 300 species of parrots. If that is not enough, the park also boasts the largest penguinarium in the world, home to more than 250 penguins. It boasts an enormous enclosure as well, where visitors can see gorillas, tigers and even anteaters. The Loro Parque Foundation aims to set a safe place for the protection and conservation of endangered animals. The zoo has earned the 2008 Animal Embassy Award for sustainable and responsible management.

Adventure plan 7 Things to do for the perfect road trip September 09, 2019

If you are a free spirit with a soul that craves adventure then you might want to consider a road trip. The perfect road trip is where you will get to create unforgettable memories, ones that will definitely last for a lifetime. There is nothing exciting like a starting an adventure and exploring the world. Here is what you need to know to plan for the perfect road trip, a trip that will definitely refresh your soul and restore your faith in adventure. Prepare an epic playlist When the road is long, nothing makes it more fun and entertaining than a playlist of the latest hits and the music you and your buddies enjoy listening to. The trick here is to know how long the road will take and create a very long playlist so you and your friends don’t get bored from listening the same songs over and over again. Smart Packing The perfect road trip requires a different kind of packing. Besides your clothes and shoes; you should carry first-aid kit, spare tires, mobile charger, jumper cables to jump-start the car in case it dies as well as food, sodas, cold water and your favorite treats from chocolates, nuts and whatever makes your trip twice the fun. Plan ahead your stops You got to have some fresh air otherwise boredom will just get to you and your friends. Before hitting the road, study the route and its stops so you know ahead of time when and where you are going to recharge your batteries to keep going for a while more till your next stop. Capture every moment Road trips are the perfect opportunity to make memories and capture the beauty of the world around you. If you are travelling between countries or cities; then you should stop and do some sightseeing; dine there and have an authentic experience. Capture as many pictures as you can for the place, you and your friends! It is in these trips when you know you are creating everlasting memories. Get your car checked To avoid any unfortunate events and to make sure your road trip goes as planned, you better run a full car check before taking to the road. It's better to do this weeks before your road trip so as to give it a trial and try it out first before officially starting your trip. Don’t forget your camping gear Road trips are all about stepping out of your comfort zones, exploring the world around you and just having the adventure of a lifetime. Hence, make sure to pack your camping gear from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, air mattresses and more. If you are traveling for days, instead of staying at a motel or a hotel; you can consider becoming one with the nature and just have a perfect night sleep under the stars. Prepare games Bored with music! Then games are your second option to opt for as they will keep you entertained during your road trip. There are plenty of road trip games that you will actually enjoy such as singing games, movie games, the name game…etc. If you do all this, you'll get the perfect road trip that you dream of, all you have to do is to plan well for a memorable journey. Also, read: Unforgettable Road Trips: 12 Road Trips you should not miss