Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants

March 24, 2019
Wondering what and where to eat? Well, Oman offers some of the best places, where you can eat as the dishes served have Arabian charm. It has plenty of gorgeous and fascinating Oman restaurants. Also, it offers you different flavours to match everyone’s taste. This country is one of the most amazing destinations to travel and known for its amazing architecture.

Al Angham

Al Angham This exquisite restaurant located in Muscat next to the Royal Opera House offers an unusual night at the opera. Where you can enjoy the Omani silver napkin rings and the carved wooden ceiling. This unique stylish restaurant served the national cuisine. Al Angham

Kargeen Cafe

Kargeen Cafe One of the best Oman restaurants is Kargeen Cafe. It has open-air and majlis-style dining. This Muscat restaurant has spilt into a courtyard of illuminated trees creating a thoroughly Arabian experience. Make sure you try the hibiscus drinks and avocado milkshakes. Kargeen Cafe

Bait Al Luban

Bait Al Luban This delightful restaurant is housed in a guest house in Muscat. It was built 140 years ago. Bait Al Luban serves delicious Omani cuisine such as vegetarian stews and meze. It is characterized by its incredible decor. Located Opposite to Mutrah's Fish Market. Bait Al Luban

Al Bahjah Restaurant

Al Bahjah Restaurant Seeb has a large expat community from India, therefore, Al Bahjah restaurant has opened to serve plenty of good Indian food. Most dishes are from Kerala, in southern India, however, it also served international options including chicken tikka masala. The restaurant is one of the unique Oman restaurants with its dimly lit and atmospheric. Al Bahjah Restaurant

Sahari Restaurant

Sahari Restaurant This Turkish restaurant is one of the popular Oman restaurants. It characterized by its hand-painted murals and breezy terraces overlooking the lagoon. It is a delightful place to watch the beach at low tide. Some local music is always played in the restaurant. Also, it offers freshly caught seafood, including prawns and squid. And if you tried the grilled seafood platter, Turkish bread baked in-house and salad will be served with it. Sahari Restaurant

Al Mina Restaurant & Bar

Al Mina Restaurant & Bar One of the best Oman restaurants is Al Mina restaurant. It is located in Salalah with an open-sided terrace-style. The restaurant has an amazing view of waves thundering on the shore. Seafood and vegetarian dishes from Spain are served in the restaurants. While Italy and Greece are given an Arabian flourish. It hosts live bands to play cool Latin music. Al Mina Restaurant & Bar

The Beach

The Beach The Beach is one of the top-class Oman restaurants. Located in Muscat, in a luxurious beachside location. The restaurant is characterized by its superb Arabian ambience created by fire pits and subtle lighting. You can taste the multi-course tasting menu. The Beach

Aroos Musandam Restaurant

Aroos Musandam Restaurant This cosy restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Khasab. Located in the centre of the town. There is a great variety of the catch of the day seafood you can taste, such as lobster, prawns, crab and fish. But it also offers Omani and Indian dishes and complimentary soup for larger orders. Delicious juices are also served. Aroos Musandam Restaurant

Al Mandi Al Dhahabi

Al Mandi Al Dhahabi Al Mandi Al Dhahabi is a top choice restaurant in Nizwa. This friendly restaurant serves Middle Eastern cuisine, especially the Omani and Zanzibari food. The Mandi dishes which consists of rice and meat are very delicious. Enjoy the best view of the souq, while sitting on the roadside terrace make the best of the souq view. Al Mandi Al Dhahabi


Rozna As if Oman didn't have enough forts, Rozna is one of Oman restaurants built as a fort in Muscat. Unlike its dusty old predecessors, this building has been covered with a flowing falaj and dining tables. In this unique restaurant, you will also be able to experience the traditional floor seating and a perfect setting for the tasty traditional cuisine. Rozna

Turtle Reserve Restaurant

Turtle Reserve Restaurant Ras Al Jinz serves international cuisine, in Turtle Reserve restaurant. It is characterized by its canteen-style. You can enjoy seating on the small terrace outside the main block. The buffet includes standard international food in Middle Eastern and India. Turtle Reserve Restaurant

Jebel Nights

Jebel Nights Taste the Middle Eastern and Iranian food in one of the amazing Oman restaurants in Jebel Akhdar. Despite its kitsch European decor and the lingering smell of cooking, you can enjoy the steaming stews and bread easily compensate. Jebel Nights

Zahr El Laymoun

Zahr El Laymoun With its colourful bench seats, spill onto the pavement at this excellent Lebanese restaurant. Zahr El Laymoun is one of the gorgeous and cosy Oman restaurants in Muscat. There are lots of different hot and cold meze, and it can be offered and rolled out slowly over the course of an evening. Zahr El Laymoun To know more about best restaurants around the world: Brunch in Bahrain: top restaurants for brunch in the kingdom. Sun, salt and seafood: the best restaurants in Alexandria. Where to eat in Trabzon: Best Trabzon Food. Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food. Turkish food: The best restaurants in Istanbul. Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo.