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Adventure plan Luxor and Aswan: Best places to visit in ancient Egypt's capital cities July 13, 2021

Luxor and Aswan are two cities in Upper Egypt located along the River Nile and known to be home to marvelous ancient Egyptian temples that date back almost 4,000 years ago. Luxor alone has one-third of the world’s ancient monuments, and many Egyptians like to call Aswan the “Egyptian Paradise”. Both cities have a rich historical background and equally interesting cultural traditions. Whether you are a history lover or not, you will find yourself fully amazed standing in front of ancient temples whose secrets are still unknown. You will live a seamless experience listening to the whispers of kings and queens narrating untold stories through the stunning drawings that have survived thousands of years. The best time to visit Luxor and Aswan is in December, January, and February, as the gentle shining sun really makes these two cities special during winter. You can escape the cold, whether it’s in Cairo, Alexandria, or another metropolis around the world, to enjoy the warm southern Egyptian winter sun. Taking a cruise from Luxor to Aswan is a must-consider if you want to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere while sailing through the Nile. On both sides of the river’s banks, you can satisfy your eyes with a combination of sand and green lands and enjoy mesmerizing golden sunrises and sunsets. In this article, we tried our best to be your guide to two stats-of-art cities on the land of Egypt. Two cities that no matter how many words anyone can say about their beauty, will never be enough till you see them with your own eyes! Temple of Philae Philae is a beautiful island surrounded by clear blue water and black granite boulders in Aswan. It is located in a beautiful setting and landscaped to match the original site of the temple when it was relocated by UNESCO after the building of the Aswan Dam threatened the site. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, the Temple of Philae has several shrines and sanctuaries such as Trajan's Kiosk or Pharaoh's Bed. For a morning visit, sail there, enjoy the sun and river and snap the reflection of the temple in the water. And for a night visit, don't miss attending the marvelous Sound and Light show! You can see this temple and more if you join us for a trip to Aswan! Nubian Village Aswan is surrounded by many small islands and Nubian villages on the west bank. The Nubian villages are such a cheerful sight for being painted with bright colors and inhabited by Nubians who speak their own Nubian Languages and have specific traditions that are different from the rest of Egypt. The village is like an outdoor museum filled with vibrant colors and symmetrical patterns. Buy herbs and handicrafts and ask about women who draw Henna for tourists. Between all Luxor and Aswan attractions, visiting the Nubian villages could be the only trip that will capture your heart in all meanings. It is such a wonderful trip for adults, kids, and all ages. Unfinished Obelisk The unfinished obelisk's construction was ordered by Hatshepsut, the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and the second female pharaoh. The large unfinished obelisk in Aswan in the Northern Quarries has provided valuable insight into how these monuments were created, although the full construction process is still not entirely clear. The unfinished obelisk is nearly one-third larger than any ancient Egyptian obelisk ever erected. If finished it would have measured around 42 m (approximately 137 feet) and would have weighed nearly 1,090 metric tons (1,200 tons), a weight equal to about 200 African elephants. Elephantine Island The island of Elephantine is one of the major Aswan attractions floating on the Nile. Elephantine Island is the biggest island in Aswan and its history dates back to the pre-dynastic period. The island received its name after its shape, which in aerial views is similar to that of an elephant tusk, or from the rounded rocks along the banks resembling elephants. Elephantine Island was the place where ancient Egyptians first resided when they first settled in the area. There are many attractions on this Island Such as The Nilometer, the Elephantine Museum, and the Temple of Khunum and all are definitely must-visit. Valley of the Kings The Valley of Kings is situated in the ancient site of Thebes in Luxor. It was the burial place of Egypt’s New Kingdom Rulers and a few lesser nobles. The tomb of Tutankhamun (King Tut) that was discovered in the 1920s is located there. Additionally, there is also a Valley of Queens, which is the place where the wives of the Pharaohs were buried. The legendary Queen Nefertiti’s tomb lies in The Valley of Queens. So far about 65 ancient tombs have been discovered while a big number is still hidden to this very day. A tour package to Luxor would be a great way to see all that for yourself! Temple of Karnak Being the largest religious site in the world, Karnak