Egypt Day Tours: Explore the Best Places to Visit in One Day


Do you live in Egypt and feel bored sometimes? How do you feel bored when you are in the most diverse country in tourism!! Let’s discover the best modern places to visit on one-day tours. Tourism in Egypt is very diverse between religious, therapeutic, sports, artistic, and others, you and your friends can wander and discover new places to visit on one-day trips.

Top Tours in Cairo to Spend in One Day 

Top Tours in Cairo to Spend in One Day 

In the recent period, Egypt has developed in tourism, museums and various places have been opened for tourism, and Egypt has relied heavily on domestic tourism, as awareness among citizens has increased on the importance of promoting domestic tourism. It has been proven that there are really places in Egypt that will be worth visiting. We will mention some of them that you will try as day trips in this article.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization - Day tours

You will be surprised by the beauty of the tour in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization because it contains rare pieces dedicated to the entire Egyptian civilization and links more than 50,000 artifacts linking antiquity to modern times.

The museum includes the most important archaeological holdings that will be displayed in the exhibition, in addition to six other exhibits dealing with the topics:

  • Civilization
  • The Nile River
  • Writing
  • State and society
  • Civilization
  • Beliefs and ideas
  • The permanent royal mummies exhibition Z discusses the most important achievements of Egyptian civilization.

Illusion Museum

Illusion Museum

The Museum of Illusions in Sheikh Zayed Cairo, is one of the most popular places these days if you want a new experience with your friends or family to laugh and have fun in it. You will enter a world of illusions that makes you suspicious of your senses and amazes you at the same time. Get ready for the most exciting adventures of a difference. You will experience an interesting visual, sensory and educational experience with a collection of new, unexplored fantasies at the Museum of Illusions.

Do not expect that the delusions museum is suitable for children only, as it targets all ages, children, adults, spouses, and grandparents, everyone who enters the delusions museum will be amazed, in addition to that it provides a large arena for social and recreational activities across the world of illusions.

Ootlah tips for you to prepare your camera to take the strangest photos that will become a different and enjoyable memory. When you enter the Museum of Illusions, we will ensure that the signs of astonishment and laughter do not leave your face. Enjoy one of the best one-day trips in Egypt. 

One-Day Trips in Other Provinces in Egypt

One-Day Trips in Other Provinces in Egypt - Day tours

Egypt is rich in its governorate, it enjoys about 27 governorates, each governorate has its own characteristics and it can be tried in one day, so let’s get to know the day trips that exist in other governorates of Egypt.

Take a Round in Wadi El Hitan, Fayoum 

Take a Round in Wadi El Hitan, Fayoum 

Valley of the Whales is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, get ready to spend a day with nature to explore and hear the fun valley stories, you can book a trip to the valley you and your friends or family or alone if you like, you will get to know about the fossils dating back millions of years and stages of development The valley until it became the valley of the whales that we visit now. In the valley, there are a lot of activities that you can do such as safari, sand boarding and camel riding.

On Ootlah, we recommend that you try to spend an entire day to spend the night in the Valley of the Whales and see the beauty of the stars in the sky, and at a certain time in the year you can see how many terrible meteors are, you will be amazed at the beauty of the scene and make sure that Egypt really has many different places. You can browse through the excursions that Ootlah provides to Wadi El Hitan, and we will be very happy to join you and share with us the special trip. Day trips in Fayoum.

Tours to Alexandria 

Tours to Alexandria - Day tours

Alexandria is considered one of the large governorates that are characterized by the diversity of its effects. People usually go to it on weekends to spend a fun day and come home again. There are some basic places that you must visit if you are going to travel to Alexandria on a one-day trip, which we will get to know now.

As we mentioned earlier, the tourist places are different and varied. You can choose what we visit according to your interests, you may like swimming, art, jewelry, Roman history, and others. You can visit the Column of Pompeii and the Catacombs, as they are close to each other. You can also visit the Citadel of Qaitbay and then have lunch on the sea. If you like to eat fish, you will eat the most delicious fish in Alexandria. After that, head to the Alexandria National Museum and Alexandria Library, where they are located 20 minutes from the castle and then continue walking until you reach the Stanley Bridge and Capture the most beautiful pictures on it. If you feel excited you can schedule a day tour to Alexandria

Safari Day Trips in Egypt 

Safari Day Trips in Egypt - Day tours

If you are a fan of safari and you have one day to spend a fun time with the safari, we will determine for you the most important places in Egypt that are famous for safari trips, follow us to find out where you do a safari trip and choose the closest to you.

One of the most famous places where you can take a safari trip and spend a nice time on one of the best day tours in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada so you can enjoy a large desert that allows you to spend quality time with the crazy speed in four-wheel-drive vehicles, and if you are a resident of Cairo or Alexandria or close to the pyramids, it will be better to go to the pyramids and imagine Next to it and contemplate it, that is, it is one of the signs of the seventh world, then go on a safari and camp in the desert. And in Bahariya Oasis, distinctive safari trips besides the main attractions, of course.

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