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Blog: Nature

Egypt Nature: Learn about Egyptian treasures other than antiquities and beaches April 13, 2021

Diversity in tourism is an opportunity for the country to prosper and progress. Therefore, we find in Egypt various types of tourism that represent a large part of Egypt's GDP. Egypt has always been known for its history, pyramids, pharaohs, temples, great monuments, and it is also known for its cultural and civilizational heritage that dates back thousands of years, but it contains what contributes and supports this heritage, which is Egypt nature. Types of Egypt Nature Reserves Nature reserves for practical research. Nature reserves as national natural parks. Reserves of ancient national antiquities. Natural reserves. Preserves of beautiful landscapes. Important natural resources reserves. Natural reserves for the important national heritage. Multipurpose nature reserves. The importance of nature reserves in Egypt The importance of nature reserves lies in the protection of many types of living organisms, whether they are plants or animals, whose existence has been affected due to several reasons, including changing climatic conditions on the earth’s surface, pollution, the use of many harmful chemicals by humans and their disposal from forests and logging. Egypt contains many natural reserves (more than 30 nature reserves) that protect natural resources and maintain ecological balance. The types of natural reserves in Egypt are many and different, through this article you will learn about the 10 most famous nature reserves in Egypt. Nature Reserves in Egypt In Egypt, there are different environments from the sea to the end to the desert. Egypt includes the Western and Eastern Sahara, the Sinai Peninsula, the Red Sea coast, and the Mediterranean coast. In addition to rare species of animals and plants; Next to coral reefs and colorful underwater fish. More than 20 years ago, the Egyptian government declared some areas as nature reserves; The most famous of them are: Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve It is a famous reserve located in the Sinai Peninsula between the Suez Gulf and the Aqaba Gulf and about 20 km from Sharm El-Sheikh. It was the first declared protected area in Egypt in 1983. This reserve is an important place as a tourist area and a diving site, as it is very important in protecting the biodiversity of marine life and terrestrial wildlife. It contains rare plants such as mangroves, dum palms, and acacia trees, as well as wonderful coral reefs, mollusks, and sea urchins. You can discover more than 1,500 marine animals there, that is why it is a famous diving and snorkeling site. Zaraniq Protectorate Zaraniq Protectorate is a wetland and one of the most amazing nature reserves in Egypt. It is located in the eastern end of Lake Bardawil, about 30 km west of El Arish and 300 km from Cairo. This region is distinguished by its importance and unique location that connects the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It includes an impressive collection of more than 270 plants and animals, along with some rare species of migratory birds. Jabal Elba Reserve The Elba Mountain Reserve is classified as an important national park reserve. It is also considered one of the largest Egyptian natural reserves and one of the Red Sea reserves, as it is located in the Red Sea Governorate, specifically in Halayeb, 1300 km away from Cairo. The reserve contains many natural and cultural resources, including wildlife, rare plants, and pharaonic antiquities, in addition to water resources from wells and freshwater springs. It also has a large number of coral reefs, amazing marine creatures, and rare birds. Saint Catherine protectorate This reserve located on Mount Saint Catherine is a historical reserve with a unique cultural heritage represented by Saint Catherine Monastery with its architectural things and archaeological treasures. It is considered an important nature reserve as it is one of the most important places where there are more than 400 rare plants and many types of reptiles. Nabq Protected Area The reserve is located between Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab in South Sinai. It has an area of ​​600 square kilometers, and it is 500 kilometers from Cairo. Nabq Protected is a multi-purpose reserve, as it is characterized by coral reefs, marine and terrestrial creatures, and mangrove forests of unique nature. There are also desert and mountain ecosystems, valleys, various animals, and migratory and resident birds. The tourist area attracts a lot of diving, safari, and bird watching enthusiasts. Al Ahrash Reserve El Ahrash Reserve is located in the northeast corner of Egypt and about 370 km from Cairo. It is characterized by sand dune areas that reach 60 meters in height above sea level. The reserve is famous for its trees and plants, which are covered in high densities such as camphor trees, making it a haven for those looking for tranquility and nature. Wadi El-Rayan Reserve It is a natural reserve in the Fayoum governorate, 150 kilometers from Cairo. Wadi El-Rayan Reserve covers an area of ​​1759 km and is distinguished by its desert environment, including sand dunes, large water bodies, marine excavations, plant life, and a variety of wildlife (more than 15 species of wildlife). Abu Galum Protected If you want to enjoy an amazing panoramic view that you will not see anywhere and are looking for a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should visit the Abu Gallum Reserve, which is characterized by a special geographical nature, as the mountains close to the beaches. The reserve is located on the Aqaba Gulf between Sharm El Sheikh and Taba and is 600 km from Cairo. With an area of ​​500 km, it contains a lot of coral reefs, marine and terrestrial creatures, and colorful fish; In addition to more than 165 rare plant species, 44 of them are found only in this region. Qarun Protected Area If you love birds, then Lake Qarun Reserve is heaven for you. This place is designated as an important birding area, as the area is home to many different kinds of birds as well as flamingo birds. Lake Qarun Reserve - which is considered the oldest lake in the world - is located in the Fayoum Governorate, and the distance from Cairo is 90 km. White Desert National Park It is a nature reserve in the New Valley Governorate, located 500 km from Cairo. It is named desert white because the white color covers most of it. The White Desert is popular for its white chalk white rocks formed from erosion factors. Farafra Oasis and the White Desert are among the most popular tourist destinations in the region, and also a popular site for camping trips.   Read More Museums in Egypt: Discover a history full of treasures, culture and art Camping in Egypt: 7 Spots to Enjoy the Most Pleasant Camping Experience

