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Destinations Tourism in Singapore: Top Places in Singapore February 25, 2019

Tourism in Singapore is one of the most important and best types of tourism, because it contains much entertainment and adventure. Despite the small size of Singapore, it is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world and is the favorite of the rich and famous. Singapore has many of the most luxurious hotels and resorts, and has its own sophisticated features. It has diversified its leisure activities which include marketing and luxury. Also, it has a dry climate in winter, making it the most suitable month of the year to visit between December and March. Located on an island South Malaysia and separated from it by the Straits of Johor. This article will mention the top places in Singapore that you can visit and have been entertained.   Sentosa Island Sentosa Island is one of the most sought-after resorts, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Singapore. The island receives more than 5 million visitors and tourists annually. It has many attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, where you can watch the tools of the international film industry. Also. it includes the Singapore Aquarium, the largest and most famous aquarium in Sentosa, and offers many species of fish and marine organisms. There is also the Madame Tussauds Museum, which has many statues of celebrities, and the Trek Eye Singapore Museum, one of the most famous museums of visual deception, featuring many paintings in 3D. In addition to many parks such as Adventure Park which is dedicated to adventure games on the beach. Sentosa also has a theme park for climbing, flying through a hanging rope, jumping from the highlands and other games.   Gardens by the Bay The Gardens by the Bay are located on an area of about 101 hectares in central Singapore along the marina. The park has three gardens overlooking the waterfront, the South Bay Park, and it is the largest one 54 hectare parks, the East Bay Park and the Central Bay Park. Parks are one of the most popular tourist destinations and top places in Singapore.   Singapore Flyer The Singapore Flyer is one of the most important tourist attractions, and one of the top places in Singapore. It has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore. The Flyer is 165 meters high, making it one of the highest in Asia, surpassing the London Eye which is one of the best tourism places in London by about 30 meters. Located in the Marina Center, the Singapore Flyer has been built for 3 years and was opened in 2008. Singapore Flyer offers its passengers a unique experience, where they can see the sights of Singapore from the highest possible point. It includes 28 cabins, each accommodating about 28 passengers, with a full cycle every half hour.   Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia, with an area of about 28 hectares and surrounded by Singapore's inland forests. The zoo houses more than 315 species of rare and endangered animals. You can walk around the garden on the open bus, which will allow you to identify and watch Asian elephants, prominent nose monkeys, crocodiles and many other rare animals such as the white tiger. Also, it contains animals living in a frozen environment such as polar bears. It also includes a group of grass-eating animals such as the giraffe. In addition, the park has a children's park with a range of recreational activities and educational activities that enhance their knowledge and intelligence.   Night Safari Night Safari is Singapore's most popular tourist attraction, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions and top places in Singapore. The park has more than 2,500 animals of different species, including rare and endangered species. Located near the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari is made up of several sections, including the Nepal River Valley, Burmese and others. It can be discovered either by bus with a tour guide, which runs in specific trails and at a distance from the animals, or on foot which offers a greater chance of getting closer to animals.   Jurong Bird Park Jurong Bird Park is one of Singapore's wildlife reserves, with an area of about 200,000 square meters. The park includes many species of birds brought from different countries, including Abu Qarn, as well as a group of birds of prey. The park is one of Singapore's best tourist destinations.   Singapore Botanic Gardens Established in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden located in the center of Singapore to the south. It is one of the most important tourist destinations, and top places in Singapore. The park has more than 10,000 species of plants, spread over an area of about 82 hectares. The Garden has more than 1,200 varieties of orchid plants, as it hosts part of the National Orchid Garden. Singapore Botanic Garden welcomes 4.5 million visitors throughout the year, both locals and tourists.   Singapore National Museum Singapore National Museum dates back to 1849, one of the oldest museums in Singapore and one of four national museums too. It is also one of the most important historical and top places in Singapore. The museum displays the history of Singapore through the museum's 2,800 square meters of exhibits. You can enjoy this tour packages in Singapore: Travel packages in Singapore.

