Roasted magic: The best coffee shops in Dubai

Over the years, this drink has garnered the most attention, the most quotes and the most loyal fan base among all other drinks. Coffee has truly become the elixir of life. So where can one find this elixir when in Dubai? What are the best coffee shops in Dubai?

We have gone through a wonderful journey in search of these roasted magic beans in the cosmopolitan city. And we are glad to tell you that we have indeed found the best coffee shops in Dubai.

In a city that offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants and cafes, here are the best of the best.

The Brass

The Brass

This coffee shop truly represents the cosmopolitan city. With its East meets West fusions, it really is one of the best coffee shops in Dubai.

The name comes from old brass coffee pots in which people used to make coffee around the globe. The concept of the shop is that coffee unites everyone, it makes the community come together. They are passionate about both coffee and community.

And just like their concept, their signature blends come from many places around the world, and you will most definitely find something to your liking.

If you love unique tastes, beautifully made coffee and artisanally made food, The Brass is the best place for you.

We highly recommend getting the Coconut Latte with Labneh Saffron Cheesecake, or their signature Chocolate Tahini Brioche.



This place was established with a deep rooted love for homemade food and quality coffee, and it certainly delivers both.

Innovative recipes are offered here, and so are basic simple well-loved recipes. And all coffee beans are roasted especially for the cafe every week.

Even though the Roseleaf currently boasts several branches across Dubai, we have to salute them for maintaining the same quality they started with.

The place only uses seasonal, single origin organic coffee, all batch roasted by local roasters. And only uses fresh ingredients for the food, mostly local produce. That is why everything they offer is unbelievably fresh!

Their Affogato comes highly recommended, perfect homemade vanilla ice cream swimming in a perfectly prepared shot of espresso.



A place that feels like home, that is if you have the most brilliant coffee in the world at home of course!

This place was designed with simplicity in mind, people come here for good coffee and good food, the lively vibe is just a plus.

As one of the founders is a renowned gourmet chef, the food on offer is just as delicious as the coffee; the place is truly a sensory paradise.

TOM & SERG only use organic ingredients and locally roasted coffee beans, and making customers feel at home is their priority.

After the huge success of this cafe, the founders established a company, Bull & Roo, and they currently own another 4 different concepts in Dubai varying between restaurants and cafes. If you are a serious coffee enthusiast however, TOM & SERG is the place to go; coffee is exquisitely prepared with huge attention paid to water and milk temperature. Try the flat white and you will not regret it.



The place that has narrowed coffee making down to a science, Alchemy is definitely one of the best coffee shops in Dubai.

The coffee is sourced from ethical single farms and perfectly roasted. The menu is limited but that just means that more attention is paid to each item.

Spreading over an elegant and stylish villa, this is the perfect place to relax with a perfect cup of coffee, whether you want to sit alone and read by the pool or sit with a group and chat over aromatic cups of coffee.

The desserts there are just as good as the coffee, so don’t hesitate to pick one to accompany your drink.

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds

Serving specialty coffee, Stomping Grounds is also home to a micro roastery and coffee lab, as well as a Specialty Coffee accredited Training Centre.

What makes this place one of the best coffee shops in Dubai is that they take coffee very seriously here. Their coffee making is both a science and an art.

This place is a hub for coffee enthusiasts, it serves in-house roasted coffee and high quality fresh food.

And with its two terraces, extensive menu, and brilliant coffee, Stomping Grounds is the best place for outdoor breakfast in Dubai, especially when the weather is nice.

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