Tourism in Singapore: Top Places in Singapore


Tourism in Singapore is one of the most important and best types of tourism, because it contains much entertainment and adventure.

Despite the small size of Singapore, it is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world and is the favorite of the rich and famous.

Singapore has many of the most luxurious hotels and resorts, and has its own sophisticated features.

It has diversified its leisure activities which include marketing and luxury. Also, it has a dry climate in winter, making it the most suitable month of the year to visit between December and March.

Located on an island South Malaysia and separated from it by the Straits of Johor. This article will mention the top places in Singapore that you can visit and have been entertained.


Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the most sought-after resorts, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Singapore. The island receives more than 5 million visitors and tourists annually.

It has many attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, where you can watch the tools of the international film industry.

Also. it includes the Singapore Aquarium, the largest and most famous aquarium in Sentosa, and offers many species of fish and marine organisms.

There is also the Madame Tussauds Museum, which has many statues of celebrities, and the Trek Eye Singapore Museum, one of the most famous museums of visual deception, featuring many paintings in 3D.

In addition to many parks such as Adventure Park which is dedicated to adventure games on the beach. Sentosa also has a theme park for climbing, flying through a hanging rope, jumping from the highlands and other games.


Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the BayThe Gardens by the Bay are located on an area of about 101 hectares in central Singapore along the marina.

The park has three gardens overlooking the waterfront, the South Bay Park, and it is the largest one 54 hectare parks, the East Bay Park and the Central Bay Park.

Parks are one of the most popular tourist destinations and top places in Singapore.


Singapore Flyer

Singapore FlyerThe Singapore Flyer is one of the most important tourist attractions, and one of the top places in Singapore. It has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore.

The Flyer is 165 meters high, making it one of the highest in Asia, surpassing the London Eye which is one of the best tourism places in London by about 30 meters. Located in the Marina Center, the Singapore Flyer has been built for 3 years and was opened in 2008.

Singapore Flyer offers its passengers a unique experience, where they can see the sights of Singapore from the highest possible point. It includes 28 cabins, each accommodating about 28 passengers, with a full cycle every half hour.


Singapore Zoo

Singapore ZooSingapore Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Asia, with an area of about 28 hectares and surrounded by Singapore’s inland forests.

The zoo houses more than 315 species of rare and endangered animals. You can walk around the garden on the open bus, which will allow you to identify and watch Asian elephants, prominent nose monkeys, crocodiles and many other rare animals such as the white tiger.

Also, it contains animals living in a frozen environment such as polar bears. It also includes a group of grass-eating animals such as the giraffe.

In addition, the park has a children’s park with a range of recreational activities and educational activities that enhance their knowledge and intelligence.


Night Safari

Night SafariNight Safari is Singapore’s most popular tourist attraction, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions and top places in Singapore.

The park has more than 2,500 animals of different species, including rare and endangered species. Located near the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari is made up of several sections, including the Nepal River Valley, Burmese and others.

It can be discovered either by bus with a tour guide, which runs in specific trails and at a distance from the animals, or on foot which offers a greater chance of getting closer to animals.


Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird ParkJurong Bird Park is one of Singapore’s wildlife reserves, with an area of about 200,000 square meters.

The park includes many species of birds brought from different countries, including Abu Qarn, as well as a group of birds of prey. The park is one of Singapore’s best tourist destinations.


Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic GardensEstablished in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden located in the center of Singapore to the south.

It is one of the most important tourist destinations, and top places in Singapore. The park has more than 10,000 species of plants, spread over an area of about 82 hectares.

The Garden has more than 1,200 varieties of orchid plants, as it hosts part of the National Orchid Garden. Singapore Botanic Garden welcomes 4.5 million visitors throughout the year, both locals and tourists.


Singapore National Museum

حديقة حيوانات سنغافورةSingapore National Museum dates back to 1849, one of the oldest museums in Singapore and one of four national museums too. It is also one of the most important historical and top places in Singapore.

The museum displays the history of Singapore through the museum’s 2,800 square meters of exhibits.

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