Temple is the most astonishing and magnificent tourist attraction in Luxor and one of the most popular and most visited temples in the world. The Karnak Temple Complex was built by the pharaohs for over 2000 years and was dedicated to the Pharaoh Amun. What makes Karnak Temple unique is the fact that around 30 Pharaohs contributed to it. The result is a fabulous treasure trove of ancient buildings and structures, columns, courtyards, pylons and obelisks, even a sacred lake, the scale of which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Luxor Temple The Luxor Temple is a large ancient temple complex located on the East bank of the Nile River and amongst one of the beauties of Luxor. Dedicated to Amun, his companion Mut, and their son Khons (the moon god), Amenhotep II and Ramses II built this temple in 1400 B.C. It was built with sandstone and its main purpose was to celebrate the Festival of Opet. This festival was by far the largest and most important celebration by the Pharaohs. The Luxor Temple was held in honor of the great Pharaoh Amun in the season of inundation. Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari Located beneath massive cliffs near the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, The temple of Deir al-Bahari, popularly known as the Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple is dedicated to Amon-Ra, the sun god. The light-colored sandstone of the temple stands out significantly against the golden yellow rocks behind it. The temple complex lies on the three terraces linked via ramps that divide it into the northern and southern half. The beautiful temple has three floors and a long sweep of steps and a walkway as its entrance. Inside you'll see the sun court, chapel, and sanctuary. The temple is unique because it was designed like classical architecture. Also Read: 10 Best Travel Apps To Make Your Next Trip Much Easier

Africa Tourism in Morocco: Best places in Morocco to visit October 03, 2021

Morocco is a country of beauty and landscape. Tourism in Morocco is characterized by diversity, with many types of tourism including historical and religious tourism. Morocco has become a global tourist destination thanks to its tourism assets. Many of the Moroccan cities are famous for their major tourist destinations. For example, Casablanca has many historical places and parks. While Marrakesh is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and a center of science and philosophy. It also houses many museums and monuments. And Rabat has many tourist attractions. This article offers you the best places in Morocco, that you can visit.     Hotels in Casablanca   There are many hotels and resorts in Morocco, especially in Casablanca. It is the largest tourist city in Morocco and one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the ocean. Casablanca has many wonderful tourist attractions. Also, it has lots of historic places and parks. It also hosts annual festivals, so it has many hotels for its many visitors and tourists.     Arabian park Casablanca   The Garden of the Arab League is one of the most famous tourist destinations and best places in Morocco, especially in Casablanca. It is designed in the style of French gardens on an area of more than 30 hectares. The park was established in 1913. The Arab League Park includes different types and varieties of plants such as palm trees. There are also some children's entertainment venues and cafes that attract families to spend a beautiful time.     Old City   Old Town is located near the port of Casablanca and considers as one of the best places in Morocco. It is considered a historic area, surrounded by a wall with several doors, most notably the door of Marrakesh. Also, it contains many historical monuments such as old mosques and old houses, as well as containing several neighborhoods, the most famous neighborhood Alqnasala and the Jewish navigator, which overlooks the coast. The old city is one of the most famous tourist areas in Morocco.     Museum of Marrakesh   The Museum of Marrakesh is one of the most important museums and best places in Morocco, located in the center of Marrakesh. The museum was built at the end of the 19th century by Mehdi El Menebhi. It is an example of the beauty of traditional architecture. Museum of Marrakesh also includes modern and traditional art alongside Moroccan art, as well as some history books, pottery pieces and ancient Moroccan coins.     City business markets   The commercial markets of the old city of Marrakesh are among the most popular shopping destinations in the city. The old city is characterized by its narrow alleys and colorful houses. These markets offer many shops selling gifts, shoes, and brass artifacts. Also, there is a leather market where there are many old tanneries.     Bahia palace   Bahia palace was built in the 19th century in the reign of the Alawite state. The palace was considered the seat of the great minister Abu Ahmed. Bahia is one of the most important tourist destinations and one of the best places in Morocco, attracting many tourists from around the world. It is a model of Moroccan architecture, shown through the Royal Suites of the palace, halls, gardens and water basins.     