Cappadocia: An adventure in the heart of nature


Cappadocia city is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey. It is located in the center of Anatolia and is one of the famous tourism places.

Cappadocia is characterized by its natural landscapes and beautiful terrain, which witness many geological and historical landmarks. It is also famous for its cities, churches and houses carved in the rocks as well as cities built entirely underground.

Cappadocia city offers its guests a unique experience, due to the fact that there are many tourism places, which attract many tourists. It has a unique geographical nature, making it unique.

If you are looking for a special type of holiday, Cappadocia is your destination, where you can enjoy nature from a different perspective, enjoy many famous tourism places, and taste a unique taste of adventure.

Enjoy the Chimneys of sprites

Cappadocia - Enjoy the Chimneys of sprites

One of the strangest tourist spots you can visit in Cappadocia is the entrances of the Orcs in Goreme. Despite its crowding, it is also an attractive tourist destination.

They are chimneys formed through the natural erosion factors of sculpture. And took different forms of animals or humans such as camels, crocodiles, dogs, princesses and other forms.

The chimneys known as “The chimneys of the jinn” or “The tables of the devil”, to the old popular belief that the Jinn inhabit the caves and rocks of the area known as chimneys. Chimneys located in Nowshahr, Anatolia.

Strolling in Goreme village in Cappadocia

Cappadocia - Strolling in Goreme village in Cappadocia

There are many places and adventures you can do in the village. You can stroll around the village and explore its beauty.

The village is famous for its hot air balloon activity, where you can enjoy an interesting adventure by riding. These balloons rise more than 300 meters above the ground, to see the most beautiful views of the village.

The museum is also close to the Cappadocia Museum of History and Arts, one of the region’s most famous museums. It contains many artifacts and historical and artistic exhibits.

In addition to enjoying the delicious Turkish dishes offered by the restaurants in the village. And touring the markets.

Rock climbing in the open Zlaffi Museum

Cappadocia - Rock climbing in the open Zlaffi Museum

The open Zlaffi Museum provides you with an exploratory tour and views of the temples, monuments and churches around the Zlaffi Valley.

As well as enjoying the architecture in Cappadocia and the old religious paintings during your tour of valleys.

For an exciting experience, is rock climbing, and also strolling through the village and enjoy sitting in one of the restaurants or cafes near the museum and eating traditional Turkish cuisine.

It is worth mentioning that the museum is about 10 km away from the village of Goreme.

Know the secrets of Derinkuyu city

Cappadocia - Know the secrets of Derinkuyu city

The Chimneys of sprites mentioned above were not the most popular among Turkish tourist attractions, but the city of jinn is more popular than it.

The city of jinn is known also as the Derinkuyu city, which means the deep well, due to its great size and depth under the ground.

The city’s depth is 85 meters underground. It has many means of living, including living quarters, kitchens and corridors. It also has stables, religious temples, prayer and worship rooms, wine-age rooms and other storage areas.

The city also contains large tombs and is believed to have been built to protect itself from any danger.

The city has ventilation holes and is equipped to accommodate about 20 thousand people in addition to animals and it has many amenities. Derinkuyu city has exotic and intelligent security facilities.

The city consists of 13 floors under the ground, and there are large rocks to fill the openings and blocking the arrival of danger inside the city.

It was called the city of the jinn because of its construction in this amazing and harmonious form, but the date of its construction to more than 1400 years, as there were no machines and equipment can be built in this form, and therefore it was believed that it was built supernaturally and it is the act of the jinn.

See the wildlife in the Valley of Ihlara

Cappadocia - See the wildlife in the Valley of Ihlara

The valley of Ihlara is located between two of the three volcanoes of Cappadocia, namely Mount Hassan and Mount Melendez. The valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia, with a depth of 100 meters, formed by the Melandes River.

You can pass to the valley through four entrances, the first entrance runs for one kilometer and the center of the valley landscape. The second entrance is the most famous among them characterized by its heavy trees.

In order to enter the valley through the third entrance you have to enter by car, as it is located through the village of Belicerma, which includes some restaurants that provide rest for tourists. And finally the fourth entrance which is located at the end of the valley at Deir Salim.

The valley is about 80 km from the heart of Cappadocia, and extends from the Euphrates to the monastery of Salim at a distance of about 14 km.

Valley of Ihlara is famous for vineyards and various trees such as hawks and pistachios, and you can enjoy the Melandes River.

The valley also has the wildlife that surrounds it everywhere, where you can see lizards and frogs and enjoy watching butterflies, birds, eagles and many more. In addition to enjoying the restaurant right over the Melandes River.

 Visit the blue mosque

Cappadocia - Visit the blue mosque

The blue mosque is one of the most popular tourist places in Cappadocia. This name is due to the large number of decorations on the walls which is characterized by blue color.

You can enjoy the ancient architecture, columns, decorations, and various architectural designs of the walls of the mosque, in addition to the magnificent inscriptions that adorn the walls.

Also, you can take a tour inside the mosque’s school, a school for the teaching of the fundamentals of religion.

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