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Hospitality Events in Bahrain: The best 12 Bahrain’s events you can enjoy September 16, 2019

Tourism is no longer just about enjoying the beaches or hiking in the country and learning about new cultures, but tourism can also be a new kind of identification of the most important events and events that happen in a particular country. But the country now has many events and festivals that are practiced annually throughout the country, attracting tourists from all sides. Like this new type of tourism, many of the events in Bahrain come to provide its citizens and tourists with more entertainment and fun. If you like festivals and want to learn about the culture of countries, always make sure that when you visit the Kingdom of Bahrain to include a trip to visit a special event. Below is a list of the most important and best events in Bahrain held in the Kingdom.   Bahrain Speed Racing Championship Darrag is one of the most popular sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the Bahrain International Championship is the largest in the Arabian Gulf region. It is one of the most important events in Bahrain, where drivers from all over the region come to compete. The drivers come from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. It is also intended for former heroes from the United States, who come specifically to Bahrain to participate in this exciting tournament. Bahrain Sports Day Bahrain Sports Day has been adopted as a national day celebrated annually and community members participate in all its governmental and private institutions. The Kingdom encourages its members to practice sports and physical activity in order to instill a culture of sport as a means of life, spread the spirit of love and loyalty to the homeland and inculcate the concepts of community sport by expanding the base of participation in various activities and investing potential while ensuring that a healthy body is a source of happiness for man. Fly with Gravity If you want a unique experience but are afraid to do it, the Kingdom of Bahrain has found you the perfect solution, where you can enjoy flying experience in a safe environment without having to jump off the plane! In one of Bahrain's special events with Gravity you can jump exercise your passion for adventure, so do not miss this experience! Marassi Diving Festival 2019 Don't miss this year's marassi diving festival in Bahrain titled "Discover Diving". It is one of Bahrain's events on the occasion of World Diving Day. Where you can enjoy an amazing diving trip and get to know the water life in stunning colours. Entertainment Within the Bahrain Shopping Festival, there are many entertainment activities such as the giant mirror platform, shadow box, sound tube, virtual reality games, arcade games and festival city. In addition to the golden show of visual illusions and Indian parade, as well as musical and ballet shows. Gergaoon At this annual event, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA) is celebrating the Gergaoon, a celebration that takes place half of the holy month of Ramadan. The occasion is characterized by joy and fun and the distribution of gifts and nuts. Families in the Kingdom of Bahrain continue to celebrate Gergaoon, which is associated with a variety of songs that are handed down between generations. Lego Show At one of the funniest events in Bahrain, the Lego Games Show brings you all the benefits and innovations of the Lego world under one roof, with millions of pieces of Lego. In addition to many famous brands such as "City", "Double", "Ninjago" "Friends" and "Star Wars", in a fun and fun-filled atmosphere to create challenges and create paths full of obstacles in a creative way. The Avenues Carnival The Avenues Carnival is one of the most important annual events in Bahrain, where you can enjoy a variety of shows from around the world and have fun. Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition The annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition celebrates the creativity and innovation of Bahraini artists. The local art community meets to present its best works, unrestricted by a particular theme or idea, producing a wide range of styles and techniques through various means of expression. Food Culture An annual event full of surprises and an open space for innovation takes place on the sidelines of the annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition. A different experiment was launched in 2016 to expand bridges of creativity among artists and chefs. The “Food Culture” event reintroduces artistic elements in a variety of models and seeks to create a distinctive dialogue between creators, to showcase their talents and drive them to discover the broader limits of their energies and artistic abilities. Festival of Lights The Festival of Lights is a festival celebrating the art of light, where the city of Manama illuminates light performances, on various installations in a charming artistic way and participate in the festival contemporary international artists, as well as local artists. Bahrain Jazz Festival The Bahrain Jazz Festival, the largest national concert in the region, is home to the finest jazz musicians from around the world and Bahrain. This event is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a selection of international artists who present the most beautiful songs of modern jazz, as well as highlight the masterpieces of Bahraini jazz artists and dazzle the world. Since its launch in 2017, this unique entertainment festival has attracted more than 8,000 visitors from all over the world, while hosting more than 30 international and local artists. In addition, this event is a family event thanks to its outdoor activities and events, held on two platforms, featuring interactive areas dedicated to children, famous food trucks, areas dedicated to the sale of craft products and much more. The 2019 edition of the festival will take place on November 1st at the Royal Golf Club and will provide an unparalleled experience in Bahrain through presentations by a new group of artists, unique markets, restaurant trucks, craft markets and many family entertainment events. Also, Read: Resorts in Bahrain: The Best Bahrain’s Luxury Resorts and Hotels Historical places in Bahrain: Historical Tour in Bahrain Bahrain Mosques: The splendor of Islamic design and decoration Best Malls in Bahrain: Shopping in the Pearl of the Gulf

Best Hotels Weird Hotels: 11 wonderful hotel you can stay at around the world September 08, 2019