Shala archaeological site   Shala dates back to the 16th century BC and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Morocco. Shala is located on the river Bou Regreg in Rabat. The ancient Chalet has a large square with many birds, especially storks, old baths, and the main temple.     Hassan Tower   It is nine centuries old and is one of the most famous buildings in the heart of Rabat. The mausoleum surrounds several tombs of Morocco such as King Mohammed VI and King Hassan. It is one of the most prominent tourist features in Morocco. The tower rises about 44 meters in a square shape, and its walls are filled with many Islamic motifs, symbols, and mosaics. Hassan Tower has four main doors overlooking the different sides of the lamp and stands on every guard door wearing Moroccan uniforms. The Hassan tower overlooks a luxurious marble walkway with a magnificent water fountain in the middle.     Cave of Hercules   The Hercules Cave is one of the most important tourist destinations and best places in Morocco. It is one of the largest caves in Africa, covering an area of 30 kilometers inside the mountain. The cave receives many visitors and tourists to watch the cave and learn about its legends. Hercules Cave has a wonderful cafe offering visitors a snack, with a fascinating view of the Gulf of Tangier, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the coast of Andalusia.     Museum of Moroccan Arts   The Museum of Moroccan Arts dates back to the 17th century AD, known as the House of the Mansion or the Sultan's Palace. The museum has a high location in the city of Tangier, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the city, and the old. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Morocco.     The big market   The big market is the heart of the city of Tangier, where visitors can enjoy cafes and restaurants, which offer the finest Moroccan cuisine. It also houses several clothing shops and artisan shops. In addition to a small market a short distance from the big market, the souks are surrounded by lots of mosques, squares, and restaurants. Chefchaouen (the blue city) The city of Chefchaouen, or what is known as the Blue City, was named by that name because it contains a maze of blue-colored buildings that convey joy to passers-by due to its attractive appearance. It also enjoys attractive rural mountains. Chefchaouen is characterized by calm and beauty, so it is a unique tourist destination for those who wish to relax and calm. Visiting the Place de la Hammam is one of the most famous tourist places in Chefchaouen, as it is the beating heart of the city and the most lively throughout the day, so it is an ideal destination for tourists to visit with the locals. Don't miss a visit to the magnificent old town full of historical attractions. Ideal and many traditional Moroccan buildings. Dades Valley If you like a lot of movement, hiking, and wandering, this will be your favorite place. Dades Valley, in which you will find many elegant traditional villages of Moroccan culture, also gives you the opportunity to discover rare and exceptional birds and many fertile fields that extend as far as you can see. Do not miss this wonderful valley and put it in your plan when traveling to Morocco.   You also can see: Tourism in Morocco Travel packages in Morocco.

Destinations Tourism in Luxor: Things to do in Luxor January 03, 2019

Tourism in Luxor differs from other tourist cities in Egypt. Luxor is characterized by its warm and mild atmosphere. It houses most of Egypt's Pharaonic antiquities, which account for about two-thirds of the world's monuments. Luxor has a strategic location surrounded by the Nile from everywhere. The tourist spots to visit in Luxor can range from historical to entertainment attractions. This article offers you top things to do in Luxor,  where you can enjoy the vast green areas or stroll through historical sites. Luxor Karnak Temple The temple of Karnak is one of the largest temples in Egypt and the world, and extends over an area of more than 60 acres north of Luxor. Is a series of houses of worship dating back to the Middle Pharaonic era and ending with the Ptolemaic era. The temple has 8 gates each leading to a huge building of 10 great buildings, making the temple one of the most important tourist attractions in Luxor. The Karnak is lined with rams paved with rams on the right and left, as well as the monumental Ramses II statue. You can see engravings and ancient hieroglyphic engravings engraved on the columns and the palaces of King Tuthmosis the First and Queen Hatshepsut, which are explained through the tour guide in several languages. In addition, you can also visit the temples of Amun and Ramses III, luxury royal cabins, the holy lake, and the Holy of Holies. Do not miss the show of sound and light at night, which tells the temple of Karnak