Nature Unfamiliar Tourism Destination: The Most Unusual Places in the World April 15, 2020

Usually, when we look for our destination, we look for those familiar and more famous places but have you thought about looking for non-traditional destinations or the most unusual places in the world, those that carry a lot of mystery and strangeness. Many strange and unfamiliar places are scattered on the surface of the earth, some natural regions or places, and others is man-made. This article offers you the most unusual places in the world that you may hear about, whether natural or not, here is a tour of some places that, regardless of their weirdness, are characterized by beautiful beauty and charming nature.   Socotra Island The archipelago of Socotra is located between the Arabian Sea and the Jordavoy Canal, which is part of the State of Yemen. Socotra island is one of the most unusual places in the world. It is an oasis of biodiversity. The island has more than 700 species not found anywhere else in the world. It also contains many species of animals, birds and reptiles. Birds are threatened with extinction by wild cats entering the island. Most of the island's population is clustered on the main island of Socotra, while a few inhabit the rest of the archipelago.   Stone Forest in China The Stone Forest or the Shilin Forest, as the Chinese call it, one of the most unusual places in the world. It is one of the geological marvels that have nothing to do with it. The forest is located in Yunnan province, Kunming province, China. It features a subtropical climate. The limestone forest consists of limestone carved by water through different geological ages. The forest stretches over 350 kilometers to 140 miles and is divided into seven zones. Stone forest contains caves and valleys, as well as water creeks and waterfalls, as well as a group of rare plants and some endangered birds and animals.   Cave of the Crystals One of the most unusual places in the world is the Crystals Cave, where the cave is filled with crystals and large crystalline selenite, which can be more than ten feet long and weigh more than 50 tons. Many people can not enter it due to the size of the large crystals blocking the roads. The temperature inside the cave reaches 136 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity exceeds 90 percent. The Crystal Cave is located in Chihuahua, Mexico.   Machu Picchu town The ancient Incan people built the city of Machu Picchu in the 15th century, between two mountains of the Andes. The city rises 2280 meters above sea level, on the edge of two oceans surrounded by a 600-meter-long slope covered with dense forests. Machu Picchu is known for its hanging garden, because it is built on the top of a steep mountain. The whole city is built of large stones and overlaid on top of each other without any installation tools, making it one of the most unusual places in the world. It also includes many parks, galleries, buildings and palaces, as well as canals, irrigation channels and bathing pools. The gardens and the various streets are linked to each other by stone stairs. Some cities of Machu Picchu are religiously observant, with many temples and shrines.   Russian Death City The most unusual places in the world you will hear of are the city of death or the city of Dargavs, as the Russians call it in their language. It is a small village built inside a mountain in Russia, which needs access to walk for 3 hours in foggy weather and narrow and rugged roads. The village is characterized by the fact that all the buildings of the village are covered with a large group of small white buildings that look like tombs inside a grave. The reason for naming the village the city of death is that the buildings have a ceiling in the form of a coffin where the inhabitants of the city bury their loved ones and their relatives, and the greater the number of dead, the higher the dome of the building where they are buried. Since the 16th century, each alive person must have his or her own tomb. The village was once used as a cemetery for the city, so if a person loses all his relatives he must go to the city of death to spend the rest of his life and wait for death there. There is a legend that all visitors to the city of death will not come out alive and die and be buried there.   Travel Packages in Russia      Fountain of hot blood pool in Japan The hot-blood pool fountain is located on Kyushu Island in Japan. The pool of blood consists of nine springs containing hot water and a red color. Water gained its red color from the concentration of the iron element in it. The fountain is one of the most unusual places in the world. It can not be bathed in, but it has its natural view, surrounded by many green trees and natural beauty. It is surrounded by an iron wall to protect tourists from standing on it.   Danxia Mountains in China Danxia is a landform of colorful mountains in rainbow colors. It is one of the nicest and most unusual places in the world. The colorful terrain was named Danxia, relative to Mount Danxia, located in one of the Chinese provinces where colored land is located. It is a unique type of colored rock geomorphology and features slices of red sedimentary rocks on steep slopes. Danskia lands look like the karstic terrain formed in the limestone areas, known as the pseudo-karstic because its sandstone and aggregates. The natural factors have been carved out and formed the lands of Danxia over the past 500,000 years, leading to an average height of 0.87 meters every 10,000 years. While the rock walls of Danxia are formed of red sandstone, the water flows down through the cracks, helping to corrode sedimentary rocks.

