Tourism in the Kingdom: Top things to do in Saudi Arabia

November 27, 2018
The Kingdom has started to emerge as a tourist destination lately; it is expected to be one of the top destinations in the Middle East in a few years. Places to visit and things to do in Saudi Arabia are constantly increasing. From ancient ruins to natural reserves to contemporary attractions, The Kingdom has got it all and is building more. If you are heading to the largest country in the GCC soon and wondering what to do there then this list is for you. These are the top things to do in Saudi Arabia.

Scuba dive in Yanbu

Scuba dive in Yanbu One of the most enjoyable things to do in Saudi Arabia is scuba diving in the Red Sea, and Yanbu is one of the best places to do so in the Kingdom. Yanbu comprises several premier scuba-diving locations; it also comprises several excellent hotels and resorts with private beaches. The area features gorgeous beaches with pristine white sandy shores, and best of all, it features rich marine life and magnificent colorful corals. Moreover, the warm weather year round makes diving a possibility even during winter. And the town offers a beachfront laid-back atmosphere rarely found in the big cities.

Ride the cable cars in Taif

Ride the cable cars in Taif Situated on top of Al Sarawat Mountains, Taif is famous as the city of colors. It is a fruitful area and very significant in the Kingdom’s agriculture. It is also one of the top tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. The beautiful mountain weather coupled with the lush greenery make the small city one of the most beautiful areas in the GCC. One of the top things to do in Taif is riding the cable cars. They are the longest in the Middle East and they give you a chance to admire the amazing beauty of the area. You can ride the cars to reach Al Kar tourist village where you can spend your day swimming and enjoying the lovely weather and then take the cable cat back.

Visit Hejaz Railway Station

Visit Hejaz Railway Station Once a very important stop for the Hejaz train that connected Syria and Saudi Arabia, Hejaz Railway Station in Tabuk has been recently renovated. The station now comprises 13 Hejazi-inspired buildings including a handcrafts center and a modern museum dedicated to the cultural history of the area as well as the history of the ancient railway. The station and the connected buildings spread over an area of 80,000 square meters. Take a day tour to the railway station or make a trip of it and stay in Tabuk for a couple of days, the city has got more to offer like the ancient Tabuk Castle and the beautiful pristine beaches.

Visit Fakieh Aquarium

Visit Fakieh Aquarium This aquarium in Jeddah features numerous endemic Red Sea species in addition to other marine lives brought from various seas and oceans around the world, all in huge colorful displays. The shark tank is especially popular. There is also an ice-skating rink and an arcade for the children in the complex, as well as one of the best restaurants in Jeddah with a wonderful view of the Red Sea. The aquarium is renowned for the daily Dolphin and Seal Lion show. And they promise to include the option of swimming with the Dolphins soon.

Take a Walk in the sky at Kingdom Center

Take a Walk in the sky at Kingdom Center On top of the Kingdom Center, specifically in the 100th floor lies the Sky Bridge, one of the top things to do in Saudi Arabia. From this steel and glass bridge you get an outstanding view of the capital Riyadh. The best time to go would be night or sunrise as they provide the most spectacular views. There is a lively mall at the first three floors comprising a multitude of shopping and dining options, so you can have a hearty meal after your walk in the sky.  Or if that’s not your thing, splurge for the fine dining restaurant near the top.

Attend Al Janadriyah Festival

Attend Al Janadriyah Festival Immerse yourself in the Saudi culture by attending this annual festival where you can see daily camel shows and many other Arab wonders. Started in 1985, this two-week festival features a variety of activities, sports, dancing, arts, living history, falconry as well as traditional arts and crafts. It is the best chance to experience the authentic Saudi culture. The festival site is right outside of Riyadh. Each province of the kingdom is represented with a pavilion that represents local architecture and features its local culture and handcrafts. And one of the most amazing aspects about the festival is food. You can find a variety of cuisines, not only from Saudi Arabia but from other countries as well.