ancient history and the history of Luxor. Valley of kings The Valley of the Kings is one of the most important things to do in Luxor. It includes tombs of kings and the family of Pharaonic families from the family 18 to the family 20. The valley is divided into two eastern sides containing the royal tombs and a western destination comprising about 120 tombs built between the 11th and 16th centuries BC. You can visit the Royal Tombs to see the mummy of Tutankhamun. It is also possible to visit the monastery of the monastery or the temple of Hatshepsut as it is called. Statue of Memnon One of the most beautiful monuments of tourism and top things to do in Luxor is visiting the statue of the Memnon or the singing statues as it was called in ancient times, because they were issuing sounds unknown to the cause at the time of dawn. But scientists interpreted this as a result of the air passing through the piles of massive stones at rest. Representing Memnon is Pharaonic Amenhotep III and his wife Tey, who made the statue in the 14th century BC up to 22 meters high. Located on the west bank on the road leading to the Good Cemetery at the Valley of the Kings. If you are a fan of art, you can visit Rubab Luxor near statue of  Memnon, to enjoy the finest musical arts. Habu temple in Luxor Hapu temple is known in Luxor as the temple of Ramesses the Third. Some refer to the name of the priest who lived in the Coptic city or some of the other to Amenhotep the son of Hapu, Amenhotep the Third. The temple contains the gate of Ramses III, which features its tower and its distinctive balconies, and those Pharaonic inscriptions on the walls that tell the life of the king and his family and his military achievements. It also houses the three mythological halls that lead to the Sacred Lake, as well as the Holy of Holies, the Gods of the Gods and the royal booths. You can see the death chamber where funerary rituals are performed and prepare them for the journey to the other world. Temple of Hatshepsut The temple of Hatshepsut, or the temple of the monastery, as it is called, is a funerary temple built on the west bank of the Nile. It differs in style from other eastern temples. The temple is built of colored limestone and consists of 3 galleries spread over three floors on a mountainous background. The second gallery displays the events of Hatshepsut's generator, its commercial flights and the remains of its writings, as well as 26 statues of the queen in the form of Osiris. While the third gallery displays inscriptions of the sacred walls of the sun, which displays God's journey to the sun. Luxor Temple The temple of Luxor was built in 1400 BC, on the eastern bank of the Nile, as a consecration of the god Amun, his wife Death and their son Khonsu, or as they are called the Holy Trinity. The temple houses a magnificent collection of monuments built during the reign of Kings Amenhotep III, Tuthmosis the Third, Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun, one of the most important and most beautiful things to do in Luxor. Museum of Luxor The Luxor Museum has a rare collection of exhibits covering a period of more than 4,000 years, from the pre-Islamic to the Islamic periods. The museum is located in a privileged position facing the Nile River. It is embraced by the Luxor Temple to the south and to the north by the Karnak Temple on an area of 1,595 meters, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Luxor. It has been added to a remarkable collection of historical sculptures and colorful coffins decorated. International Park Luxor Tourism in Luxor is not limited to historical tourism, but it is full of fun and entertainment for all family members, especially children. Luxor has a range of gardens and green areas, including the International Garden, which features green areas and freshwater. El Nada Land Park Nada Land Park offers a family and friendly trip, especially for children, where you can enjoy a series of games to suit different ages. The park also contains some wild animals and fish swimming in industrial lakes, as well as some stuffed structures of some animals. It is one of the best things to do in Luxor. you can also enjoy more places in Egypt: Tour packages in Egypt. 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Destinations Tunisian Tourism: Best places in Tunisia to visit December 06, 2018