In these exotic and weird hotels, travellers do not have to look behind their closed walls for suspense. For the average traveller, the hotel room is just a rest stop, where the real adventure begins once you have left your comfort. But in these stunning hotels - from sea creatures to freezing temperatures - trekkers do not have to look beyond their closed walls for suspense. Check out this list below to find out about the coolest weird hotels around the world.   Capsule Hotel, Japan If you're in a state of extreme fear, choose Capsule Hotel in Japan, it is considered one of the weird hotels in the world. According to its name, this space-saving housing is a heap of glass blocks, measuring 2 million metres by 1.25 metres, with enough space to sleep. Equipped with wireless rooms, TV and shared laundry rooms. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji Poseidon Undersea Resort is located under the sea in the octopus garden in the shade. Built by the President of the US submarines L. Bruce Jones, it was built 40 feet under the clear water of 5000 acres in the form of Lake Fiji. It can be reached by elevator and consists of three types of accommodation - above the ground with a private beach, above the water, and at the bottom of the ocean. If you have thousands of people at night, you are familiar with a fully equipped luxury hotel - spa, bar, restaurant and bootable gym - with panoramic views of the ocean and its creatures, making it one of the world's coolest hotels. The Ice Hotel, Sweden We certainly do not envy the builders of this glacier hotel in Sweden, which they have to rebuild every winter. But we can certainly appreciate the picturesque accommodation, built entirely from tons of ice and ice-covered snow-covered icebergs, and with snowy ice sculptures, an ice bar and ice chandeliers. Although the temperature never drops below 23 degrees Fahrenheit, guests are provided with thermal underwear, hats and sleeping on sleeping bags over a heavy mattress with reindeer skins on a block of ice. Forest Hut Hotel, Sweden Ignoring the comforts of the modern world, the Forest Hut Hotel in Kolarbyn, Sweden, makes it look fun. This hotel offers you a new design for rooms, making it one of the weird hotels around the world. The cottages are located in a farmyard next to Lake Skärsjön, and adopt a simple form of primitive living, with candlelit rooms, shared outdoor dwellings, a lake or creek as an option for bathing, sparkling fire, scenery and aroma and forest sounds to entertain you. The food is self-catering, with the nearest supermarket two miles away by car. Sewage Pipe Hotel, Austria In Ottensheim, Austria, individual sewer pipes - equipped with double beds and waste cleaning - are lined up in a public park. Like the Japanese capsule rooms, the pipe rooms offer a small room to manoeuvre but they have lamps, doors, a power outlet and even a small window. The idea was created by the Austrian artist Andreas Strauss, and since they are sewage pipes, guests can pay what they can afford to support the project. Wild Canopy Reserve, India Wild Canopy Reserve at Mudumalai National Park, Masinagudi, India, shows all childhood treehouses to shame. Two luxurious wooden houses are located 41 metres above ground, with panoramic views of wildlife - elephant, bison and deer - below. Despite the lack of electricity, the suites are fully equipped with a private library, an indoor toilet, running water and even a jacuzzi. The Hobbit Motel, Woodlyn Park, New Zealand Lovers of the Lord of the Rings will hold their breaths. The motel-sized pint-sized barrel rooms are in honour of this small movie located in Waiton, New Zealand. The rooms are built down a hill, which reminds us of Hobbiton, without sacrificing modern amenities. Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile Magic Mountain Hotel is also one of the weird hotels that you might have heard of. This hotel is an architecturally stunning hotel in Chile from all exotic angles and scenic views. The hotel is named after the owner's favourite book, which tells the tale of a mountain that satisfies desires. With a waterfall resembling successive fairy tales from the top of the surface, the surrounding forest and the animals that rise in the sky or rush down, it is hard to believe that magic does not happen here. Harry Potter Hotel, UK Whether you are obsessed with Harry Potter or just a muggle who wants to take a look at the magical world life, the Georgian House, dating back 163 years near Victoria Station, now has rooms that replicate the famous rooms in Hogwarts. The Potter-style rooms are furnished with trunks, cauldrons, potion bottles and spellbooks. In addition to the original Hogwarts experience, the rooms also come with additional extras where a full Harry Potter package is offered to guests. You can get a walking tour of central London landmarks from movies and a trip to Warner Bros. Studio for a Harry Potter making the tour. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar Experience a unique stay in one of the weird hotels, Manta Resort. Manta Resort is a beach villa on a remote island surrounded by pristine water. But you can reserve the Underwater Room and sleep under the roof while colourful coral fish slide through the large windows around your double bed. At night, the lights can be turned under windows to attract fish and octopus. The sea-level floor has a living area and a simple bathroom, and the patio is perfect for sunbathing or lying down in the Milky Way at night. When you do not enjoy your room, get a spa treatment, enjoy a dive or explore the interior of this island full of wildlife and culture. Book and Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Last but not least weird hotels is Book and Bed Tokyo. It is a sanctuary for book lovers, it was designed like a library of used books, so that guests can open up books and reveal a comfortable corner with a simple bed, reading light and an electrical outlet. Bones Without shame or fear, there are 30 stacked cubes, each large enough for one person, behind shelves filled with 3,000 titles in Japanese and English. Bathrooms are shared and sofas in the area outside the shelves provide a reading area and a common pool. It is more than a hotel. Discover the world: Floating Hotels: Different Holiday with a new Adventure Experience Unfamiliar Tourism Destination: The Most Unusual Places in the World A Tour around Seas and Oceans: Most Unique Beaches in the World Extreme tourist destinations: The Edge of The World A Tour around the world: The best mosques in the world

Best Hotels Resorts in Bahrain: The Best Bahrain’s Luxury Resorts and Hotels September 04, 2019

Bahrain is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. This is because, apart from its vast and beautiful beaches, it is a very free country compared to its neighbours. Visitors are allowed to dress and worship the way they want and this extends to their hotels. For those planning a holiday in this amazing city, the beach hotels are the best where one can relax and enjoy the sun at any time. So here is a list of the best beach resorts in Bahrain.   Novotel Al Dana Resort Novotel is one of the most luxurious resorts in Bahrain. It offers fun and culture away from the city noise. This is a hotel in Manama with its own private beach and there is no actual connection to the city although it is very close. The rooms are simple but adequate facing the huge swimming pool. People often have parties on the beach here, so there is never a dull moment. Fresh seafood is served with an all-day buffet in the restaurant while the bar offers exquisite cocktails and live entertainment until late. It has a business centre, free Wi-Fi service, gym and many children's activities. Other services include airport transfers, shuttle service and 24-hour room service. Hamala Beach Resort Hamal Beach Resort is a nice place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is one of the best resorts in Bahrain. The beach is quiet and there is plenty of space for hiking and relaxation. It's really great to spend a family holiday because the kids have space to play, a large swimming pool and a non-crowded beach. Other services include planned children's activities, room service and a gym. Rooms have kitchenettes for those mothers who wish to cook. Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa This resort is the highlight of the Manama Bay with many water activities just outside the rooms. The food served at this luxury hotel is nothing short of spectacular, not to mention fresh seafood. There are a world-class spa and all the other amenities in international hotels. Each room features stunning views of the sparkling waters and Manama city but privacy is guaranteed. For those with adequate beach activities, there is a large private swimming pool, a kitchenette and room service. The business centre and high-speed internet help you take care of their business from this hotel while relaxing. Pets are allowed there. Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Sofitel Resort is located next to Zallaq Beach and the sea. Part of the beach is owned by the hotel and one can see the first oil well from there. All rooms have great sea views and more relaxing in a full-service spa. Rooms come with a TV, high-speed internet access and satellite channels. Other services include a children's club, childcare, laundry services, newspapers and valet parking. It is one of the best resorts in Bahrain for a family holiday and team building because they have competitive sports such as tennis, volleyball, squash and tennis. Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa Located in the heart of the island since 1969, Bahrain's legendary 5-star hotel offers high-quality Bahraini hospitality and luxurious amenities that are unrivalled. It offers a lagoon-style pool set in a tropical landscaped garden. The hotel is less than 5 km from the Bahrain World Trade Centre. All spacious rooms have deluxe beds and feature a full-length wardrobe in the bedroom. Each room has satellite TV, a mini-fridge and a luxury chair in the lounge area. The Gulf 15 has a restaurant and a café. Guests can enjoy Asian cuisine such as Peking Duck in China Gardens. La Pergola, decorated with old Roman frescoes, serves delicious Italian dishes. Guests can make use of the well-equipped gym or relax in the hot tub. For a refreshing workout, Gulf Hotel offers fitness classes such as yoga or aerobics. The Gulf Hotel is located in Manama, a 10-minute drive from Bahrain Financial Harbor. The Grand Mosque is 1 km away. C Hotel Set in a small anchor, this boutique hotel features 14 elegant rooms with great sea views and views of the resort's bay. There is an outdoor bar where live DJ entertainment is available daily, and guests can also access the on-site spa, outdoor pool, gym, fine restaurants and a sports bar. Located in Coral Bay, C Hotel features a spa and a private beach area. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Each room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Some units have a seating area to relax after a busy day. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom with a bathtub. For your comfort, you will find bathrobes, slippers and complimentary toiletries. C Hotel offers free Wi-Fi throughout the residence. There are a 24-hour reception and a gift shop in the residence. A selection of activities is offered in the area, such as diving into water, snorkelling and fishing. Bahrain Castle is 8 km from C Hotel, while Bahrain City Center Mall is 5 km away. Bahrain International Airport is 5 km away. Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain is one of the most popular resorts in Bahrain. It offers a bar, a fitness centre and on-site dining. This 5-star resort consists of air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a 24-hour front desk. All rooms at the hotel have a balcony. Each room has a flat-screen TV and some units at Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain offer sea views. All rooms have a desk. A buffet breakfast can be enjoyed in the accommodation. All guests benefit from afternoon tea at the Palm Lounge. The experience includes a selection of teas, quiche, sandwiches, cakes and delicious desserts. The accommodation offers a children's playground. Al Khobar is 47 km from Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain, while Dammam is 86 km away. Discover more about Bahrain: Holidays in Bahrain: things to do on your next holiday Brunch in Bahrain: top restaurants for brunch in the kingdom Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Historical places in Bahrain: Historical Tour in Bahrain Bahrain Mosques: The splendor of Islamic design and decoration

