Islands in Bahrain: Top 8 Must-Visit Islands


The islands in Bahrain are the ideal uncharted territory, unspoiled and exposed, just waiting to be discovered. The natural beauty, which has unparalleled value, draws tourists. Some of the attractions, which include colourful coral reefs, roving herds of sea cows, and shallow, tranquil green waters, frequently leave nature enthusiasts and wildlife adventurers in wonder.

Because of the amazing views and the calming experience of swimming in shallow, tranquil green seas, the islands rank among the most beautiful places to visit. In light of this, what more could you possibly want for the time of your life? Everybody should have a minimum of one visit to the islands on their bucket list.

Thus, if you’re interested in enjoying a luxurious holiday in the Middle East, Here are a few of Bahrain’s most popular islands that visitors should be aware of.

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How many Islands in Bahrain?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago with thirty-three islands situated in the Arabian Gulf, sandwiched between Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is 780 km2 in total. Bahrain is the largest city, and its capital is Manama.

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Best Time to Visit Bahrain For an Island Tour

Travelling to any location can be greatly enhanced by taking the temperature and weather into consideration. To determine the best time to visit Bahrain and the finest weather for island excursions and other adventurous activities, see the information below on the best time to visit Bahrain.

June to October: Because it is Bahrain’s summer season and the weather is hot and muggy, these months are not seen as suitable for organising a trip there. It’s not the best time because there’s a risk of sunstroke, and it gets harder to go sightseeing.

December to March: These are the finest months to plan a trip to Bahrain because they make up for Bahrain’s cold season. With the lovely weather and refreshing breeze, island trips and sightseeing are made more enjoyable. In Bahrain, the winter months have temperatures between 15°C and 23°C.

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Top 8 Bahrain Islands That Amaze Travellers

Recognised globally for its exquisite pearls, Bahrain is a tropical retreat featuring a multitude of tourist destinations crammed into every available space. Speaking of attractions, it has been reported that Bahrain’s islands draw several visitors from all over the world every year. It is the perfect location to escape the bustle of the city. Its beauty and many other things frequently captivate people.

Islands are frequently described as ideal havens and ought to be on everyone’s list of destinations to see at least once. Let us now examine a few of the man-made islands in Bahrain that you can explore during your trip to Bahrain.

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Al Dar Islands

Aldar Islands, the best island in Bahrain and one of Bahrain’s top tourist destinations, provides nothing but the pure delight of a Middle Eastern vacation. Al Dar Islands, which is well-known for providing a plethora of enjoyable amenities and activities, boasts one of Bahrain’s greatest beaches, which is very well-liked by tourists. Basketball and volleyball courts can be found in the island’s north, while the southernmost portion of the beach has a kid’s area, a sizable shaded paddling pool, swings, and a tonne of other amenities.

It’s interesting to note that the location has beach cottages for rent; they run about BHD15 on weekends and BHD10 during the week. Similarly, while spending time at the beach, one might venture out to sea to observe dolphins in their native environment.

Location: 12 km southeast of the capital, Manama, on Bahrain Island.

Famous for: kayaking, beach huts, fishing, and dolphin watching.

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Hawar Islands

The Hawar Islands, an archipelago of 16 islands located about 20 km south of Bahrain, are another island in the country that has grown incredibly popular over time. With its abundance of wildlife, taking a tour of the island must rank among the best things to do in Bahrain. It’s a delight to see the endangered green turtles, dugongs, and seagulls at this location. It’s interesting to note that there is one hotel on the island that provides guests with a wide range of activities to choose from.

Even merely unwinding and appreciating Bahrain Island’s surroundings might occupy one’s time. Additionally, from Durrat Marina, it just takes 45 to 60 minutes by boat to get to the Hawar Islands from here.

Location: Near the coast of Qatar, 12 miles to the southeast of Bahrain Island.

Famous For: Wildlife Sighting.

Facilities: Accommodation.

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Hawar Island Trips

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Jarada Island

Jarada Island is another wonderful place that tourists should include on their bucket list. Bahrain is well-known for several things, and its beaches are undoubtedly among them. Even though it seems exciting, there’s a good reason why visiting this beach in Bahrain requires planning. Because it’s one of those beaches in Bahrain that recedes and reemerges with the tide, visitors can only visit during low tide and depart before high tide.