There are many best places in Tunisia to visit. As it is one of the most beautiful tourist countries, because it has many tourist attractions, combining history and entertainment. Tunisia is called green due to the abundance of green areas and trees. Despite its small size, it is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists. It is also famous for its temperate atmosphere and charming beaches, and contains ancient archaeological sites and Islamic architecture, as well as many hotels and resorts varied and luxurious. Tourism in Tunisia is suitable for both family and youth trips. It has recreational resorts and amusement parks, and is full of tourist attractions and ancient archaeological sites. Tunisian tourist cities are best places in Tunisia to visit, also you can enjoy activities and fun games. Sousse Sousse is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Tunisia. It attracts many tourists and visitors due to its moderate atmosphere. As well as many picturesque beaches, archaeological and entertainment areas, and the best resorts and hotels. Sousse includes Mursi El Kantaoui, Sousse Archaeological Museum and Rabat Sousse. Best places in Tunisia to visit is Tunis the capital Tunis is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tunisia, as it is full of many historical monuments. As well as recreational areas and parks. It also has a popular market that attracts many tourists. The famous and best places in Tunisia to visit are: Zaytouna Mosque: It is considered the largest mosque in Tunisia, and its garden is one of the most attractive places for tourists. The mosque was built in the 18th century and was renovated and restored in the 19th century. Tunis Market: It is one of the best markets in North Africa and has many restaurants and cafes offering Tunisian food. Tourists can also find all their souvenirs and tourist gifts. City of Hammamet Tunisia Hammamet Tunis is located 65 km from the capital Tunis. It is also one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Tunisia. It is famous for its charming beaches and many hotels and resorts. Hammamet Tunisia has Hammamet Beach, Hammamet Old City, Kasbah and Fleiber Aqua Park. Carthage, Tunisia One of the other best places in Tunisia to visit is the city of Carthage, as it has many places and monuments, as well as recreational areas. The most important of these features: National Museum of Carthage: which includes many antiques and dating back to several and important periods in the history of Tunisia, especially the Islamic era. Bonyji and Furum District: located next to the National Carthage Museum. It is a neighborhood of Roman houses. It also includes the remains left by the Romans, such as the houses of the aristocracy and the theater of Odion, in addition to some churches built in the Byzantine style. Antonio’s Baths: Antonio’s baths are the largest and the third largest baths in the world. It includes ancient Roman neighborhoods with its various streets and buildings, and some small underground museums, as well as ancient Carthage basins and columns. The city of Carthage also contains the Roman Carthage Theater and the Ring Theater. On the entertainment side, you can choose from more than 20 amusement parks, most famous one is Carthage Park, which includes Aqua Park, green areas and entertainment. Do not forget to get a unique and distinct dining experience of Tunisian cuisine offered by many of the local and international restaurants and cafes in Carthage, some of which are located on the beach. Sfax Sfax is one of the most important and one of the best places in Tunisia to visit. It reflects the real lifestyle of the people and their culture. Sfax is located south of Tunis, about three hours away by car. The city of Sfax is one of the largest tourist areas in Tunisia, where it includes many remnants of the old city and its impact, in addition to the popular markets and many restaurants. National Museum of Pardo The museum is one of the oldest museums in Tunisia, having been built more than a century ago inside the Ottoman Palace. This museum shows the entire history of Tunisia, as well as the civilizations that have taken place in Tunisia from the Romans to the Carthaginians. The museum contains fossils that were found during the 19th and 20th centuries, which date back to different periods. It is also the second most important museum in the world of Roman mosaics, so it gained Arab and international fame. National Carthage Museum This museum is divided into four sections showing the various civilizations that were established on the land of Tunisia. Namely, prehistory, the civilization of Carthage, Roman civilization and finally the Christian civilization. Archaeological Park This archaeological park features open-air effects, making it charming and picturesque, and attracting tourists. It displays the remains of both Carthage and Ancient Rome. National Museum of Islamic Art This museum dates back to the 18th century and is considered an Arab home. It contains many objects made in the east and Tunisia, including pots made of pottery and glassware, fabrics and some manuscripts and many other things and exhibits Arabic. The Roman Palace Theater This is one of the largest theaters in the world, the second largest theater in the world after the Colosseum Theater. This theater is located in the coastal city of El Jem. Festivals Tunisia is famous for its many attractions in the city including cultural, artistic and tourist festivals which are held annually. These festivals attract many tourists to the capital, and they consider one of the best things you can do in Tunisia. It is one of the most famous festivals, Summer Festival, Carthage Festival and City Festival.

