Siwa Oasis: The pure Beauty of Egypt


If you are thinking of going to Siwa Oasis, you are on the right track, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt, where you can enjoy various activities and adventure in the Oasis. Siwa Oasis in Egypt, is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions.

Siwa Oasis is known as the oasis of palm trees and olives, the oasis of originality and heritage, it is located in the Western Desert southwest of the city of Marsa Matruh, Egypt.

It is 830 km away from the capital. And fall below sea level by about 18 meters. It has many elements that make it the most attractive city in the world.

Once you reach it after passing the desert surrounding it, you will find an exquisite painting of palm trees, olives, and salt lakes in Siwa .

It has about “220 eyes,” of water which dates back to the ancient Pharaonic, Greek and Roman.

You can discover Siwa Oasis, Egypt and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, in a unique experience, by visiting its most monuments.

Do not Afford Accommodation

Siwa Oasis - Accommodation

Siwa oasis has different hotels, which differ in prices if you are looking for luxury hotels:

You have the “Adrar Amalal” hotel, a wonderful and elegant resort. It is one of the five-star hotels.

It is also the strangest in the world because it does not rely on electricity and doesn’t allow the use of mobile phones.

Also, there is The Siwa Relax Retreat, which is a 5-star hotel and is a natural spa where mineral and sulfur salts are all hand-made.

And Siwa Chali Resort, which is located in the Sahara Desert of Siwa Egypt, features a pool area with views and a bathtub, and hot springs for treatment.

But if you want a good and cheaper place, go to Kilani Hotel, which is located in the Medan Souq area.

Different ways of Transportation in the Oasis

Siwa Oasis - Different ways of Transportation in the Oasis

Bicycles are the best way to explore all Siwa oasis areas and enjoy the outdoors and Siwa Oasis tours, as you can rent bikes all day cheaply.

Another way of transportation is the cart, a simple cart driven by a donkey. It is a traditional old transport vehicle, which can carry up to 4 people.


Visit the famous Mount of the Dead

Siwa Oasis - Visit the famous Mount of the Dead

Mount of the Dead is located 2 km from the Siwa area, a cone-shaped mountain with a height of 50 m.

The mountain consists of calcareous soil and serves as an ancient cemetery. It is characterized by its wondrous view. Its shape expresses tombs of the dead sculpted in the form of a stone bee cell.

The Mount of the Dead considers as one of the most famous monuments in Siwa. It is not a true mountain, but just a high plateau with a rocky cone in the middle.

It contains numerous tombs that show holes in the mouths of wells.

The ascendant passes to the mountain of the dead with a number of stone steps gradually disappearing and the tombs of tombs that seem like open mouths to swallow the bodies of the dead appear.


Cleopatra bath … The kings’ bath

Siwa Oasis - Cleopatra bath ... The kings’ bath

In Siwa Oasis there is a Lake, its sides built of stone and its water is filled with hot springs, where you can enjoy a swim in this clear lake.

The place where Queen Cleopatra swore was celebrated, as the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swam by herself during her visit to Siwa Oasis.

It is called Cleopatra’s eye, the eye of the sun, the eye of Juba, or the holy eye. It has a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of ten meters.

Its strong flowing water is characterized by purity and serenity, it automatically renews itself. Water flows from small openings and is surrounded by trees and palms.

The lake is the main source of water for more than 840 square kilometres of gardens and orchards in the oasis.


Enjoy A journey through history in the Temple of Amon

Siwa Oasis - Enjoy A journey through history in the Temple of Amon

The Temple of Amon, the Temple of Revelation, the Predictions, or the Temple of Alexander are all the names of the most important monuments in Siwa Oasis.

A lobby was built inside the temple to receive the Great Alexander and crown him. It is located 4 km from the middle of the city in an area called Agurami, built on a large flat rock.

The temple witnessed many changes and many fingerprints, from the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, and even Islamic times.

It contains a mosque, a minaret, rooms for the priests of the Pharaohs, passages and a well of holy water and Roman walls.

It is divided into two halves, the first is Pharaonic, and the second is “Ptolemaic and Islamic.”

On the second floor of the temple is a collection of oasis houses and salt lakes, green palm farms surrounded by other archaeological sites and mountains.


Know the story of Chali Castle

Siwa Oasis - Know the story of Chali Castle

Chali is located at the Siwa Oasis, 306 km southwest of Marsa Matrouh. The word “Chali” means “Old City”.

Legend says that the castle was built by forty men, to protect them from enemies. It has been built of a substance called “Karshev”, salt stones from salt lakes and silt.

It is a high plateau topped by two peaks, one at the far west and the other in the east.

Among the most important elements remaining in the city is the old mosque, which is considered the oldest mosque in Baswa and was established with the city.

It is a rectangle divided into three tiles parallel to the wall of the Qibla and has two doors east and west and the wall of the Qibla.

There are a pulpit and mihrab, and there is a huge minaret similar large with the minarets of mosques in Morocco and Andalos – style silos.

It is characterized by a cubed base and rising in a square shape that narrows as we ascend to the top and the minaret lies in the north-eastern corner of the mosque.

There is also another mosque called the “Tindani Shali” Western mosque.

Do not Miss the Safari Trips

Siwa Oasis - Do not Miss the Safari Trips

Siwa Oasis weather will definitely encourage you to try one of the most important adventures that you should try in Siwa is to have a wonderful sand-skiing activity. Also, you can go for the safari jeep tours, on the sand dunes and the Great Sand Sea, which borders Siwa in the south.

Safaris are held by SUV, where the cold water’s lake, and the area of the one well, where the water is hot. You can also watch the sunset and the stars at night, as the sky in Siwa is clear from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition to enjoying the experience of drinking Siwa tea and dinner in one of the desert reserves.

You may try the buried treatment in hot sand with all your body and up to your neck, where it is said to be a wonderful remedy for rheumatism and high cholesterol.

Finally, don’t leave before you buy the best and the most famous dates of Siwa, and olive oil which produced locally. Siwa is also famous for its fine silver jewellery.


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