Eating & Dining Asian Cuisine: The best 11 Recipes of Asian Food July 24, 2019

If you have never tried to prepare Asian food at home, get ready for treatment. You can bring the Asian cuisine to your home. Many of the dishes you like from your favourite restaurant are not as difficult to prepare as you think. If you ever enjoy a snack from your favourite fast food and think about it, you can do it, this set of recipes is right for you. These are the dishes we eat most often when we have a passion for eating out, by a big margin: you can make these ingredients with ingredients that are present in your grocery store or even in your own kitchen. When you make it at home, you can adjust spice levels and tailor a meal tailored to your taste. Use these recipes to create a feast for your family, no external menu is required. Try some on your friends and you'll know how easy it is to have your favourites Asian cuisine at home.   Chinese Meat Dumplings (Jiaozi) Jiaozi is a popular dish in Asian cuisine, especially in Dim Sum restaurants and Chinese new year celebrations. This delicious Chinese dumpling is filled with ground pork or beef, cabbage, bamboo shoots, green onion, ginger and garlic. It served as an appetizer, with a refreshing dipping sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar and rice wine. Thai Steamed Dumplings With Dipping Sauce Beef-style pancakes cooked with sliced chicken slices, shiitake mushrooms and Thai flavours. This fabulous dish offers a great light dinner in the summer from the Asian cuisine or an open buffet entree with a built-in dipping sauce. Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp is another yummy dish from the Asian cuisine. These fried shrimp are a little sweet, a little spicy and feature all the Vietnamese flavours you like. Make all your ingredients ready before you start to avoid over-cooking the seafood because the shrimp fry up quickly. You can use the properly sized shrimp to make this dish as the main protein or appetizer, or the smaller shrimp to be served on rice or as part of another presentation. Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables Roasting vegetables on high heat take much less time than many other preparations, resulting in crispy vegetables instead of limescale, grey versions that can often result from boiling or excessive evaporation. This recipe comes with a nice and light sauce that compliments the natural flavour of the vegetables beautifully. Cut all the vegetables into pieces of similar size until they cook as evenly as possible. If you like softer vegetables, cook them for 10 to 20 seconds. Lemongrass Tamarind Chicken The unique blend of lemon and tamarind characterizes this chicken dish, with a sweet and sour flavour that contains the extra fruit flavour of tamarind. The fruit comes fresh, dried and spiced in many Asian markets. If you go to the pasted path, use more fresh or dried to get this firm flavour. Serve on white rice to absorb the sauce. Vietnamese Fried Rice The Chinese influence on Vietnamese cooking is highlighted in this recipe for fried rice. It features lighter flavours of the Chinese type, thanks to lemon juice and fish sauce. Chinese dried fatty sausages and delicious grilled pork give it a piece of meat that can turn this side dish into a main meal.  Sambal Kangkung With Shrimp Paste Kangkung is a semi-aquatic plant with edible leaves and stems. Food stalks take a little longer to mature. The unique vegetables taste great with sambal or chilli sauce. Although there are many types of sambal, this recipe calls for oelek sambal. If you are using sambal with shrimp paste already included, adjust the added amount accordingly. Pomelo and Shrimp Salad Large pomelo fruits can grow up to 10 inches in diameter, but many sellers will sell slices to make them all easier to use before drying. Pouring the grated pulp with lemon juice, ginger, garlic and chilli pepper highlights its sweet flavour. Shrimp works beautifully in this Asian cuisine recipe, but you can also use chicken or squid instead. The dressing improves during sitting, so make it first while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Pandan Rice and Mung Bean Cake Try this colourful Vietnamese answer on the rice pudding to get a unique dessert served in Asian cuisine. Split beans are cooked faster than the whole, so use them if you can find them. Fresh coconut milk contains a richer and deeper flavour than canned ones, but you can use the canned version if necessary. Serve hotcakes or at room temperature, sprinkle with coconut milk and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds. Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Salad Do not be fooled with the name of this dish. Although it bears the name "salad", it is full of noodles, beef and lots of vegetables to prepare a full meal. Assembled in layers, with rice noodles on the bottom, fresh vegetables and pickled next, then the seasoned beef slices. Finally, take it with fresh herbs, chopped peanuts and fried crisps. The contrasting textures and flavours will make them a new favourite Asian cuisine dish. Vietnamese Spring Rolls Use this practical guide to wrapping and folding Vietnam-style spring rolls for a fun project and a satisfying snack. We respond to nice and small fillings for a uniform fill and get all your supplies ready before you start. It may take a few tries to get this technique right, but you'll need to show all your friends once you've mastered. Serve the final product with a sauce the nuoc Cham. You can also read: Best Italian Food: Taste The Famous dishes of the Country of Magic and Beauty Indian Cuisine: a tour in the magic land of spices Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes

Eating & Dining Best Desserts in Dubai: Taste the most incredible dessert in Dubai July 10, 2019

