Discover Wildlife: A great experience in wildlife hotels


One of the best way to have vacation, is having a new experience. Have you ever discovered the wildlife before? If not so definitely you need to pack and begin your trip. Now you can discover wildlife easier than you imagine, as some hotels offers you a great experience to discover wildlife.

All what you need to do is to make reservation in one of these hotels, and enjoy the fun and joy you will have, because wild animals will lives with you in the same hotel, and may be in the same room. As you can walk around with animals everywhere, or you may found a giraffe trying to eat your food.

There is a lot of wildlife hotels around the world, but here is the best 10 hotels that will let you discover wildlife and feel the adventure.

Wildlife hotel

Discover Wildlife - Wildlife hotel

This hotel located in Lodge in Australia, where you can live side to side by lions, giraffes, huge bears, and a lot of scary wild animals. This hotel provides his tourists and visitors by a unique experience.

Although all that wild animals around, you should not be afraid, because the hotel is protected very well. But also you should not be panic, if you see those animals, when you are walking around, or having a shower.

Bwind Lodge

Discover Wildlife - Bwind Lodge

If you want a unique experience with the gorillas, you need to go to the Bwind Lodge Hotel, which runs through Bwindi Forest in Uganda. This hotel allows you to discover wildlife by watching mountain gorillas everywhere around the surrounding land.

The hotel’s building is built of wood and stone to feel like you live in the forest. It also has windows overlooking the dense woods surrounding the hotel, to enjoy the view of the mountain gorillas.

Indora Resort

Discover Wildlife - Indora Resort

Like Uganda, Indora Beach & Golf Resort, one of the largest protected areas in Central America, is located in Janet Kawas National Park.

This resort offers unique accommodation among the Hauler monkeys, which feed on fruits and flowers. Do not worry if you stroll through the gardens to find a monkey next to you.

Bushman’s Clovis

Discover Wildlife - Bushman's Clovis

For a unique experience, we recommend going to Bushman’s Clovis, 168 miles from Cape Town, South Africa, at the foot of Cedarberg Mountain.

Staying in this hotel ensures you live in a world full of animals you have never seen before. It is surrounded by many species of wild animals such as antelopes, gray ribbons, ostriches, African fox and the circus, as well as the most famous animals of South Africa, the zebra.

Tabakon Resort

Discover Wildlife - Tabakon Resort

This resort is located in the heart of the rainforest and tropical plants of Costa Rica. It boasts more than 500 species of local plants and wildlife, where you can wander among the holler monkeys and white-faced and lazy white cabos.

In addition, it is a natural hot springs resort, spread over an area of 900 acres in the Arenal region of Costa Rica.

Stanley Hotel

Discover Wildlife - Stanley Hotel

If you are a deer lover, you can now see herds of deer and bears walking around with you at the Stanley Hotel.

It is located outside the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, which offers you watching what you love in wildlife and experiencing an exciting adventure experience.

The giraffe’s hotel

The giraffe’s hotel

For a more exciting adventure, we invite you to go to the giraffe’s hotel in Kenya. You can walk around beside some giraffes, through your stay there.

As you can find giraffes everywhere in the hotel. You may find that one of them is looking at you through the window, or trying to share your breakfast with you. This hotel is rich in wildlife.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

One of the different experiences you may also enjoy is the Galapagos Islands, which lies off the west coast of Ecuador.

Going there gives you the opportunity to discover another type of wildlife, as you can enjoy diving with the marine iguana and walk by the giant tortoise that has been inhabiting the islands for more than 150 years.

You can also watch different bird species such as Darwin dart and blue-eyed boobs.

Hypo Point – Nakuru

Hypo Point - Nakuru

Located in the heart of Hypo Point, Kenya, Hippo Point Nakuru is a natural environment for 1,200 species of animals and more than 350 species of birds.

The hotel is uniquely designed in the form of a Buddhist temple, although for the first time it can be imagined by a large acacia tree amid nature.

It has meditation rooms, and you can discover wildlife by strolling freely with zebra herds and giraffes.

Watamo tree house – watamo

Watamo tree house - watamo

The most unusual of all hotels is the watamo tree house in Kenya, as it doesn’t have a glass window that will prevent the guests from enjoying the life of nature around them.

The hotel overlooks the Indian Ocean on the one hand and the heart of the forest and its beautiful and charming nature on the other.

Designed with local woods and innovative architectural designs, this hotel ensures the greatest comfort and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of the guests.

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