Asia Tourism in Brunei: Best tourism places that you can visit April 16, 2020

Brunei, Dar Al-Salaam or Black Gold Island are all names called Brunei. A small Islamic state located near Malaysia and strategically located on the South China Sea. Brunei is a tourist destination for Southeast Asia. Tourism in Brunei is full of attractive places, both natural and historical. It has many unique museums and mosques and has some beautiful forests and parks. Brunei is famous for its oil and petroleum products industry and is therefore called the Black Gold Island.   Museum of Technology The Dutch Shell Group donated the museum building, in conjunction with the independence of Brunei in 1984. The museum is located in Kuta Batu, an area in Brunei Mura. It is one of the best tourism places in Brunei. Technology Museum houses three halls with large collections of handicrafts and household industries found in the water village, as well as traditional Islamic images. Technology museum was opened in 1988. Mosque of Sultan Omar Ali Safi al-Din The mosque is one of the best mosques in the world, and also is a famous landmark of tourism in Brunei. It is also an important Islamic symbol in Asia. It is characterized by its unique design, which blends the art of Islamic and Italian architecture together, making it one of the most popular attractions for visitors and tourists. The windows of the mosque are stained with colored glass, marble arches and columns, and crystal chandeliers. The mosque has a magnificent garden with a water fountain, also there is a beautiful garden that surrounds it from the outside. Mosque of the era of Hassan Balqia   The mosque of the era of Hassan Balqia is one of the largest mosques in Brunei, with 29 golden domes, which symbolizes the current Sultan Hassan Balqia. The mosque is also known as the Kiarong Mosque, in relation to the area where the mosque is located. Palace of Noor Al-Eman It is the Sultan's Palace of Brunei and is the official residence of him. The palace is located a few kilometers south of the capital of Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan, where the palace is located on the banks of the Brunei River. The Palace of Noor is the largest residential palace in the world. The palace is open to the public only during the Harry Raya season in Brunei, a month to celebrate and adorn the streets and open the doors of the palace for visitors to meet the Sultan and royal family. Noor Al-Eman palace is considered as one of the important places that support tourism in Brunei. As it attracts many tourists.   Museum of Brunei It is another important museum in Brunei. The Brunei Museum houses an exhibition of ancient cannons and daggers, and displays ethnographic and treasures discovered from shipwrecks off the coast of Brunei. Next to the Brunei Museum is another museum called the Malaysian Technology Museum. The museum displays the methods of boat building, fishing and the formulation of gold and minerals in antiquity.   Kampong Ayr (Water Village) Kampong Ayr is a water village or so-called Venice of the East. It is a famous tourism place in Brunei, that you can visit. The village is characterized by its beautiful wooden houses, dating back to the prehistoric era. It has been built on stilts over the River Brunei, which is one of the most important elements of cultural and historical heritage. Also, it is considered as one of the largest water villages in the world. With a population of around 30,000. You can find different means of transportation in the village, and locals use speedboats.   National Park Oulu Timburong Nature The National Park Oulu Timburong is the first national park in Brunei, established in 1991. The park offers many adventures between the green landscape, where you can see the forest from a height of more than 60 meters above the hills. National park also has a corridor built with steel towers to support the cable car, providing a great view of green spaces, high hills, and some waterfalls.   Oil & Gas Discovery Center The Oil and Gas Exploration Center is one of the most important tourist places in Brunei. Also, it is a center for displaying the most important science and engineering that applies to the oil industry. It aims to create a center for visitors and tourists to know the oil and gas industry, who have been a strong supporter of the economy of Brunei, through easy and simplified ways for easy to understand and appreciated by visitors.   Placed a billion barrels The monument was designed by a local architect in the Sultanate of Brunei, and was built in 1991 to celebrate the production of 1 billion barrels of oil in the fields of land oil. You can also enjoy the sight of donkeys and tools used to pump oil.   Capital Bandar Seri Begawan Bandar Seri Begawan is one of the most beautiful capitals in East Asia, with its vast green spaces and parks, and fresh air. The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, includes many tourist attractions, including the water village mentioned above. Do not miss out on the most popular dishes in Brunei, which are served by restaurants across the capital.   Royal costume building It is a building dedicated to the Royal Fashion Show, where you can stroll around and watch the costumes of the Sultan such as the Royal Crown and the royal vehicle where the Sultan travels. As well as a vast collection of treasures. The building is considered one of the most important and famous places, that attracts tourism in Brunei.     Read more: Travel Packages to Malaysia  