Africa Tanzania tourism: top things to do in Zanzibar November 19, 2018

Some say that it is the most beautiful island in the world, and we find ourselves inclined to agree. Zanzibar archipelago is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. And as the islands are in fact impossibly beautiful, inquiring about things to do in Zanzibar is the number one priority for anyone interested in Tanzania tourism. If you are wondering what sort of things you can do in Zanzibar, besides laying under the sun on the whisper soft white sand that is, we are here to help you plan your itinerary. Here are the top things to do in Zanzibar. Check out Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Spreading over 50 square kilometers inland from Chwaka Bay, the park is a magnificent place. And a wonderful place to start your tour in Zanzibar. It looks like an enchanted forest out of a fairy tale. The forest is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna, including the Zanzibari Red Colobus Monkey which is wild monkey unique to Unguja, the main island of Zanzibar. The national park also houses several centers that are worth a visit, such as the Zanzibar Butterfly Center, which is an absolutely charming place, and Zala Park, which is a natural reserve for reptiles. All hotels and travel agencies arrange tours to Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, take a day trip and make a day of it, you will not regret it. With the unbelievable greenery and giant trees emerging from a white sandy beach, the park is indeed a dreamy destination. Visit Stone Town The old city of Zanzibar, Stone Town is situated on the western coast of Unguja. It was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000. The area comprises some marvelous architecture examples that simply tell the history of the city in stone. Most buildings date back to the 19th century, and carry both Swahili and British influences. The narrow alleys are not suitable for cars, but you should definitely take some time to stroll through them and discover the shops, bazaars and ancient buildings. No better way to discover Zanzibar than to take a solo tour through its most ancient streets and soak up the authentic culture. Try the street food at Forodhani Gardens A food adventure in the heart of Zanzibar, eating local street food at Forodhani Gardens is certainly one of the top things to do in Zanzibar, especially if you are a foodie. Located inside Stone Town, Forodhani Gardens are a nice place by day; you can sit in the garden and enjoy the lovely landscapes overlooking the beach. Come evening the though, the area transforms into the largest street food market in Zanzibar. Even though sea food vendors are dominant there, you have to leave some room to try the local dishes and the local sugar cane and lime drink. Just walking through the buzzing market at night provides you with a once in a lifetime experience, do not miss it. Take a tour in a spice plantation Zanzibar is known as Spice Island. That is mainly because the archipelago’s economy highly depends on spice trade. However, knowing facts about spices and trying seasoned food is very different from visiting aromatic spice plantations. You can see the difference yourself if you take one of the arranged tours in Zanzibar. The tour usually includes walking through the fragrant spice farms, learning about the medicinal value of each spice and tasting different freshly prepared local foods and tropical fruits. This is an immersive sensory experience not to be missed. You can also take the chance to buy some fresh spices that are unlike anything you can find back home. Go diving! Lazing at the beach is a wonderful pastime, and so is snorkeling. However, you really need to discover the wonderful marine life beneath the surface. Diving is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Zanzibar. You can even take a cruise and enjoy the day on the boat as a bonus. What makes Zanzibar a world renowned diving destination is that average water temperature is 27 degrees and the visibility ranges between 20 and 60 meters. Add to that the rich marine life and the diverse diving sites and you have a perfect combo. For more about Tanzania tourism see also: Tour packages in Tanzania

Africa Siwa Oasis: The pure Beauty of Egypt April 08, 2020

If you are thinking of going to Siwa Oasis, you are on the right track, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt, where you can enjoy various activities and adventure in the Oasis. Siwa Oasis is known as the oasis of palm trees and olives, the oasis of originality and heritage, it is located in the Western Desert southwest of the city of Marsa Matruh, Egypt. It is 830 km away from the capital. And fall below sea level by about 18 meters. It has many elements that make it the most attractive city in the world. Once you reach it after passing the desert surrounding it, you will find an exquisite painting of palm trees and olives. It has about "220 eyes," of water which dates back to the ancient Pharaonic, Greek and Roman. You can discover Siwa and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, in a unique experience, by visiting its most monuments. Do not Afford Accommodation Siwa oasis has different hotels, which differ in prices if you are looking for luxury hotels: You have the "Adrar Amalal" hotel, a wonderful and elegant resort. It is one of the five-star hotels. It is also the strangest in the world because it does not rely on electricity and doesn’t allow the use of mobile phones. Also, there is The Siwa Relax Retreat, which is a 5-star hotel and is a natural spa where mineral and sulfur salts are all hand-made. And Siwa Chali Resort, which is located in the Sahara Desert of Siwa, features a pool area with views and a bathtub, and hot springs for treatment. But if you want a good and cheaper place, go to Kilani Hotel, which is located in the Medan Souq area.   