Activities for Kids in Bahrain You Have to Experience with Your Children


Bahrain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Arabian Gulf, and it’s the perfect place for a fun-filled vacation for the whole family, regardless of their age. There are numerous activities for both adults and activities for kids in Bahrain, including amusement parks, water parks, play centres, and more.

Here is a list of the top activities for kids in Bahrain:

Adhari Park

Adhari Park - Kids activities in Bahrain

 Adhari Park is one of the most fun places in Bahrain and a popular tourist attraction for visitors of all ages, especially children. Located in Manama, the park features a wide range of electric rides designed for different age groups. It offers amusement rides, jumping games, interactive shows specifically designed for children, and many other attractions such as the flying chairs game, climbing and descending rides, bumper cars, water games, bowling, video games, and more, making it one of the best places for children’s entertainment in Bahrain.


KidZania Bahrain

KidZania Bahrain

KidZania is undoubtedly one of the most prominent entertainment venues in Bahrain for Kids. It allows them to experience a simulated real-life environment where they can explore various professions and discover their interests indirectly. They work and earn salaries for their work within the city. This experience helps them develop teamwork skills and decision-making abilities. Don’t miss a visit to KidZania with your children.


Chuck e Cheese Bahrain

Chuck E Cheese is a well-known entertainment destination in Bahrain, ideal for families as it offers a variety of activities and facilities that both children and adults can enjoy together. You can enjoy watching entertaining shows and events inside the venue, including music performances, theatre performances, and other regular entertainment shows. Chuck E Cheese provides diverse and exciting experiences for visitors of all ages, offering many enjoyable games specifically designed for children, along with areas designed specifically to suit them.


Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom is one of the best kids activities in Bahrain. It is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists. Kids Kingdom is filled with games designed specifically to cater to children, such as electric bumper cars, jumping games, various water games, water boats, and electronic games. A visit to Kids Kingdom will be a fantastic experience for your children that you shouldn’t miss.


Adventure Hub

Bring out the adventurous spirit in your child at Adventure Hub, which features a range of physical challenges and games designed specifically for them. Adventure Hub offers various games, such as caving, where children can explore and adventure through 54-meter-high caves by crawling, rotating, and sliding inside the cave. It also includes games like Fun Wall, which allow them to climb walls and complete other tasks. There’s also the rock wall, where they can climb outdoors on the rock wall. Additionally, the Soft Play area is designed specifically to suit children, with colourful pipes, tunnels, slides, and many other games. Adventure Hub is considered one of the most enjoyable indoor activities in Bahrain.

Adventure Hub In Bahrain

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Magic Planet

Take your children to one of the largest entertainment centres in Bahrain, Magic Planet. Enjoy a warm and fun-filled family day full of laughter and adventure. Magic Planet offers a wide range of games and entertainment activities suitable for the whole family, especially children. The centre offers child-friendly games such as the air carousel, the horse whirl, and the enjoyable trampoline. In addition, there is a soft play area specially designed for children to ensure their complete safety while playing and enjoying an exciting day. You can also enjoy some games suitable for adults while accompanying your children.


Magic Island

Magic Island - kids activity in Bahrain

Magic Island is one of the most famous centers that offer activities for kids in Bahrain. It is located in The Seef Mall and stretches over an area of 5,500 square meters. The city is filled with a lot of games for children to choose from, with 100 fun games designed to international standards. The games range from bowling, trampolines, bumper cars, and other games specifically designed to suit children.


Ceramic Studio

Unleash the artist within your child and take them to a ceramic studio. Your child can choose a piece of pottery and then paint and colour it. It is a fun activity that children love because they see the result of their play and can keep it after the studio processes the piece, which the child can collect within 5 to 7 days. The activity is also enjoyable for the rest of the family, as parents can participate in drawing and colouring with their children.


Gravity Skydiving

Boost your child’s self-confidence and let them experience the sensation of flying in the air at Gravity Skydiving Centre in Bahrain. Children also have their share of gravity packages, with the offering of the “With Kids” package. They can also fly while wearing costumes of their favourite cartoon characters and superheroes. The rest of the family can also enjoy the day, as the venue offers packages for all ages.

Gravity Indoor Skydiving In Bahrain


The Lost Paradise of Dilmun

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun is the largest water park in Bahrain, stretching over an area of 77,000 square meters. It is the perfect place for things to do in Bahrain with family, regardless of their age. If you have children, they will enjoy visiting it. The park features a dedicated pool for children, along with many games such as Tots Pool, which is ideal for children and infants experiencing water activities for the first time. There is also the Pirate’s Palace, where children can slide on the pirate ship and experience adventure.

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Dolphin Resort

Dolphin Resort - kids activities in bahrain

The Dolphin Resort is one of the top tourist attractions in Bahrain and is visited by both adults and children. Watching the dolphins is one of the most enjoyable shows for the whole family, especially children. The resort offers daily live dolphin and sea lion shows. Your children can get close to the dolphins, feed them, and take pictures with them under the supervision of specialised trainers. There is also a dedicated playground where children can enjoy playing after watching the dolphin shows, in addition to an indoor arcade featuring video games.


The Blast 

The Blast - Bahrain kids activity

Take your child now to the first trampoline center and one of the most important places that offer entertainment activities for kids in Bahrain, The Blast. Your children will enjoy playing and jumping in the trampoline area. In addition, there are many other sections such as a role-playing and arts section. They can also engage in crafting activities.

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