Got a sweet tooth? Want to know where the craziest desserts in Dubai are located? Dubai has every cuisine imaginable available. Particularly noteworthy are the delicious desserts the country offers. From the best cakes in Dubai to international sweets, we've found the best desserts in Dubai. Here’s our guide to the must-try Dubai desserts and where to find them. Here's all the inspiration you need!   Chewy melt cookie cake at Home Bakery It is a comfortable, sophisticated food and one of the best desserts in Dubai that you can taste. Despite its expensive price, but a gooey cake is worth your hard-earned money. Fuzzy and melting cookies from inside, with caramel, cracking, sugary from the outside. The cookie version consists of these cookies between the chocolate mousse, cream, and berries, and is decorated with more cookies. The cake is big enough to share with the whole family, then some of them. Chocolate and banana bread at Circle Café A delicious snack with healthy bananas and chocolates is the perfect choice in the afternoon. With generous dust of sugar icing and some sweet honey butter, this is the kind of bread you can enjoy when you do not have a place to rush in. Also, you can relax and watch the world pass by while you are having one of the best desserts in Dubai. Chocolate spring rolls at Café Isan For starters, this is definitely a dessert. Leave behind your preconceptions at the door, since the unlikely combination of tastes really works. The crisp golden layer of hot and delicious chocolate blends a wonderful mix of delicious foods. As soon as you progress, you will not want to stop. Perfect for a spring treatment. Deep-fried Oreos and ice cream at Serendipity 3 This massive ice cream bowl is large enough for the entire family. It is loaded with a sandwich biscuit of Oreo cookies, ice cream and some well-fried Oreos for good measure. Also, a squeeze of marshmallow sauce, hot fudge and scaly crusts are added with bright red cherries, to serve you one of the best desserts in Dubai that you can ever taste. Hot Fudge Brownie at Hard Rock Cafe Chocolate brownies are the most comfortable food, and when the chocolate is soaked throughout the dish is more than better. Enjoy this warm cake, creamy cream and sweet waffle sauce. It is covered with ground nuts and fresh cream. If you love chocolate then this hot fudge brownie is your dessert. Jaffa Cake Pudding at Rhodes Twenty10 Gary Rhodes reveals the re-tasting of Blighty, and this is the most powerful blow. Immersed brilliantly, each bite brings you back to your school-days (though where were these when we were kids?), While the orange custard is a citrus delight. While this steakhouse restaurant is upscale, it also serves children, with a famous children's menu featuring Mac and cheese and fish and chips. Definitely a treat for the entire family. Matto Rock at Matto This incredible dessert is like the big rocky dessert Ferrero Roche, a huge amount of fun to share. It is crunchy chocolate filled with a rich local centre. Get ready and crushed spoons, similar to an Easter egg, to get a soft filling and sweet appetizers and chocolate. Upgrade and enjoy it with the nutty box fragments and avoid the spoon fights on the last vaccine. Peanut butter and jelly milkshake at Sugar Factory   A world of colours and sparkle await for you in one of the most magical and best desserts in Dubai. These mugs of sparkle are meals in themselves, with peanut butter and milk fetching is an example of children's dream lunches. Think of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, cream and chocolate, all topped with creamy peanut butter and jam sandwich. Such a delicious dessert. Popping Cereal Monster Shake at Fumé Fumi shakes all figured out. This delicious monster shake (which is presented in a square-shaped Mason jar) is similar to breakfast, lunch and tea packed together. It is a combination of ice cream, fresh popcorn, sweet caramel and salty pastries — a combination of flavoured flavours. If you want to try a different taste, then this monster cake is your next dessert. An unforgettable taste and of the best desserts in Dubai that you should try. Rainbow cake at The Hummingbird Bakery Somewhere over the rainbow, this cake is calling your name. This bakery is located on the famous Portobello Street in Notting Hill, which is more than just a cake shop. The world-famous Rainbow Cake is similar to vanilla ice and hundreds and thousands, like the life of Unicorn. Get this to bash your next birthday. Rocky Road gelato sandwich at Walnut Café A gooey tower decorated with walnut and the rocky road brownie covered with salted peach and decorated in artfully way, beautifully decorated with a small metallic stratosphere choked with chocolate. It is a whipped toasted marshmallow covered with hot sauce and a warm mint sauce dripping on both sides, accompanied by a beautiful string of blue candy, making this dessert one of the best desserts in Dubai. Soap cake at SpiceKlub Delicious palate cleaner is just one of a range of exotic cooking creations that are offered in this Indian resource for molecular cooking. The luxurious sponge cake is served on a soap dish for more booming fun and accompanied by refreshing dairy foam that will taste your taste to foam. Vanilla cheesecake shake at Walnut Grove Among the most popular residential areas in South Africa, Walnut Grove attracted the likes of Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson. In Dubai, the rustic, family charm is maintained and is a great success with both food and sweet-tooth lovers. This shaking, in particular, drew the attention. It is sweet, creamy, and there are lots of caramel and flavours that work very well with the delicious, freshly baked, cheese-flavoured cheese pie that floats unexpectedly. Then choose between fresh strawberries and strawberry-flavoured lollipop. It is pure indulgence. Check also in Dubai: Food in Dubai: Dine in the Fancy Restaurants in Dubai Roasted magic: The best coffee shops in Dubai

Best Hotels Floating Hotels: Different Holiday with a new Adventure Experience July 09, 2019

In a race to provide the best vacation experience for travellers, the game of the hotel in the world has become very high in the last few years. The buildings are getting taller, the swimming pools are already spreading infinitely and yes, we now have underwater hotels too. But have you thought of staying in a floating hotel? Yes nowadays, there are floating hotels in the world moving at times like a cruise or at other times, still above water - offering some of the most intimate accommodation in the bosom of nature. Needless to say, they bring you unprecedented renovation and luxury and help you choose the best for your next vacation. Floating hotels have become a new trend over the past two years. As global warming leads to an unexpected rise in sea levels, vacations in flooded villas and lakes can be the solution. These breathtaking floating hotels offer the best panoramic views. Enjoy 10 of the finest floating hotels around the world.   Four Seasons, Bora Bora Offering the most exclusive accommodation on the island, this sprawling resort connects the noble Polynesian paradise with impeccable service. Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge, Panama This set of eco-friendly cabins is located in the stunning Bocas del Toro archipelago of Panama. These magnificent cabins are built on stilts and feature a private balcony with hammock. Punta Caracol is one of the most environmentally friendly floating hotels in the world. In order to provide an intimate natural experience, the hotel was built over the Caribbean Sea and is built on stilts. Needless to say, it is an amazingly beautiful property not only characterized by the luxury of the line but also in sustainable ways to minimize any impact on the environment. River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Thailand This floating hotel is located on the Kwai River in Kanchanaburi District of Thailand and surrounded by a tropical forest. River Kwai Jungle Rafts features eco-friendly rooms floating on a bamboo raft. To enhance the tranquillity and uniqueness of the hotel, rooms at River Kwai Rafts use lamps instead of electricity. Each room has a shower and a toilet. Rooms also include an outdoor terrace with lounge chair and hammock. Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur, India Located on the banks of Lake Piccola, The Oberoi Udaivilas offers stunning views across the green gardens and sparkling Piccolo Lake. The complex design of the hotel for vaults and interchanges reflects Udaipur's own design - linked to its seven lakes with canals. These domes and walkways are flooded with sunshine, followed by dimly lit breezes and great views of the lake and gardens. Queen Mary, Long Beach California Queen Mary Hotel, once a cosmopolitan ocean liner, has guests unique accommodations and a wide range of attractions that can not be easily found anywhere else. Whether it's original polished wood panelling, original artwork from the 1930s, or the Art Deco or a functional alcove, Queen Mary Hotel is no different from any other hotel in Southern California. Each bedroom is unique in its own character and provides a true glimpse into the shape of transatlantic travel during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives Located over the Indian Ocean, Gili Lankanfushi offers sun and sea proximity with luxurious accommodation. In addition to free Wi-Fi, it also features an outdoor pool with ocean views and a relaxing spa. Yellow Submarine, Joker Boat & Titanic Hotel, England These three-theme floating hotels are anchored near each other on Merseyside in Liverpool, England. The Yellow Submarine is a unique experience of survival in the Yellow Sub. The Beatles' gold discs, Paris, Italy and New York furniture are on display in the lounge. The master bedroom is based on the 7-star suite in Dubai's Burj Al Arab. The Joker Boat was deliberately built around the subject of Batman's film for the establishment of Joker where he would live in Gotham as his home. The boat was built and brought to Liverpool and converted into a 5-star residential boat. Titanic Hotel is the world's most convenient boat with crystal chandeliers, a small poker table and a casino. Queen Elizabeth 2, Dubai This stunning hotel is one of the best floating hotels in the world. The hotel is located in the Port Rashid area of Dubai. Queen Elizabeth 2 has 224 renovated rooms and suites, 13 restaurants and nightlife venues, a shopping centre, 25 meeting rooms and conference facilities. Aqua Mekong in Vietnam Superb luxury hotel on the move in the Mekong Delta, this cruise consists of 20 suites with 8 of them having access to private balconies. This 205-meter-long foot has an on-site restaurant serving delicious local and Western cuisine. In general, a holiday here will renew your senses and give you a natural feeling in Vietnam. The Manta Resort, Tanzania While Tanzania's Manta Resort may be a typical beachfront resort, it has something very special that no other resort has. That is the "Underwater Room". The surface of this room is located at sea level and consists of a bathroom, get off, and the second is an underwater bedroom that offers a view of thirty degrees Celsius on all oceans and marine life. From octopus to squid, the underwater floating room offers an experience with unparalleled nature. Discover more hotels: Where to stay in Bali: The best hotels in Bali Best value for money: the top 7 cheap hotels in Bahrain