Different ways of Transportation in the Oasis Bicycles are the best way to explore all Siwa oasis areas and enjoy the outdoors, as you can rent bikes all day cheaply. Another way of transportation is the cart, a simple cart driven by a donkey. It is a traditional old transport vehicle, which can carry up to 4 people.   Visit the famous Mount of the Dead Mount of the Dead is located 2 km from the Siwa area, a cone-shaped mountain with a height of 50 m. The mountain consists of calcareous soil and serves as an ancient cemetery. It is characterized by its wondrous view. Its shape expresses tombs of the dead sculpted in the form of a stone bee cell. The Mount of the Dead considers as one of the most famous monuments in Siwa. It is not a true mountain, but just a high plateau with a rocky cone in the middle. It contains numerous tombs that show holes in the mouths of wells. The ascendant passes to the mountain of the dead with a number of stone steps gradually disappearing and the tombs of tombs that seem like open mouths to swallow the bodies of the dead appear.   Cleopatra bath ... The kings’ bath In Siwa there is a Lake, its sides built of stone and its water is filled with hot springs, where you can enjoy a swim in this clear lake. The place where Queen Cleopatra swore was celebrated, as the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swam by herself during her visit to Siwa. It is called Cleopatra's eye, the eye of the sun, the eye of Juba, or the holy eye. It has a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of ten meters. Its strong flowing water is characterized by purity and serenity, it automatically renews itself. Water flows from small openings and is surrounded by trees and palms. The lake is the main source of water for more than 840 square kilometres of gardens and orchards in the oasis.   Enjoy A journey through history in the Temple of Amon The Temple of Amon, the Temple of Revelation, the Predictions, or the Temple of Alexander are all the names of the most important monuments in Siwa Oasis. A lobby was built inside the temple to receive the Great Alexander and crown him. It is located 4 km from the middle of the city in an area called Agurami, built on a large flat rock. The temple witnessed many changes and many fingerprints, from the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, and even Islamic times. It contains a mosque, a minaret, rooms for the priests of the Pharaohs, passages and a well of holy water and Roman walls. It is divided into two halves, the first is Pharaonic, and the second is "Ptolemaic and Islamic." On the second floor of the temple is a collection of oasis houses and salt lakes, green palm farms surrounded by other archaeological sites and mountains.   Know the story of Chali Castle Chali is located at the Siwa Oasis, 306 km southwest of Marsa Matrouh. The word "Chali" means "Old City". Legend says that the castle was built by forty men, to protect them from enemies. It has been built of a substance called "Karshev", salt stones from salt lakes and silt. It is a high plateau topped by two peaks, one at the far west and the other in the east. Among the most important elements remaining in the city is the old mosque, which is considered the oldest mosque in Baswa and was established with the city. It is a rectangle divided into three tiles parallel to the wall of the Qibla and has two doors east and west and the wall of the Qibla. There are a pulpit and mihrab, and there is a huge minaret similar large with the minarets of mosques in Morocco and Andalos - style silos. It is characterized by a cubed base and rising in a square shape that narrows as we ascend to the top and the minaret lies in the north-eastern corner of the mosque. There is also another mosque called the "Tindani Shali" Western mosque. Do not Miss the Safari Trips One of the most important adventures that you should try in Siwa is to have a wonderful sand-skiing activity. Also, you can go for the safari jeep tours, on the sand dunes and the Great Sand Sea, which borders Siwa in the south. Safaris are held by SUV, where the cold water’s lake, and the area of the one well, where the water is hot. You can also watch the sunset and the stars at night, as the sky in Siwa is clear from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to enjoying the experience of drinking Siwa tea and dinner in one of the desert reserves. You may try the buried treatment in hot sand with all your body and up to your neck, where it is said to be a wonderful remedy for rheumatism and high cholesterol. Finally, don’t leave before you buy the best and the famous dates of Siwa, and olive oil which produced locally. Siwa is also famous for its fine silver jewellery. You can enjoy more safari trips in different places: Safari trips packages.   You can explore the magical beauty of Egypt from travel packages in Egypt