Destinations A tour in The Hashemite Kingdom: Top things to do in Jordan February 06, 2019

Located in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is the melting pot where several cultures combine to form a unique one. The country has been a tourist destination for many years. And that is why there are numerous things to do in Jordan. From superb beaches to ancient ruins to golden deserts, things to do in Jordan are varied and plentiful. If you are interested in visiting The Hashemite Kingdom take a look at some of the many experiences you can enjoy there. Go swimming in the Dead Sea One of the top things to do in Jordan, swimming in the Dead Sea is an experience not to be missed. A body of water like no other, during windless days the Dead Sea looks like a large pool of oil. It doesn’t even matter if you cannot swim, the salty water will do all the work for you. Moreover, due to the richness of sea salt and minerals, the water holds many healing properties. The coast is lined with wonderful resorts and spas. If time permits, take a couple of days to relax and melt the hastiness of modern life in the salty sea. If time is short, you can take a day trip from the capital Amman, it is close by. Visit Petra A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, the magnificent sandstone city of Petra was built by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC. The city features palaces, temples, tombs and other buildings carved from the soft stone cliffs. And because the stone in which the city was carved features a stunning rose color many people call it the Rose City. You can access Petra through a 1.2 kilometer long canyon called the Siq. This tight corridor leads directly to Al Khazneh or the treasury, which is one of the masterpieces among Petra’s elaborately designed and carved buildings. The ancient city is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan. It can be reached through the adjacent town of Wadi Musa. Whether you visit the imposing city by night or day, Petra is guaranteed to take your breath away. Enjoy nature in Wadi Mujib Biosphere Reserve As rich with diverse wild life as it strikingly beautiful, visiting Wadi Mujib near the east coast of the Dead Sea is definitely one of the top things to do Jordan. Featuring some stunning scenery, The Mujib Reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the world. The gorge enters the Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level, and extends to the Karak and Madaba mountains reaching 900 meters above sea level in some areas. This 1,300 meter deviation in elevation allows for striking biodiversity. The reserve was originally established for the captive breeding of the Nubian ibex. However, it is currently home to a wide variety of more than 400 species of plants, 186 species of birds and 250 species of animals. Scuba dive in Aqaba Jordan may not boast long stretches of coasts, but what the kingdom lacks in size it makes for in beauty and facilities. Aqaba is a wonderful small seaside city on the Red Sea; it comprises amazing hotels and resorts offering a wide set of water sports. The coral reefs in the area make scuba diving a favorite sport among tourists. Just outside of Aqaba you can find Tala Bay, which features some magnificent hotels and resorts as well. When in the area, do not forget to take a day cruise in the Red Sea, it is one of the most brilliant things to do in Jordan. Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum Colorful sand dunes and unbelievable rock formations, Wadi Rum is not like any other desert you may have seen in the past. This stupefying stretch of desert holds a magnificent beauty that you have to see to believe. Camping in one of the superb camps in the area will provide you with an experience to be remembered. After the first night under the desert stars you may start wondering if you ever want to go back to living in hectic cities! Take a tour in Amman The cosmopolitan capital of Jordan is a wonderful place to tour indeed. From beautiful old streets to contemporary attractions, the city has got it all and more. Make sure to visit the citadel, it is a striking monument. And while you are there check out Al Balad, which is the old downtown where the old souk is. And also pay a visit to Rainbow Street, sit at one of the many cafes there, sip a nice cup of tea and take the striking city in. For more things to do in Jordan see also: Tour packages in Jordan