It’s interesting to note that trips to the island are available on the resort’s Pearl 1 boat, thanks to the Ritz Carlton, one of Bahrain’s best hotels. The entire trip takes three hours, and the cost for six persons is approximately BHD 150, but a six-hour excursion can cost BHD 300.

Location: 32 km (20 mi) east of Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

Famous for: natural attractions

Facilities: Visitors are advised to confirm the various facilities on Jarada Island upon their visit.

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Amwaj Islands

Travellers can have the experience of a lifetime in the Amwaj Islands, one of the best destinations in the Middle East. The six themed islands feature everything one might want, including blue skies, fresh breezes, and crystal-clear oceans. The island is home to numerous upscale eateries, cafés, lodging facilities, shops, and much more. The Amwaj Islands were built with a purpose in mind, and that purpose has now been fulfilled. The island promises to provide the best possible lifestyle and living experience, so visitors may anticipate receiving just that. So why not have a taste of life in a villa by the beach near the busy city of Manama?

Location: 10.5 km northeast of the capital, Manama, on Bahrain Island.

Famous for: beachside villas

Facilities: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, etc.

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Reef Island

Here’s the thing: while there are plenty of things to do in Bahrain, visiting Reef Island should be at the top of the list for visitors. An artificial island tucked away on Manama’s northern shore, Reef Island Bahrain has received high praise for its amenities and a few main draws. The island provides the ideal tropical retreat, even though it is only a short distance from the financial harbour. Here, one can anticipate a life of luxury, tranquillity, and leisure.

There are excellent choices for dining, clubs, lodging, and much more at Reef Island, Bahrain. Situated on the island, Bahrain’s Reef Resort provides the height of luxury accommodations.

Location: A distance of 2 km (1.2 mi) north of downtown Manama, on Bahrain Island.

Famous for: luxury, serenity, and relaxation.

Facilities: Resort, Dining, Clubhouse, etc.

Nurana Islands

Families, equestrians, and fishermen seeking a few hours of peace and quiet away from the city are known to frequent this island.  The breathtaking Manama skyline is visible, and cyclists and dog owners can enjoy the island. It is among the greatest ways to spend a vacation since it helps people forget their problems and take in the sea view. When it comes to having the perfect vacation, what more could one want?  One can reserve a room at any Bahrain villa when visiting the island. Pack your things, then head to the island to enjoy some time.

Location: Bahrain.

Famous for: horseback riding, fishing, and cycling.

Facilities: kite surfers, windsurfers, boats.

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Diyar Al-Muharraq

People enjoy the finest time of their lives and forget about their problems when they spend time on an island. Thus, while considering an island getaway, consider Diyar Al Muharraq. Diyar Al Muharraq, named after Muharraq Island, was comprised of seven islands joined to the mainland by a causeway. It has a public beach spanning 7 square kilometres and 8 km, a variety of upscale social housing units, and Dragon City Mall, a retail area with a Chinese motif. Have the time of your life by organising a luxurious vacation to Bahrain.

Location: Bahrain.

Famous for: social housing and shopping centres

Facilities: Shopping.

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Durrat Al Bahrain Island

Have you ever seen an island shaped like the moon that has a marina and stores on it? You’re in luck, as the island of Durrat al-Bahrain has everything. Many plots, a marina, eateries, retail establishments, and other planned commercial developments, such as a golf course and five-star hotels, are located on an island shaped like the moon, surrounded by a cluster of more than fifteen fish.  After the Diyar Al Muharraq Islands, it is one of Bahrain’s biggest islands.

When it comes to enjoying some of the greatest amenities and having a peaceful day on an island, what more could a person ask for? There is a lot to do, and it’s the ideal way to unwind and escape the stress of daily life. Why don’t you act sooner? Now go have the most amazing trip with your loved ones. Take the much-needed vacation you have been longing for, and don’t forget to brag about it to your friends who were unable to join you.

Location: Bahrain.

Famous for: marinas, restaurants, shops, and other planned commercial projects, including a golf course and five-star hotels.

Facilities: marina and restaurants; shops; golf course.