Food adventure: a tour around the world kitchens

December 06, 2018
If you like adventure, don’t miss a type of adventure that you will never regret, food adventure is an adventure through the worlds’ kitchen, as you will have the chance to discover hundreds of tastes, each of them different and unique. Food is one of the best ways to know the culture of any country as each country offers a special dish that resembles its character, leaving a special taste among its tourists. This food adventure will take us on a tour through the world's kitchens and famous dishes, to taste together a journey of pleasure and art of the famous dishes.


Food adventure - Italy As a start of our adventure, let us stop in Italy. Italy is famous for its pastas, with many different sauces, spices and different ingredients, the most famous of them is “the Angel Haster pasta” with amatrishana sauce. This dish consists of meat, zucchini, and beans. Also there is another dish which is “pizzeria paffalina”, the dough of the pizza is thin and toasted from the sides, covered with Peppers, figs, lemons, mushrooms, leafy vegetables and mozzarella buffalo cheese, it served with San Marzano tomato sauce.


Food adventure - England "Fish and Chips", is one of the most famous English meals served in Britain, where fish is fried until it gets golden color and reddish peas or mashed peas are usually added to the dish, and sometimes you will find a dish of fried onion rings as a side dish but you should ask for it yourself.


Food adventure - Spain Spain is characterized by the Spanish omelet Tortilla Espanola, this dish is one of the most famous and loved dishes in Spain, and the main components are: (eggs, potatoes, onions cooked in olive oil), and this dish has many forms where it is thick and Slave. Although it is said that this dish is easy to prepare, it is one of the dishes that require special technique to be cooked. The Spanish cuisine does not end with its delicious recipes. There is the black rice dish Arroz Negro In fact, one of the most famous dishes in Spain are rice dishes of various kinds, including: green rice with oysters, rice with beans and turnips. As for today's dish, the black rice, it is a dish made of: white rice, squid, seafood broth, olive oil, sweet pepper, onion, and squid ink "the element that turns the color of rice into black".


Food adventure - France France is usually characterized by pastries and the famous croissants, but today's dish is French onion soup. This traditional soup is made of onions and meatballs and is usually served with toast and melted cheese on top. The origin of this soup is attributed to the Romans, it was considered as a dish for poor people. The delicious taste comes from the spicy and creamed onions, which are slowly cooked, and then meat broth or water  is usually added. Also milk, eggs or flour are sometimes added to make the soup thicker.


Food adventure - Germany As an important station in our food adventure is Germany. German has a unique way in food, as it is rich, creamy and delicious, and each area has its own dishes and traditional dishes, and the list of German foods can easily change from one city to another. We therefore chose several dishes from German cuisine; Spätzle is a German-style pasta-like noodle dish. This dish is famous in southern Germany and is a special dish for Schwabia and Baden-Wurttemberg. No one knows exactly the origin of this dish, and there are a number of different versions of this dish in neighboring countries. This kind of noodle is made from wheat flour and eggs, often served with a quantity of cheese and sometimes the grilled onions are added. In some cases, hot steaks are served directly from the pan, and according to the tradition of Schwabia, an extra egg is used in the dough for the guests. In some areas the dough is mixed with a number of other ingredients such as cherry, apple, liver or saukraut which is fermented cabbage. Potatoes are a favorite German food, so the Germans have thought that Kartoffelpuffer is one of the main ingredients in many side dishes. It is a small fried pancake made from sliced potatoes mixed with flour, eggs, onions and spices. Sometimes served as a side dish for a main meal with meat or fish, and sometimes served as a dessert with apple sauce, blue berries, sugar and cinnamon. Wurst or sausage is one of Germany's most popular cuisine. There are more than 1,500 different types of sausages made in Germany, and there are plenty of street stalls selling it. One of the most popular types is Fried Bratwurst Sausage, made from minced meat and spices, Viennese sausages that are smoked and boiled, and there are some local species such as the Currywurst sausage in Berlin which is served with ketchup, Weisswurst sausage in Bavaria, a white sausage that is crusted before eating with sweet, Also sausage Rostbratwurst in Nurnberg which is served with cabbage fermented section.


Food adventure - Greece Greece is a great addition to our food adventure in European kitchens, as the Greek cuisine is one of the most beautiful kitchens that share many of the characteristics associated with the kitchens of other countries such as the Middle East and Italy, but it is characterized by special touches that make the food distinctive and have special flavors made it the most famous foods in the world. It depends a lot on its dishes on fresh vegetables and olive oil. One of the most famous dishes is the Dolmas dish, one of the most delicious Greek dishes. It is a grape leaves stuffed with spices, and rice and boiled with lamb-stuffed flour.


Food adventure - Korea Kimchi is a traditional and basic Korean food that is almost devoid of a poor or rich table. It is a food that is similar to that of the Arabs. It is made of cabbage, garlic, and hot red peppers, so it is a traditional pickled food that is kept in a warm place, and it can be served as a side dish or a secondary dish.


Food adventure - Korea Brazilian cuisine is famous for its Acarajé dish, a popular Snack dish resembling some Brazilian falafel. This dish is one of the best dishes, and one of the most delicious dishes that can be eaten. It is made from the beans that are fried in palm oil and are stuffed with hot shrimp paste, cashew paste and palm oil.


Food adventure - Turkey Of course, when passing Turkish cuisine, we will not find what is more famous than the Turkish shawarma or the donar, as it is called in Turkey. It is a popular Turkish food that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It consists of red meat or chicken pieces that are placed on a skewer. Served in meals or sandwiches, as they are available in most Turkish restaurants.


Food adventure - USA American cuisine is known for being full of fast food, which is popular with children and adults, including hotdogs and burgers. In addition to the distinctive donuts, American cuisine is distinguished by its different tastes. For example, there are European dishes served in American cuisine, which makes it the largest cuisine in its variety of foods and dishes.

Arab countries

Food adventure - Arab countries If we do this food adventure among the kitchens of the whole world, we cannot forget our special Arab cuisine, which is characterized by a unique taste. Each Arab country has its own way of expressing its culture and traditions. But we chose you the Kabsa dish, as one of the most famous Arab dishes at all, it is a distinct dish of Saudi origin, but it has become a food in all Arab countries and the main dishes and offers in occasions and Ramadan. The dish is made of meat, rice, boiled chickpeas, spices and cinnamon, and is decorated with raisins and almonds.