Sun, salt and seafood: the best restaurants in Alexandria


Extending along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and featuring a magnificent skyline,  Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. The city is famous for many things; the salty smell of the beachfront air, the ancient cobblestone streets downtown, and of course, delicious food. Restaurants in Alexandria range from fancy seafood restaurants to traditional falafel restaurants, and all offer a unique toothsome experience.

Founded by Alexander the Great, the coastal city is an important tourist destination in Egypt. This has added to the number of tourist attractions and the number of restaurants in Alexandria.

So let’s take a scrumptious tour through the famous cuisine in the city, and taste what Alexandria has to offer.

White and Blue Restaurant, The Greek Club

White and Blue Restaurant, The Greek Club

It does not get any better that this in Alex! A fine dining restaurant offering delicious seafood with a magnificent sea view. This restaurant has been one of Alexandria’s staples for years and years.

The indoor area is very elegant and fancy, but the true gem here is the outdoor terrace. Overlooking Alexandrian port on one side and the Qaitbay fort on the other, the terrace is extremely popular, especially during weekends. So you better book in advance.

The Tarama and Herring appetizers are absolutely a must there, they make the perfect companion to the fresh white bread which is served hot. For the main course, you can check what’s on display that day in the cooler and make your choice accordingly.

The only downside to this amazing restaurant is that it shares a limited parking area with other popular destinations including Qaitbay fort so parking spaces are hard to come by, especially around lunch hour. Other than that, the experience is flawless.



The name Zephyrion means sea breeze in Greek, and the place serves fresh seafood right on the sea. The blue and white terrace overlooking Aboukir Bay is a wonderful place to enjoy the sea breeze indeed.

Founded in 1929, the restaurant serves fresh seafood. The seafood display there is various and plentiful, and everything is so fresh and prepared exquisitely. That is why Zephyrion has been one of the most popular restaurants in Alexandria for years.

Even though it is located in Aboukir, more than 20 minutes drive from the city, the place is often packed during weekends so it is better to go early and sit in the terrace to enjoy the view and the fresh air as reservations there depend largely on word of mouth and not guaranteed.


Chez Gabi

Chez Gabi

This charming small pizzeria is a hidden gem in Alexandria, it is the place no Alexandrian will tell you about because they would love to keep for themselves, and you have no hope whatsoever of stumbling upon it by chance.

The quiet place, hidden in a backstreet in downtown Alexandria, looks simple and unassuming from the outside, but once you go past the wooden doors, its rustic interiors will take you right to the heart of Italy. And the classic italian songs playing in the background will provide the perfect backdrop to your meal.

The family run pizzeria serves a variety of Italian dishes, including homemade pastas with brilliant sauces and several chicken and meat main courses. But you must try their pizza, authentically Italian and absolutely delicious. If you are going with a group get a variety of dishes and try everything, you will not regret a single choice in their menu.


Balbaa’s Village for Grilled Food

Balbaa’s Village for Grilled Food

The huge restaurant can in fact host and feed an entire village!

As soon as you approach the place, the delicious scent of grilled food envelop your senses promising a hearty meal, which the restaurant will certainly deliver.

As soon as you sit, you will be greeted with a basket of fresh bread and a wide assortment of salads to choose from, everything is freshly prepared and simply toothsome, try to leave room for the main course though as it is really good. We highly recommend ordering a rice tagine with your grilled meat, it is not to be missed.

Latino Cafe & Restaurant

Latino Cafe & Restaurant

This place is always crowded, weekday, weekend, day, night, it is always packed. We find this understandable as it is one of the best cafes and restaurants in Alexandria.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean, accompanied by a  good meal, a good shisha and one of the best desserts in Alexandria then Latino is your place.

The food and drinks are of very good quality, but the star of the show is the famous Alexandrian dessert Zalabia. You have to try the mix chocolate Zalabia platter at Latino, it’s guaranteed to bring you back to Alexandria.

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