Eating & Dining Restaurants in London: A trip to the famous restaurants in London June 23, 2019

London is one of the most important destinations for visitors because it is characterized by the presence of wonderful tourism attractions as well as many luxury and popular restaurants, which offer the best dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where there are more than 4000 restaurants, which not only the quality of its taste but also the design of the restaurant, here are the most famous restaurants in London for those who meant the fog city for the first time.   1- MeatHouse Meathouse is a stylish, comfortable and spacious restaurant, serving steak "halal" of high- quality beef. They are cooked to charcoal and combined with different, tasty flavors that make them unique. Located just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross Station. On the menu of Meat House, you can see that there are all kinds of cuisine including seafood, burgers, salads, steaks and appetizers. 2- Holborn Dining Room Holborn Dining Room is located in central London, the restaurant has a refined decor, and It is the sort of place you’ll want to visit when you are hungry because the menu features classic British dishes made from the finest local ingredients and serves snacks and beverages. Enjoy delicious food with the best restaurants in London. 3- Hutong It is a Chinese restaurant serving exquisite and varied cuisine in northern China, the name is credited to a restaurant with the same name in Hong Kong. Hutong's cuisine takes its inspiration from the dishes served in imperial palaces of what was then Peking. As for the menu, it is done brilliantly and accurately, and a selection of cocktails inspired by the ingredients used in the amazing Chinese cuisine is provided, with a decorative craftsmanship that resembles scenes Spectacular panoramic views over London and the tower bridge, a wood blend and illuminated Chinese lanterns that give glamour to the place. 4- Ethos Ethos is a self-service restaurant located in the heart of central London, moments from Oxford Circus. Delicious vegetarian dishes are served on marble tables. As the vegetarian food is served, the menu also includes multiple options for those with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, milk-free. The rhythms of the music with the décor of this restaurant will take you to a charming atmosphere, which is a great place for a dinner or lunch meeting. 5- Dishoom If you are an Indian food lover, Dishoom is the place for you, it is one of the largest modern Indian restaurants in London, where it is a great place for Indian-style meals, especially breakfast, and also offers a huge range of Asian and Eastern cuisine, and the design of the restaurant is characterized by Indian design and a very excellent location from cheering Cross Central street. 6- Fifteen The restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants in London, offering a delicious menu including local and international meals prepared in a high-quality style. It also features exquisite desserts. The restaurant has a large indoor area with many small tables spread over different heights, where the wall paintings are highlighted in a beautiful graffiti style, this restaurant is judged to be one of the five stars restaurants in London and must be visited because it has the highest rates of admiration of all nationalities. 7- Sticks’n’Sushi To sushi lovers, Sticks'n'Sushi restaurant offers you fresh, high-quality dishes. You can have your food on the stone plate with sticks and sushi to make a great view. If you are not a fish lover, you can choose other foods such as chicken, meat and vegetables. The restaurant has a great decor with dim lights and elegant tables, as well as brick walls and classic furniture, creating a harmonious and wonderful look that gives the customer high dining experience at a reasonable price. 8- Madison Madison Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in London for those looking to enjoy fresh cuts of meat hot off the grill that are perfectly seasoned and exceptionally cooked. Featuring some of London's most spectacular panoramic views from the rooftop terrace, it has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking St Paul's Cathedral. The location of this restaurant is one of the most distinguished sites in London. It is located in the "One New Change", where has very large collection shops offering all the products of international brands. Madison Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in the area. And has the highest percentage of visits. 9- Shezan Shezan is the oldest Indian restaurant in London, located in the heart of London and the central business districts. Shezan's menu features delicious Indian and Pakistani meals using Indian spices. For over 40 years, this restaurant offers the finest quality cuisine and enjoys a quiet and distinct atmosphere that makes the visitor feel comfortable and peaceful. It falls under the list of restaurants in London that offering halal food. 10- Kazan Kazan Restaurant is a traditional Turkish restaurant, one of the best restaurants in London "Halal". The restaurant is characterized by a classic exterior design outside and a distinctive atmosphere inside, offering distinctive Turkish pastries as well as many traditional and modern Turkish dishes. Tourists come from all over the world due to their different tastes from any other restaurant. It also features affordable prices.   Explore more cuisine: Food in Dubai: Dine in the Fancy Restaurants in Dubai Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants Best Italian Food: Taste The Famous dishes of the Country of Magic and Beauty  

Eating & Dining Food in Dubai: Dine in the Fancy Restaurants in Dubai June 10, 2019