Asia India: Best tourism places to visit December 08, 2021

India has the best tourism places that you can visit. Either you want to have fun on your vacation or to get some rest and relax, India will be a good choice for you. As it has the best tourism places that you can visit, and enjoy. It has a lot of tourism places that differ in their characteristics, it has the noisy and crowded cities, and also the quite ones. It also has great historical places, and many things to visit, so exploring India can’t be done in few days, but it will need a several months to visit every place in it. Taj Mahal   One of the best tourism places to visit in India is the Taj Mahal, which is located in the ancient city of Agra. Taj Mahal is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture, combining Persian, Turkish, Ottoman and Indian architecture. Charminar Mosque   With its four high-rise minarets, the Charminar Mosque is one of the most important symbols and religious landmarks in southern India. Hyderabad City is a distinguished and prestigious city at the local and international levels. It includes some of the oldest and most prestigious scientific universities, as well as various gardens, palaces, and buildings with Islamic architecture, it is ideal for family holidays. Mysore Palace   The palace at night looks like the magic Aladdin lamps, as it be lighten in a fabulous way, and also known as the most famous place to visit in the city at all. The palace includes the oldest zoo in India and is a center for selling incense and fine Indian silk fabrics. Mumbai   If you are looking for fun and love to get to know the world of Bollywood better, then you should visit Mumbai. Where it is the home of the Indian film industry and includes dozens of galleries and cinemas full of visitors and lovers of this Indian art. It is one of the largest cities in the world, With its popular markets offering various goods, as well as many of India's most famous and beautiful beaches such as Chopati Beach and Juhu Beach, it is a good and perfect place for having complete tourism in one place. New Delhi   If you are a lover of heritage and history, you need to go to the capital directly. New Delhi is a living museum of diverse Indian religions and cultures. The Hindu temples are located alongside the amazing Islamic shrines and buildings. Located on the banks of the Yamuna River, which reflects the magnificence of Mughal architecture. In addition to being filled with vibrant popular markets, fun family parks, museums, and the most famous Gandhi Museum, it has many surprises to offer to its tourists. Chennai   One of the best tourism places in India is the city of Chennai, where it hosts many annual cultural and musical festivals, and one of its most famous festivals is the Holly Festival, one of the most popular festivals to be held in the spring, and one of the most colorful festivals in India. Indians through each other by powder colors and water, in addition to street dancing. Also, there is the Kerala Festival which is held in the harvest season, where drums are played and the leopard dance is performed. Bangalore   If your children love the fun and want the best places to make them happy, then Bangalore is your destination. The weather is great all year. It is a resort surrounded by green nature and gardens that allow your children to play and have fun. Also, it is full of fun amusement parks like Wonderland, and Scientific studies buildings. Goa   If you are an adventurer and like to have some fun, well go to Goa, as it provides you with this, it is the most important tourism beach in India. It has many clean and excellent beaches suitable for families and young people. It is characterized by its beautiful nightlife. Klova is the most famous beach there, and also it provides various water sports on its coasts, with adventure trips, camping, and safaris in nearby nature reserves. Ooty   The city of  Ooty is called "Switzerland of India" because of its stunning views and green carpet that rivals the charmingof the European nature. Also, it has the famous Camaraj Lake, where visitors can take trips and boat trips around it. Chandikar   For lovers of wild landings, Chandikar offers the best adventure as it is surrounded by many nature reserves with amazing species of birds and wild animals that move freely. It also has beautiful gardens and parks, such as the "Rock Garden" which includes dozens of statues and shapes made of small rocks. Shimla   Shimla is a charming resort located in the Himalayas, the capital of Himagel Pradesh. You can see the British colonialism clearly in the buildings, organization, and culture of this city, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, full of churches, museums, palaces and gardens, and landscaping. Kolkata   Kolkata has many English-style mansions. It is also one of the most integrated and family-friendly cities with modern and luxurious shopping centers, as well as interesting museums such as the Indian Museum with its vast garden and the largest Croquet stadium in the world. Darjeeling   Darjeeling is famous for the tea industry, it is surrounded by the stunning Himalayas, and Everest can be seen from its verdant hills, it is famous for the green fields, mountains, and quiet rural villages where people live on their handicrafts and craft. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India and is considered a destination by the grooms, especially on honeymoon trips, due to its quiet romantic atmosphere. Tourism in India is not limited to visiting places and enjoying the natural views and the different festivals, but there is another kind of enjoyment that you can experience in India, which is food. As Indians have various recipes due to the multiplicity of cultures and the different climatic nature from one city to another, so each city is famous for its dish, each dish of Indian dishes tells a special history and story combined with the special taste, the most famous of them is the Indian periani dish and the Galibian dessert. To know more about the best tourism places in India see: Travel packages in India 

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