Nature A Tour around Seas and Oceans: Most Unique Beaches in the World April 15, 2020

The world is full of beautiful and charming beaches, some of which are quiet and restful, and the other is full of adventure where water games play on its sands. Beaches are one of the most important tourist destinations in any country, as many people are keen to go to the beaches during their holidays. There are some beaches that are more beautiful than others, where there are some beaches that embrace the green nature on it. The beaches vary in beauty and tranquility. Here is a list of the best and most unique beaches in the world that you should visit. White-haven Beach White-haven Beach is located on Whitsunday Island in Australia, it is one of the most unique beaches in the world. The beach is characterized by the purity of its sand, which consists of 98% of pure silica. But be careful, don’t try to take some of its sand, as you will be punished, and pay at least $50,000 as a penalty. White-haven also does not build any facilities on its beach, it is not dedicated to humans. It can only be visited by boats carrying visitors and then brought back. This beach is known as the environmentally friendly beach.   Santa Monica Beach Is one of the most unique beaches in the world in general and the most beautiful and unique beaches of the United States in particular. It is located in California. The beach is famous for its soft white sand and clear water that looks like diamond crystals. It also features sunshine on most of the year, making the beach seem like a piece of paradise.   Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi Leh Beach One of the most famous things about Maya Koh Bay in Phi Phi beach, which is located in Thailand, is its name, as it is the longest name among the beaches of the world. The beach is an island overlooking some limestone rocks, surrounded by blue water. It is surrounded by many green, convex limestone mountains. This beach is about an hour from the land area and is taken by boat. Maya Koh Beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world where pure water and diving can be enjoyed.   Navagio Beach Navajo Beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world, with its crystal clear waters and white sands. Boats are a way to reach the beach, because it is located close to the cliffs of stone, so it is hard to reach. Navajo Beach is located in Greece. This beach is called the beach of smugglers, due to the legend that there were ships of some smugglers destroyed in 1980 and these smugglers have hidden their treasures near the shore escaping from the government and the authorities.   Playa Medina Beach One of the most unique beaches of the world is the beach of Playa Medina, where this beach is characterized by its green nature. Where palm trees are scattered, reflecting a unique green color on its water, and its sand is white. The beach is located in Venezuela and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations for a relaxing and relaxing stay.   Anse Source D'Argent Beach Known for its beautiful palms, dense trees and clear water, Anas Sures Argent Beach has a wide range of granite rocks surrounded by pink sand. Anas Source D'argent Beach is located on La Digue Island on Seychelles Island. The beach is also characterized by its wild nature, as it contains many species of birds threatened with extinction. It is considered one of the most unique beaches in the world.   Little Bay Beach Little Bay Beach is located in the British Overseas Area, specifically in the Caribbean. The beach is classified as one of the remote beaches, where tourists and visitors can only go by boat. Little Bay features a high cliff that makes it one of the most popular attractions for tourists.   Clear-water Beach One of the most unique beaches in the world is the beach of Clear-water, which is characterized by white sand, and the beach looks like a bay with a sea line. It is located in Florida, USA. You can practice surfing, as it features high waves, and also has a dolphin aquarium. Bora Bora Beach Bora Bora Beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world and welcomes many visitors and tourists. Bora Bora is located in French Polynesia. Skiing on the beach water can be enjoyed with the Jet Ski, as well as many adventures and water sports.   Travel Packages in France     Anini Beach Anini Beach is one of the most unique beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, located on the northern shore of Kauai. Anini means in the local language of Hawaiian dwarf. The beach is famous for windsurfing. It is one of the most important beaches that surfing professionals go, where it is known for its strong winds that help to ride the waves, and ranges from 4 to 100 feet in depth.