As you might expect, Dubai often gets a reputation for having high-angle cooking concepts. Although you will definitely find these options here, it is undeniable that dining in Dubai, if properly done, means exploring one of the most diverse, vibrant and delicious destinations on earth. Tasting and experiencing the different types of food in Dubai is a new type of exploring food adventure. Throughout your journey, you can taste the organic labneh panini seasoned with mint and a flurry of crunchy walnuts, beachside chicken Cheetoh sliders, or thyme-packed manousheh. Here are our picks for the best restaurants, where you can eat the best food in Dubai.   Tomo This Japanese hideout on the 17th floor features some of the city's spectacular views of Burj Khalifa. This is a place where you can experience great food in Dubai. Order squid thin slices with soy pickled squid, plus a few specialities rolls to start. For the main dish, get wagyu sukiyaki, cooked next to soy sauce, sweet rice wine, or Japanese-style fried chicken. Enjoy your dessert with a green tea cake rolled with vanilla ice cream. Aprons and Hammers Aprons & Hammer located in The DIMC Seyahi. It a natural choice for large group dinners and birthday parties, so expect a festive crowd. Experience the best sea food in Dubai during your visit to this fabulous restaurant. We recommend you wisely to grab an apron and hammer to break open sea buckets filled with lobster, mussels, shrimp and crab. Teatro Opened in 2001, this restaurant has been inspired by theatre design. Also, Dubai residents maintain a warm and familiar feeling amidst the city's fast-moving hospitality landscape. The food is eclectic. The large menu includes everything from maki sushi rolls and veal in Milan to spicy curry and mashed potatoes. Don’t leave without trying the Wasabi shrimp crisp tempura, which is one of the best food in Dubai that you can taste. La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie For a French bistro experience in the UAE, there is nothing more elegant or satisfying than the La Serre at the Vida boutique hotel. A selection of home-made pastries and bread (chocolate, brioche) is served at the boulangerie restaurant, while the richer dishes such as goat cheese and tartin with Bresaola offer you an upscale business lunch on the top floor. If you are here for dinner, you can share beef rice and toast with fried eggs and goose liver.  Adding with them the Brazilian cream with vanilla custard in Madagascar is a perfect choice. Mythos Kouzina & Grill Mythos is one of the most charming restaurants opened in Dubai over the past few years. It is like an intimate taverna with white stone walls and cave-like ceilings. Although it is located in the Jumeirah Lake Tower, a densely populated neighbourhood with skyscrapers and algae mists, it is totally different. Start your meal with spicy Feta cheese decorated with olive oil and a fried Graviera cheese imported from Naxos Island. For the main course, the chicken gyroscope is coiled in a warm grilled pita on charcoal, as is the case with roast octopus with white vinegar sauce and fennel wine. Loca This cozy, casual restaurant serves Mexican food in Dubai in a flat-screen industrial area ideal for enjoying the latest sporting events. Loca recently opened a second location at the Souk Al Bahar Shopping Center, but originally stuck to Dubai Marine Beach Resort. Start with the guacamole side table before ordering anything that is served with soft tortilla and white corn. On the most adventurous side, you'll find Tamale peeled corn and roast lamb wrapped in banana leaves. Salt This brand, which turned into meat-style trucks, serves beef from roast calf meat from Instavamos from an old silver car parked near Kite beach. Hungry and loyal fans line up for single or double burgers, chicken sandwiches with Cheetos, and milkshakes lotus with Belgian short cookies. Pierchic Pierchic is arguably the most romantic restaurant in Dubai and is expected to top the summit. The rooftop restaurant overlooks Burj Al Arab in the shape of a sail. The menu consists of high-end seafood dishes such as crustaceans, king oyster scallops with foie gras, gin-and-tonic-cured salmon with dill pollen and crispy rice. Beef, mutton and other meats are served too. But if you do not want to make a decision, check out the tasting menu, where you can taste the most delicious food in Dubai. Zuma The London-based Zuma, one of the many imports in Dubai, is a great place to eat sushi food in Dubai in an upscale atmosphere. Hidden tones and walls of rust steel are in line with fine Arabic engineering works. Expect small izakaya plates to share, such as black cod cabbage with lobster leaves and roasted lobster with ponzu butter shiso. Sushi and sashimi here are the best in Dubai, so you can choose from them. Fish Beach Taverna Fish Beach Taverna is located on the edge of the water at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. Follow the cobbled road to an outdoor restaurant filled with white Santorini tables, matched by turquoise accents and a series of sparkling lights. For a real treat, choose a table on the beach and bury your feet on the sand while looking at the Palm Jumeirah. Bu Qtair Bu Qtair introduced Indian tea to pearl divers in the 1980s before it became what it is today: the famous and intense seafood cottage on Kite Beach. The menu contains three simple options: Hamur, Shari, or Shrimp, served in small, medium or large portions. The real drag is Masala fish legendary sauce. Baker & Spice Head here for a mix and match lunch of quiches, salads and vegetables. The four-salad plate is a great way to taste gourmet buffet dishes, but there is also an eclectic menu with a signature of different dishes. Chashoka and short ribs of braised beef preferably served with a crispy slice of French house bread. Other menu items include seasonal soups, burgers and stone-baked pita with pulled chicken or brisket. Explore more cuisine: Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Roasted magic: The best coffee shops in Dubai Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food

Hospitality Best Ramadan Nights Tents in the Arabian Countries May 06, 2019

Although during the day hours in Ramadan there are no restaurants or coffee shops working, life begins after the sunset. Ramadan is a very special occasion for Muslims. You can experience different traditions and celebrations of Ramadan Around the world. However, all Arabian countries commonly celebrate the holy month. Ramadan Nights tents spread over the luxurious and fancy hotels and restaurants, where you can have your delicious Iftar or Suhoor with your family and friends. Also, you can enjoy your meal with a background of traditional music. Check out this list of Ramadan's best Ramadan tents in Arabian countries.   Dubai Every year, Dubai hosts a number of amazing Ramadan nights tents. Hotels and restaurants save no expense when it comes to touring the city with the most luxurious places of Ramadan. In this unique work, which seems to be unique in Dubai, we end up with more choices than we may need. Iftar at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC Ramadan Majlis In the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, it was delighted to announce the return of the DIFC Ramadan Majlis, which is one of the spectacular Ramadan nights tents in Dubai. Also, it is a unique experience inspired by the immensely generous hospitality that is synonymous with Arab culture. Constellation Ballroom at Dubai Marina The traditional large Iftar buffet is luxurious and varied, offering a wide range of Arabic and international favourites. Celebrate the special month with the best traditional hospitality that celebrates the rich Arab heritage with a touch of modern elegance. A large Iftar buffet featuring traditional Arabic and international cuisine is served in this gorgeous Ramadan nights tent. Along with Iftar in the Constellation Hall, you can enjoy the ambience of the arabesque tent suitable for small groups. Al Falak Ballroom at Burj Al Arab One of the best Ramadan nights tents is the world-famous Al Falak Hall, inspired by the Viennese Opera House. It is transformed into a grand hall that wears Arabesque patterns in Ramadan. Guests can enjoy an Arabic Iftar buffet with various selection of local dishes. As well as a live Badri band, bringing an authentic Arabic Ramadan experience that will simply leave the guests in a state of awe. Bahrain If you will be in Bahrain during the month of Ramadan, then there is only one thing you should think about. Which of Bahrain’s many tents or restaurants you can head to for Iftar? You can focus on spending time with friends and family or enjoy your holiday rather than browsing the internet for options. Here is a list of the best Ramadan nights tents and Iftar choices in Bahrain, where you can enjoy the special Arabian culture. The Four Seasons Ramadan Tent The Four Seasons tent is one of the most famous Ramadan nights tents in the region. This Arabesque inspired tent will be located in the Bahrain Hall, where friends and families can gather for unforgettable Iftars and Ghabga outings. The tent features a numerous selection of traditional Bahraini cuisine as well as Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, Turkish and international cuisine. Qasr Al Sultan Ramadan Tent Indulge in the beauty of Arab culture and the traditions of the Middle East. With cultural celebrations and live cooking stations that offer the best Arabic, Turkish and international cuisine and sweet dishes in Ramadan. Qasr Al Sultan tent is the culinary destination of all. A traditional Bahraini and Turkish section will be presented as a proud representation of local culture. Also, you can enjoy the mix of Arabic-Turkish music from a band in a relaxed atmosphere. Egypt Being in Egypt during Ramadan is such a magical experience, where all streets wear Ramadan decorations. Also, there are many luxurious Ramadan nights tents in many governorates such as Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor. Here are the best Ramadan tents in Cairo. Dusit Thani LakeView Enjoy an amazing Iftar and Suhoor outdoors tasting on the backdrop of an oriental Takht, a singer, and a DJ in a quiet, open-air setting overlooking the pool. There is a range of delicious flavours you can choose from, including Arabic dishes, live cooking stations, a grand selection of hot and cold mezze. In addition to Ramadan delicious drinks such as Tamr Hindi, karkadeh and Qamaruddin, sumptuous main meals and a wide range of Eastern desserts. Kempinski Nile Hotel A wonderful oriental menu for Iftar and Suhoor is served daily at The Roof. Enjoy your favourite Ramadan series on the big screen. While drinking your favourite Ramadan drinks and surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of the Nile. A selection of Ramadan Oriental desserts is available at the Chocolate Lounge. Sofitel El Gezirah Share Ramadan spiritual days and nights with your family and friends while savouring authentic specialities from the Middle East, including a wonderful selection of Oriental pastries in La Palmeraie. A delicious buffet is prepared for Ramadan. Head to Kebabgy to get traditional barbecue specialities with surrounding music and oriental Takht.

