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Hot Air Balloon Activity: Journey to discover the world from above

July 30, 2019
Hot air balloon activity is a unique adventure you could have. It is a type of sport, that makes you experience a great sight for land inside a colourful balloon. The hot air balloon takes you on a fictional journey, by flying between clouds in the sky. Taking a tour in a balloon in the early morning is a thrilling and fun experience. It enables you to enjoy watching the world from above.

What is a hot air balloon?

What is a hot air balloon? A hot air balloon is a kind of aircraft. Fire is usually the way of lifting it up, as it is lifted by heating the air inside it. Hot air must weights less than the cold one, as the greatest the difference between the hot and cold air, the greater the difference in density and the stronger the balloon will pull up. In other words, that means that the balloon can lift up easier when on a very cold day or if the air inside the balloon is very hot.

What to wear?

What to wear? Wearing comfortable is the answer, however, there are some tips for considering what to wear in hot air balloon activity. Wearing casual is more comfort and be aware that the weather up high is about the same as it in the ground. But be careful of the ride timing whether it is during sunrise or sunset. If you prefer a sunrise flight, so don’t worry about having a jacket, as the weather warms in the morning. But for those are flying at sunset, bringing a jacket will be great to wear it when the sun goes and the weather chills. Other passengers highly recommended wearing a hat or anything on the head, as the basket is small, and the burners are about 6 and a half feet from the floor, the heat will radiate downward. Hot air balloon activity is a sport, so wearing flat solid shoes or sneakers is a wise option, as climbing in and out the basket is almost impossible in high heels.


Competitions Hot air balloon activity sometimes has competitions. In these competitions, pilots use the shift in the wind at different altitudes to navigate to carefully positioned goals or to achieve a maximum / minimum distance between 2 fixed points.


Festivals There are many festivals in different countries for hot air balloon. During these events, the ballooners fly their balloons together, in the morning and in the evening, if it is possible. Sometimes the balloons are lit up against the night sky in a very beautiful view. At these festivals, you can see various shapes of balloons, usually, they are kind of round, but they may have formed. Also, at the festival, you may see about 700 balloons flies in the air.

Where can you ride it?

Where can you ride it? You can enjoy riding the balloons and have an unforgettable adventure using hot air balloon activity, in two ways. The first one you can join one of the annual hot air balloon festivals in any country, that has this kind of festivals. Second, there are some countries that offer hot air balloon activity all the year, which allow you to enjoy riding the hot air balloon any time.

Festival Rides

Festival Rides Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place in New Mexico, in the first week of October. This city is the ideal spot for ballooning. It is considered the world’s premier ballooning event. It also witnessed more than 500 balloons lift into the sky. While Canberra balloon Spectacular takes place in Australia, in March. It is held over 9 days and features several balloons’ shapes. You can see about 100 air balloons gathering together in the sky at Saga international balloon festival. It is located in Saga in Japan and hosts more than 800000 visitors. One of the great and unique things in this festival is that it has a hot air balloon school, where pilots explain the basics of ballooning. Saga festival features fun shapes of balloons like animals and popular cartoon characters. Mondial Air Balloons festival was started in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French revolution. It takes place in Lorraine in France, every July. The festival attracts more than 400,000 visitors. There are many other festivals such as Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taiwan, European Balloon Festival that takes place in Spain, and many other festivals.

Countries Rides

Countries Rides Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Hot air balloons in Kenya is a kind of luxurious tourism, as it offers not only an adventure in hot air balloon activity but also the most spectacular view above the wildlife. The best time to visit is between July and October. Cappadocia, Turkey One of the most popular places for hot air balloon activity is Cappadocia in Turkey. You can enjoy a unique ride, where the amazing view of the striking limestone spires and dwellings etched into the rock. Luxor, Egypt Hot air balloon activity in Luxor in Egypt is one of the amazing rides you can have, especially for those who love ancient monuments. As balloon ride, Luxor will take you across the most famous and important ancient temples and monuments such as the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Temples of Ramses II and III.


Cost Of course the cost differs from place to another, but in general, there is an average for it. For a group of five-person or more, it could cost around $275 / person. But for a private ride or for couples the prices are different in each country. For more hot air balloon activities: Hot air balloon packages.