Nature Extreme tourist destinations: The Edge of The World April 15, 2020

Some people crave weird destinations when they travel, the more extreme the better! And some look for impressive landscapes, the sights that you have to see to believe. And luckily, there are some tourist destinations that combine both, like the edge of the world. You may have heard different stories related to that name, in fact there are several places around the world called the edge of the world. We have taken a tour around the world to check these extreme destinations, check them out, maybe you will find yourself near one of them in your next trip. Edge of the world, Saudi Arabia Edge of the World is one of the highest points of Tuwaiq Escarpment. The cliff has got some really steep edges overlooking the plains below. If you stand on that high point during a foggy day, you will see nothing but an endless sea of haze, a scary scene indeed. But if you happen to go during a bright day, the sight is utterly breathtaking. The cliffs of Tuwaiq Escarpment are located 96 km northwest of the capital Riyadh. It is not so difficult to hike up the 30 minute trail to the cliffs to enjoy the primal beauty of the cliffs and the panoramic view of the desert plains below. However, utmost care and attention should be taken above as there is no iron fencing. This unforgettable extreme tourist attraction is definitely not for kids. The area is rich with wildlife, and a lot of it is endemic. Plus, you can also find some fossilized coral and raw mineral deposits due to its closeness to the Red Sea. If you are interested in hiking there but do not know how to go no need to worry, many tourism agencies in Riyadh offer day trips to the area. The Edge of the world, England The English edge of the world is also known as Land’s End and Beachy Head. Whatever the name is, it is certainly one of the most beautiful extreme tourist destinations. Rising to an impressive height of  162 metres above sea level, the striking edge is the highest chalk sea cliff in England. Between 66 and 100 million years ago, this whole area was under the sea. This is what has formed the massive chalk hills. And the brilliant white cliff has helped in guiding ships for centuries. The massive white cliff offers amazing views of the English Channel, and the place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Nonetheless, it is a bit dangerous and patrols take place night and day to make sure no one falls, or attempts to jump. The End of The World, USA A steep volcanic rock cliff overlooking a national forest, this edge of the world in USA is definitely worth a visit. The formal name of the area is East Pocket, but it is commonly known as The End of The World. This campground is popular among both locals and tourists as it offers unparalleled views and an amazing chance to relax and enjoy nature. The sunrise and sunset from the cliff offer an unforgettable experience. The vantage of this high plateau offers incredible views into the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness and Verde Valley. Looking from the edge you can also see Sedona and some of its iconic rock formations as well as the town of Cottonwood.   Travel Packages in USA   The Top of The World, Norway Around 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean, is a cliff where you can see nothing but churning water and endless skies stretching in the horizon, this is one of the northernmost points in Europe. The formal name of this popular tourist attraction is North Cape, but it is commonly known as The Top of The World. North Cape is the point where the Norwegian Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, meets the Barents Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean. There is a nice museum there where you can learn all about it. This is one of the most spectacular places to enjoy the view of the midnight sun and the northern lights, it is the edge of the world where rules do not apply and anything can happen. As the place is a popular tourist attraction, it is included in several planned tours around Northern Europe, the area is accessible by road and sea.