Hospitality Best Italian Food: Taste The Famous dishes of the Country of Magic and Beauty April 04, 2019

Italian food is one of the global cuisines that everyone is truly obsessed with. Much best Italian food we all fall in love with such as pasta, pizzas and risottos. There are many varieties to choose among Italian dishes when it comes to pasta, you will have many choices like penne, lasagne, spaghetti, macaroni and ravioli. You can soak them in numerous sauces, herbs, vegetables and meats, and enjoy a delicious hearty meal. Pizzas are also a favourite option for a quick meal during movie nights or family gathering. Italy offers its travellers plenty of restaurants and places to explore. One of the best Italian places to visit on your trip to Italy is the local restaurants, where you can taste the best Italian food ever. Among your visit to Italy, there are a multitude of popular Italian dishes, await your discovery. These traditional Italian dishes are combined with Italian culture. One of the best ways to get the true taste of these Italian dishes is to directly taste them from local home chefs. Pizza Pizza is one of the most famous and best Italian food. When you think about pizza, the first type that comes to mind is Margarita. This simple but tasty originating dish from Naples. If you order this popular pizza from the local pizzeria, you can expect a delicious pizza served with a crispy and topped with olive oil, garlic, basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Pasta Carbonara Carbonara is an Italian pasta dish derives its name from 'Carbon' meaning coal. It was a pasta popular with the coal miners and one of the best Italian food you can ever taste. The chef served it with the tasty bacon instead of pig’s cheese. Arancini Crisp and golden brown, arancini refers to the delicious and most tasty dish of stuffed rice balls. The rice balls are fried after being coated in a dusting of crunchy breadcrumbs. These rice balls are usually filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella and peas. There are a diversity of regional variations of the arancini in Italy such as pasta and pizza dishes. Some examples served the arancini con ragù (with tomato sauce, rice and mozzarella), while arancini con burro (made with creamy béchamel sauce). Also, there are the arancini con Funghi and arancini con melanzane. You can try this classic Italian dish in the local hosts Antonella and Paola in Rome. Lasagne If you are looking for having a taste of true Italian cuisine, then you should try Lasagne. The Lasagne is one of the best Italian food, made by baking sheets of lasagne pasta. You can taste this delicious lasagne pasta which is layered with cheese, ground meat and vegetables. Also, it served with different varieties of sauces such as bechamel or tomato. Osso buco Alla Milanese Meat lovers will fall in love with the osso buco alla Milanese dish. It is one of the best Italian food. The tender veal is cooked and braised slowly in white wine and served with an array of delicious vegetables. Also, aromatic gremolata is served with the dish to complete the gorgeous taste, it is a condiment made with lemon zest, garlic and parsley. You can also enjoy the best part of the dish after finishing the meat and vegetables, which is the savouring creamy marrow from the bones of the veal. Prosciutto Another famous Italian dish and one of the best Italian food is prosciutto. This Italian dish refers to dry-cured ham, which is served uncooked and cuts in thin slices. The finest prosciutto originates from the central and northern regions of Italy. Usually, the meat is served with pasta or wrapped with slices of cheese or sweet melons. Saltimbocca Don’t miss this savoury delight Italian dish. The dish is made of thin slices of veal, topped with salty prosciutto and herb leaves. All these ingredients joined together with a toothpick and sautéed in a pan until the meat is done. There are different varieties of meat can be used in the dish, such as chicken and mutton. This dish is highly popular among locals and travellers in Italy. Torrone One of the best Italian food is Torrone. It is a creamy and sticky candy, made with ingredients such as honey, egg whites, toasted nuts and citrus zest. This candy is commonly found in cafes and candy stores all over Italy. You can also try the Torrone dipped in rich chocolate. Tiramisu Tiramisu is a famous dessert, which is known all over the world. It is one of the best Italian food you can taste. Light and creamy dessert, made of ingredients such as coffee, eggs, sugar, cocoa and mascarpone cheese. Creative dessert-makers innovative different recipes and varieties such as the fruit tiramisu and chocolate Tiramisu. To enjoy more cuisines you can also read: Indian Cuisine: a tour in the magic land of spices Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Food adventure: a tour around the world kitchens

Hospitality Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants March 24, 2019

