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Travel Reviews Traveling stories: the best travel books for avid readers April 07, 2019

If you love traveling and love reading then you must love traveling stories! Actually, traveling stories are probably one of the most important reasons why a lot of young readers grow up to become travel lovers, they make them yearn to travel themselves. Some travel books tell real stories and adventures that happened to travelers, and some tell fictional stories about magical countries, and some mix both worlds and tell fictional stories about traveling to real countries. What combines all these books however is that they weave a fantastic tale about discovering the world. So here are the best traveling stories and travel books, we bet you will find yourself dreaming about your next trip when reading one of them. Around the world in 200 Days, Anis Mansour This book tells a fascinating journey of traveling around the globe in 225 days, a journey which the author himself has undertaken for various reasons, one of them is writing this book. The traveling stories told in this book take us in a magical tour from east to west to north to south, we discover the world as Anis sees it. Some of the stunning countries he visited in this book are Japan, USA, Indonesia, and India. He also made many stops at smaller islands and less traveled destinations in his trip, one of the least traveled destinations he talks about in the book is his trip to Tibet to meet the Dalai Lama. The book also talks about the facts and traditions of those countries in that era, as Anis Mansour made that trip in the early 1960s. This book has certainly inspired many to travel and see more of the world around them. Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift This fictional book may very well be the most popular traveling story of all time, everyone has heard of Gulliver's Travels, and many have read them. Many people say that Gulliver's Travels are meant to show us the true human nature, that it is, in fact, a journey to discover how people actually act. Whether that was the true intention of the writer or not it certainly adds a depth to the enjoyable stories. Gulliver takes us with him on a weird journey to the land of the tiny people, then to the land of the giants and the lands of various weird human species, and we enjoy every minute of that bizarre trip. Even though the book was written in 1726, you will find that the human nature which Swift takes a journey through has not changed much. The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner In a quest for happiness, Eric Weiner, a former correspondent from war-ridden countries, takes a journey to what he presumed to be happy destinations. His traveling stories are both funny and inspirational, you will find yourself equal amounts daydreaming about traveling and wondering about the true meaning of happiness. Eric travels to Iceland, Qatar, India, and Denmark in his quest for happy places, and to Moldova because people often assume that it is an inherently unhappy place, and we join him through this journey full of life laughter and philosophy enjoying his interactions with locals in search of the answers to this significant question: what makes a society really happy? South and East: Trips and Dreams, Mohamed El-Makhzangi This travel book is a collection of travel journals written by Mohamed El-Makhzangi, a renowned journalist and writer who traveled to less paved roads to write about them. These journals were published at the time in the paper in which he worked but were later collected and made into a book that provides a mesmerizing read. In his travel stories, El-Makhzangi takes us to different destinations, he went to sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, and Indo-China. At a time when all travel journals talked about the West, this book was written in the early 90s, he chose to travel South and East to give readers new destinations. El-Makhzangi’s sense of humor makes this book a fascinating read indeed. Travels with Charley: In Search of America, John Steinbeck At the age of 58, renowned author John Steinbeck decided to take a long road trip with his faithful dog Charley to rediscover America. As usual, Steinbeck’s writing is beyond beautiful, and his eye for detail and ability to see people for what they truly are make this book fascinating to read. You will probably find yourself more interested in road trips after reading this book, and more familiar with the culture and traditions of Southern USA. So B. It, Sarah Weeks A traveling story like no other, this fictional story tells the tale of a young girl called Heidi who goes on a long distance journey to discover the truth about her life. This book may not be what most people have in mind when talking about travel books, however, it does tell a remarkable travel story from a unique perspective. When we see life through this small girl’s eyes, we get a fresh fascinating outlook for traveling, and gain a better perspective of life, we learn that the journey is just as important as the destination. To learn more about inspirational traveling stories see also: Arab chronicles: The most famous Arab travelers in history Extreme tourist destinations: The Edge of The World

Travel Reviews Turkish Shopping: Best malls in Istanbul March 17, 2019

A magnificent multicultural city, Istanbul is split between two continents. The dark blue of the Bosphorus Strait separates Europe from Asia in the Turkish capital, making a clear line between the old city and the new city. This among many other qualities make Istanbul a popular tourist destination. The large number of tourists choosing to spend their vacations in Istanbul is constantly growing. And as the numbers of tourists increase so does the numbers of malls in Istanbul. Turkey is globally renowned for being a shopping destination as well as a tourist destination. That is why most travelers ask about the best malls and the best Souqs in the country. So here is our guide for shopping in the Turkish capital, these are the best malls in Istanbul. Mall of Istanbul Located in one of the fastest developing areas in the capital, Basaksehir, Mall of Istanbul is the largest shopping center in Turkey. In addition to hosting the largest number of retail shops in Turkey, the mall is also home to many tourist destinations such as the biggest indoor amusement park in Europe, MOIPARK, and many local attractions such as the biggest cineplex in Turkey, Cinetech. The mall itself features an easily navigated design in spite of its huge size, it is well organized and the design benefits from maximum natural light during the day. Like all other malls, it also features numerous food and beverage outlets, so you can very easily spend the day there shopping and relaxing. Moreover, it is easily accessible from both the European and the Asian parts of the city, and there is a metro station nearby. Istinye Park Located in İstinye, a residential district in the European side of Istanbul, this state of the art mall features 300 stores across indoor and outdoor shopping sections, as well as the first IMAX in Turkey. The innovative design of the mall is the first of its kind in Istanbul. The outdoor shopping section is built around a green central park that makes shopping a wonderfully relaxing experience. And the indoor section is glass roofed for maximum daylight. Furthermore, the mall is entirely green and eco-friendly. Alongside the new shops selling top world brands, the mall is home to a traditional Turkish bazaar. It is also home to numerous restaurants and a traditional Turkish food market. The traditional section of the mall and how it is incorporated within the modern architecture make Istinye Park one of the best malls in Istanbul. Kanyon Shopping Mall Situated in the Levent business district, this mixed-use architectural gem houses one of the most unique malls in Istanbul. The name comes from the extraordinary design. The project mixes a residential project, an office tower and a shopping mall into a complex built around a unique architectural canyon. In addition to more than 160 stores, the mall is also home to numerous dining options, a fitness center and a large cineplex. Istanbul Cevahir One of the largest malls in Istanbul and the world, Istanbul Cevahir houses more than 340 retail shops, numerous restaurants and cafes, and 12 movie theaters. Additionally, the mall features a kids’ cinema, which means that your children can relax and have fun watching a movie while you shop in the mall. The mall also features a roller coaster and other entertainment facilities. Located in Sisli, this mall is easily accessed by public transportation. You cannot miss the huge clock facade, which is the second largest in the world. Forum Istanbul Home to the globally renowned Sea Life Aquarium, Forum Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. In addition to a huge number of retail shops, the mall also features other tourist attractions such as Jurassic Land, an entertainment exhibition space about dinosaurs, mini golf, and a bowling alley. It also features a huge selection of food and beverage options and a cineplex. Plus, it is easily accessible by metro. Olivium outlet center located in Zeytinburnu district outside of the ancient city walls of Istanbul, Olivium outlet center is a destination for serious shoppers, as this is the largest outlet center in Istanbul. More than 100 brand outlets can be found in this mall, alongside dining and entertainment facilities. That is why it is a favorite among tourists. The nearest metro station is a mere five-minute walk, and the historical area surrounding the mall is definitely worth a visit. To see more of Istanbul check also: Turkish food: The best restaurants in Istanbul Cappadocia: An adventure in the heart of nature Tour packages in Turkey