Nature The most beautiful islands: The alien beauty of Socotra Island February 24, 2019

They call it the most alien-looking place on Earth, but Socotra Island is definitely one of the most beautiful islands as well. Part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, The island of Socotra is so isolated that more than a third of its plant life is endemic, meaning that it is found nowhere else on Earth. The Archipelago of Socotra has been totally isolated from any large landmass for millions of years. That is why it is now home to an astonishing display of biodiversity. This unique diversity makes Socotra one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. They say that if you fall asleep and wake up on Socotra Island you might think that you have been abducted by aliens, the Island does not look like anywhere else on the planet. So let’s discover the unparalleled beauty of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, take a look at Socotra Island. What does the Island look like? Located between the Guardafui Channel and the Arabian Sea, Socotra Island is the largest of the four islands that make the Socotra archipelago. The three smaller islands are Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa. The territory is officially part of Yemen, and had always been a subdivision of the Aden Governorate. However in 2013, the archipelago became its own governorate, the Socotra Governorate. 240 kilometers east off the coast of Cape Guardafui and 380 kilometers south of the Arabian Peninsula, The Island is seriously isolated. It is one of the most isolated landforms on the planet of continental origin rather than of volcanic origin. How long has it been on the map? Despite its isolation, the Island of Socotra has been a significant stop in trading routs surfing the Indian Ocean for many years. In 2001 a group of scientists of the Socotra Karst Project investigated a cave on the island where they found a large number of inscriptions, drawings and diverse archaeological objects. Additional examination showed that these findings had been left by sailors who visited the island between the 1st century BC and the 6th century AD. Even though Marco Polo did not pass anywhere near the island, his travels stated a report about what he heard of its inhabitants through his journey. He heard that the inhabitants of the unique island practiced ancient magic rituals despite being baptized Christians. However these might just be the tales of the sailors as he has never been there himself. How many endemic species are there? Socotra Island is an oasis of biodiversity in the Middle East. The island is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in the world after the rain, when those most unusual plants are in full bloom, and the most unusual birds are chirping. A team of United Nations biologists conducted a study of the archipelago’s flora and fauna In the 1990s. They counted nearly 700 endemic species, found nowhere else on earth. No wonder the island looks so alien! One of the most renowned as well as the most unusual endemic plants in Socotra Island is the dragon's blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari). This weird-looking tree with its snugly-bundled branches that look like upside down roots has a red sap that people in ancient times thought to be the blood of dragons. This plant is locally known as Dam al-Akhawain, which means blood of the two brothers. The island is also home to numerous endemic fauna, mainly birds and reptiles. Unfortunately many endemic bird species are endangered as a result of predation by non-native feral cats. The good news is that the island was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site in July 2008. Who lives on Socotra Island? Most of the inhabitants of Socotra live on the main island of the archipelago, specifically in the main city, Hadibu. The other islands are either sparsely inhabited or uninhabited. Unique to the core, the main language of the people in Ssocotra is The Semitic language Soqotri, spoken only in Socotra. People of Socotra have traditionally worked in fishing, raising cattle, and cultivating dates. The island's exports mainly consist of dates, fish, ghee and tobacco. How can I go there? The construction of a new airport in 1999 opened Socotra to the outside world. Regular flights are available to and from Aden and Sana'a. Moving around the island though is another matter. Road construction has been deemed as damaging to the island and its ecosystem. For more eco-friendly alternatives, companies have started offering bicycle for touring the island. There is a port on Socotra as well; Ships connect the port with the Yemeni coastal city of Mukalla. However, the service is used mostly for cargo.