Wondering what and where to eat? Well, Oman offers some of the best places, where you can eat as the dishes served have Arabian charm. It has plenty of gorgeous and fascinating Oman restaurants. Also, it offers you different flavours to match everyone’s taste. This country is one of the most amazing destinations to travel and known for its amazing architecture. Al Angham This exquisite restaurant located in Muscat next to the Royal Opera House offers an unusual night at the opera. Where you can enjoy the Omani silver napkin rings and the carved wooden ceiling. This unique stylish restaurant served the national cuisine. Kargeen Cafe One of the best Oman restaurants is Kargeen Cafe. It has open-air and majlis-style dining. This Muscat restaurant has spilt into a courtyard of illuminated trees creating a thoroughly Arabian experience. Make sure you try the hibiscus drinks and avocado milkshakes. Bait Al Luban This delightful restaurant is housed in a guest house in Muscat. It was built 140 years ago. Bait Al Luban serves delicious Omani cuisine such as vegetarian stews and meze. It is characterized by its incredible decor. Located Opposite to Mutrah's Fish Market. Al Bahjah Restaurant Seeb has a large expat community from India, therefore, Al Bahjah restaurant has opened to serve plenty of good Indian food. Most dishes are from Kerala, in southern India, however, it also served international options including chicken tikka masala. The restaurant is one of the unique Oman restaurants with its dimly lit and atmospheric. Sahari Restaurant This Turkish restaurant is one of the popular Oman restaurants. It characterized by its hand-painted murals and breezy terraces overlooking the lagoon. It is a delightful place to watch the beach at low tide. Some local music is always played in the restaurant. Also, it offers freshly caught seafood, including prawns and squid. And if you tried the grilled seafood platter, Turkish bread baked in-house and salad will be served with it. Al Mina Restaurant & Bar One of the best Oman restaurants is Al Mina restaurant. It is located in Salalah with an open-sided terrace-style. The restaurant has an amazing view of waves thundering on the shore. Seafood and vegetarian dishes from Spain are served in the restaurants. While Italy and Greece are given an Arabian flourish. It hosts live bands to play cool Latin music. The Beach The Beach is one of the top-class Oman restaurants. Located in Muscat, in a luxurious beachside location. The restaurant is characterized by its superb Arabian ambience created by fire pits and subtle lighting. You can taste the multi-course tasting menu. Aroos Musandam Restaurant This cosy restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Khasab. Located in the centre of the town. There is a great variety of the catch of the day seafood you can taste, such as lobster, prawns, crab and fish. But it also offers Omani and Indian dishes and complimentary soup for larger orders. Delicious juices are also served. Al Mandi Al Dhahabi Al Mandi Al Dhahabi is a top choice restaurant in Nizwa. This friendly restaurant serves Middle Eastern cuisine, especially the Omani and Zanzibari food. The Mandi dishes which consists of rice and meat are very delicious. Enjoy the best view of the souq, while sitting on the roadside terrace make the best of the souq view. Rozna As if Oman didn't have enough forts, Rozna is one of Oman restaurants built as a fort in Muscat. Unlike its dusty old predecessors, this building has been covered with a flowing falaj and dining tables. In this unique restaurant, you will also be able to experience the traditional floor seating and a perfect setting for the tasty traditional cuisine. Turtle Reserve Restaurant Ras Al Jinz serves international cuisine, in Turtle Reserve restaurant. It is characterized by its canteen-style. You can enjoy seating on the small terrace outside the main block. The buffet includes standard international food in Middle Eastern and India. Jebel Nights Taste the Middle Eastern and Iranian food in one of the amazing Oman restaurants in Jebel Akhdar. Despite its kitsch European decor and the lingering smell of cooking, you can enjoy the steaming stews and bread easily compensate. Zahr El Laymoun With its colourful bench seats, spill onto the pavement at this excellent Lebanese restaurant. Zahr El Laymoun is one of the gorgeous and cosy Oman restaurants in Muscat. There are lots of different hot and cold meze, and it can be offered and rolled out slowly over the course of an evening. To know more about best restaurants around the world: Brunch in Bahrain: top restaurants for brunch in the kingdom. Sun, salt and seafood: the best restaurants in Alexandria. Where to eat in Trabzon: Best Trabzon Food. Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food. Turkish food: The best restaurants in Istanbul. Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo.

Eating & Dining Indian Cuisine: a tour in the magic land of spices March 05, 2019

Indian cuisine is mostly renowned for using all kinds of flavors together, you get the spicy with the sweet and sour, and almost all of it is hot hot hot! Treating cooking as form of creating art, most dishes in Indian cuisine take a lot of preparation and use a whole lot of ingredients. That is why the they all have this distinctive layered taste. Many restaurants in other countries claim to serve Indian cuisine when in fact all you get is food that is too spicy to eat. That is why many people are afraid to try the real deal. True Indian food is not just hot, it combines a world of flavor in each and every bite, creating a delicious festival in your mouth. Let’s take a toothsome tour through the magic land of spices, and learn about authentic Indian cuisine and its most famous dishes. Biriyani India is mostly renowned for Mughlai cuisine, which developed during the reign of the Mughals between the 15th and the 19th century. The Mughals excelled in the art of cooking because they loved and appreciated tasty food. They introduced several recipes to the Indian cuisine, such as Pilaf, kebabs and Biryani. Perhaps the most iconic Indian dish, Biryani is not an easy dish to make, you cannot whip up a plate of Biryani, this is a dish that takes time and preparation. The toothsome result makes the effort more than worth it though. This fabulous dish is usually made of long-grained basmati rice layered with vegetables as well as your choice of lamb, chicken or fish. It is flavored with strong spices, such as saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and is often served with a thick tomato based gravy. If you travel to India you absolutely have to try the traditional Biryani, you will find that it is served almost everywhere there, with different variations of the dish. Dal Makhani This vegetarian dish may just be the absolute best way to cook black lentils, it is thick, creamy, heart warming and utterly delicious! Dal Makhani originated in the Western part of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. The original Dal was simply made by simmering whole lentils in a clay pot for long stretches of time, it was often let to cook overnight. It was usually served with a flat bread called Roti. The current version of this blissful dish though was invented in the 40s when a restaurant owner decided to add pureed tomatoes and dollops of cream and butter to his ancestor’s Dal, and what a brilliant idea that was! If you haven’t tried Dal Makhani before you have to, you will thank us later. Keema The word keema means minced meat, however, it is commonly used to refer to an age old Indian dish made of minced meat and vegetables. The basic recipe for Keema comprises cooking the minced meat with potatoes or peas in a thick sauce made of tomatoes and ghee. It is usually eaten with any type of bread, with a side of vinegared onions or chutney. Many Indian restaurants around the world serve this popular dish for breakfast, but it can be eaten for any meal of the day if you ask us! For the best Keema, do not try eating it in a fine dining Indian restaurant, Keema is a popular street food and should always be eaten from small shops and food trucks! Palak Paneer Indian paneer is a very simple cheese that is often homemade. An acid such as lemon juice, or curd is added to simmering milk until milk separates into cheese and a transparent liquid. The cheese is then strained through a cheesecloth and pressed with a weight to remove excess moisture. The paneer is said to have been discovered by accident, when people were carrying milk in leather bags and moving from one place to another in the hot Indian weather. It was incorporated into Indian foods during the days of the Mughal empire. This cheese is used to replace meat and chicken in many vegetarian dishes, it tastes amazing when cooked with different sauces and stews. One of the most globally renowned Paneer dishes is Palak Paneer. It is comprised of fried Paneer cheese cooked in a thick spinach puree. Masala Chai This renowned Indian tea is very popular throughout the world. The name masala chai means spiced tea, and that is what it is in its simplest form, tea brewed with spices. One of the most widespread stories about the origins of this tea says that it was invented as a way of budget control. This theory says that black tea was mainly for export and was very expensive in India, and that is why tea vendors used milk, sugar, and spices to keep their brews flavorful while using less tea and cutting on costs. Maybe we should thank them for that! Currently the popular version of Masala Chai is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of spices then adding some sweetened condensed milk. To read more about authentic cuisines see also: Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo

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