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Asian Cuisine: The best 11 Recipes of Asian Food

July 24, 2019
If you have never tried to prepare Asian food at home, get ready for treatment. You can bring the Asian cuisine to your home. Many of the dishes you like from your favourite restaurant are not as difficult to prepare as you think. If you ever enjoy a snack from your favourite fast food and think about it, you can do it, this set of recipes is right for you. These are the dishes we eat most often when we have a passion for eating out, by a big margin: you can make these ingredients with ingredients that are present in your grocery store or even in your own kitchen. When you make it at home, you can adjust spice levels and tailor a meal tailored to your taste. Use these recipes to create a feast for your family, no external menu is required. Try some on your friends and you'll know how easy it is to have your favourites Asian cuisine at home.  

Chinese Meat Dumplings (Jiaozi)

Chinese Meat Dumplings (Jiaozi) Jiaozi is a popular dish in Asian cuisine, especially in Dim Sum restaurants and Chinese new year celebrations. This delicious Chinese dumpling is filled with ground pork or beef, cabbage, bamboo shoots, green onion, ginger and garlic. It served as an appetizer, with a refreshing dipping sauce made from soy sauce, vinegar and rice wine. Chinese Meat Dumplings (Jiaozi)

Thai Steamed Dumplings With Dipping Sauce

Thai Steamed Dumplings With Dipping Sauce Beef-style pancakes cooked with sliced chicken slices, shiitake mushrooms and Thai flavours. This fabulous dish offers a great light dinner in the summer from the Asian cuisine or an open buffet entree with a built-in dipping sauce. Thai Steamed Dumplings With Dipping Sauce

Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp

Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp is another yummy dish from the Asian cuisine. These fried shrimp are a little sweet, a little spicy and feature all the Vietnamese flavours you like. Make all your ingredients ready before you start to avoid over-cooking the seafood because the shrimp fry up quickly. You can use the properly sized shrimp to make this dish as the main protein or appetizer, or the smaller shrimp to be served on rice or as part of another presentation. Stir-Fried Sweet Shrimp

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables Roasting vegetables on high heat take much less time than many other preparations, resulting in crispy vegetables instead of limescale, grey versions that can often result from boiling or excessive evaporation. This recipe comes with a nice and light sauce that compliments the natural flavour of the vegetables beautifully. Cut all the vegetables into pieces of similar size until they cook as evenly as possible. If you like softer vegetables, cook them for 10 to 20 seconds. Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

Lemongrass Tamarind Chicken

Lemongrass Tamarind Chicken The unique blend of lemon and tamarind characterizes this chicken dish, with a sweet and sour flavour that contains the extra fruit flavour of tamarind. The fruit comes fresh, dried and spiced in many Asian markets. If you go to the pasted path, use more fresh or dried to get this firm flavour. Serve on white rice to absorb the sauce. Lemongrass Tamarind Chicken

Vietnamese Fried Rice

Vietnamese Fried Rice The Chinese influence on Vietnamese cooking is highlighted in this recipe for fried rice. It features lighter flavours of the Chinese type, thanks to lemon juice and fish sauce. Chinese dried fatty sausages and delicious grilled pork give it a piece of meat that can turn this side dish into a main meal.  Vietnamese Fried Rice

Sambal Kangkung With Shrimp Paste

Sambal Kangkung With Shrimp Paste Kangkung is a semi-aquatic plant with edible leaves and stems. Food stalks take a little longer to mature. The unique vegetables taste great with sambal or chilli sauce. Although there are many types of sambal, this recipe calls for oelek sambal. If you are using sambal with shrimp paste already included, adjust the added amount accordingly. Sambal Kangkung With Shrimp Paste

Pomelo and Shrimp Salad

Pomelo and Shrimp Salad Large pomelo fruits can grow up to 10 inches in diameter, but many sellers will sell slices to make them all easier to use before drying. Pouring the grated pulp with lemon juice, ginger, garlic and chilli pepper highlights its sweet flavour. Shrimp works beautifully in this Asian cuisine recipe, but you can also use chicken or squid instead. The dressing improves during sitting, so make it first while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Pomelo and Shrimp Salad

Pandan Rice and Mung Bean Cake

Pandan Rice and Mung Bean Cake Try this colourful Vietnamese answer on the rice pudding to get a unique dessert served in Asian cuisine. Split beans are cooked faster than the whole, so use them if you can find them. Fresh coconut milk contains a richer and deeper flavour than canned ones, but you can use the canned version if necessary. Serve hotcakes or at room temperature, sprinkle with coconut milk and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds. Pandan Rice and Mung Bean Cake

Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Salad Do not be fooled with the name of this dish. Although it bears the name "salad", it is full of noodles, beef and lots of vegetables to prepare a full meal. Assembled in layers, with rice noodles on the bottom, fresh vegetables and pickled next, then the seasoned beef slices. Finally, take it with fresh herbs, chopped peanuts and fried crisps. The contrasting textures and flavours will make them a new favourite Asian cuisine dish. Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Use this practical guide to wrapping and folding Vietnam-style spring rolls for a fun project and a satisfying snack. We respond to nice and small fillings for a uniform fill and get all your supplies ready before you start. It may take a few tries to get this technique right, but you'll need to show all your friends once you've mastered. Serve the final product with a sauce the nuoc Cham. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

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