Half Moon Beach: Know More About the Most Important Activities, Resorts and Restaurants of Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar


It is true that all countries have beaches, but not everyone is like Al -Khobar. Al-Khobar includes the best beach in the world, which is Half Moon Beach, or as it is called “Half Moon Beach”. In the past, Half Moon Beach was a place of recreation for many people, especially oil workers, and that place was used for fishing and was famous for catching large grouper fish. The beach is located at an average depth of 22 feet, and its coastline is estimated to be about 700 km in the Gulf region.

It is known as the Half Moon based on the name given to it by foreigners who were working in the oil field in the past. This name was taken as a result of the curved shape that resembles a half of the moon. The beach gone  through a lot of developments until it became one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many people frequent it. In this article, we will learn more about this beach, which is full of many adventures.

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Where is Half Moon Beach located?

Half moon beach Al-khobar location; in the eastern region near the city of Al-Khobar in Saudi Arabia. Specifically on the coast of the Arabian Gulf and extends for about 700 km.

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Things to do in Half Moon Beach

Due to the coastal environment that Half Moon Beach enjoys, there are plenty of activities that you can do there. To spend a lot of quality time with your loved ones and friends. The most important of these activities are:

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1- Swimming and Diving in Half Moon Beach

The waters of Half Moon Beach are so clear; they also have a turquoise colour that shines with the sun’s rays reflecting on them. Giving you the chance to enjoy swimming. Also, these waters embrace various marine creatures and multi-colored coral reefs, which gives you the opportunity to dive into these pure waters and fill your eyes with this beauty. You must try them in this water.

Diving In Half Moon Bay Khobar

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2- Jet ski

For the thrill seekers, the Jet ski experience at this beach is one of the must-do activities. The adrenaline will rise as you speed through the water, and you can race with your loved ones.

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3- Boat trips and yacht rental

Sailing in the water is one of the most popular summer activities for everyone. Try renting a boat or a yacht in this beach in Al Khobar. You will have an unparalleled experience. You will also be able to do many activities such as snorkeling and watch the turquoise waters of this beach. And also you can dive, swim and do a lot of fun water activities.

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4- Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the fun activities that many people like to do. It may be an enjoyable experience on land, but when you try it inside Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, this pleasure will certainly increase. This is due to the enjoyment of this beach with its turquoise waters, which enchants everyone with its beauty.

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Half Moon Beach Chalets

Half Moon Beach includes a group of resorts and chalets that offer many services and recreational activities that provide people to spend vacations and wonderful times with their loved ones. These resorts and chalets are also characterized by luxury, offering high value for a small price, and the presence of excellent staff. Among these resorts and chalets:

1- Dana Beach Resort

Dana Beach Resort is located on the waterfront, 30 km from Al Khobar. It has a variety of chalets and villas to suit everyone. The resort includes many facilities, including swimming pools and water sports facilities. This resort is one of the most prominent and luxurious resorts in Half Moon Beach.

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2- Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort is 34 km from Al Khobar and 52 km from King Fahd International Airport. The resort also includes a private beach area and an outdoor pool, a hot tub with a sauna, and a fitness room. All rooms come with air conditioning, a TV, a kettle, a bath or shower, free toiletries, and a desk. Some rooms at the hotel also have a private bathroom, and feature a sea view.

3- Holiday Inn Resort

It rated 4 stars, as it features a charming view of Half Moon Beach. Holiday Resort also offers many premium services such as free Wi-Fi and free parking. And recreational services such as boat rental.

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4- Tamara Resort

Located 10 km from Al Khaleej Makarim Village, Tamara Resort features many facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, a shared lounge, and a kids’ club, in addition to free WiFi. All units include air conditioning and a wardrobe. The resort also offers a lot of special entertainment activities suitable for adults and children.

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5- Mövenpick Resort Half Moon

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the Mövenpick Resort Half Moon includes 36 villas. It distinguished by its contemporary artwork and elegant furnishings. It also includes all the facilities that people need. This resort is one of the finest and most luxurious resorts in Half Moon Beach.

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Half Moon Beach Al -Khobar Restaurants 

There are many restaurants near this beach, to complete the fun and entertainment of individuals with entertainment. One of the most prominent of these restaurants is (Half Moon Restaurant), which offers a wide variety of famous and delicious Saudi food, as well as drinks. Among the famous restaurants there is also (Al-Sayyad Restaurant), which offers a variety of grills, whether meat or chicken, and other delicious foods.

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