This is Egypt: a new trend spreading on social media

A large number of people and newspapers circulated on social media a new hashtag “This is Egypt”, in which some people publish photos of tourist places, resorts, hotels, museums, and historical monuments of Egypt to stimulate and promote tourism again.


In addition to the role of the actors who posted photos of them in attractive tourist places in Egypt, these photos are also circulated through various social media sites (Instagram – Facebook – Twitter) bearing the hashtag This is Egypt.


Egyptian citizens did not stop at this stage, but rather published photos of many world-famous people who had previously visited Egypt, as a kind of promotion for Egyptian tourism such as the Argentine player Lionel Messi and American star Will Smith, in addition to the wife of US President Melania Trump. And the American Danny Glover.


Solidarity with this initiative, let us get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt that contain the treasure of tourism in terms of the rarest natural reserves and unique monuments that attract tourists from everywhere.


This is Egypt: The Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt 

Tourism in Egypt varies between religious, historical, pharaonic, and therapeutic, among others. Through this article, we will learn about one of the most important tourist places in Egypt by determining the top of each government. 


Cairo and Giza

The tourist attractions of the governorates of Cairo and Giza are close in terms of distance, so you can visit them together in one day. The main places that tourists come to are in Cairo and Giza are (The Pyramids, The Egyptian Museum, Salah El Din El Ayoubi Citadel, Khan El Khalili Market). So let’s clarify each of them.


The Pyramids: The pyramids of Giza are classified among the Seven Wonders of the World, and they are among the trips that cannot be ignored in any visit to Egypt. The great pyramids were built in the era of the pharaohs and are tombs of the great, mighty pharaohs guarded by the Sphinx.


The Egyptian Museum: The Egyptian Museum houses the treasure of the ancient Egyptians, as it is one of the largest museums in the world, and contains an impressive amount of valuable exhibits. As for the upper floor, it is the golden glory of King Tutankhamun and the wonderful mummy exhibits. In fact, every corner of the museum highlights a different part of ancient history.


Salah El Din El Ayoubi Citadel: One of the historical monuments that you can not miss on your visit to Cairo is the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, one of the most famous tourist attractions that has nothing to do with the Pharaohs, in it is a history of the medieval wars as it is designed with terrible defensive walls and towers, and huge gates. The castle includes the most important archaeological landmarks such as the impressive Muhammad Ali Mosque, a museum of vehicles, a military museum, and the Garden Museum, in addition to that the castle includes the Jawhara Palace, named after the Jawhara of Hanim, Muhammad Ali’s last wife.


Khan El Khalili Market: No trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al Khalili. The bazaar is noisy, crowded, colorful, and exciting – filled with all kinds of shiny goods and trinkets. You can find typical tourist trinkets there. 


Red Sea Reef 

The Red Sea coast is considered one of the most wonderful coasts in the world for diving, it contains thousands of different coral reefs and unique fish, and cities are also distinguished by its wonderful water and rare beaches, among the most famous cities of Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada.


Luxor and Aswan 

Aswan is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt that attracts many tourists from everywhere and is famous for its Nubian houses and their simple, charming designs. Aswan is located near Luxor, so you can visit it after returning from the antiquities and museums in Luxor which contains a third of the world’s monuments. You can read this article to learn about the most important tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan.


Top Attractions to visit in Aswan

1- Philae Temple (Temple of Isis)

2- Aswan High Dam

3- Unfinished Obelisk 

4- Nubian Villages (Siou and Koti)

5- Temple of Kalabsha

6- Aswan Botanical Garden

7- Elephantine Island 

8- Nubian Museum 

9- St. Simeon Monastery 

10- Aga Khan Mausoleum (Tomb of Muhammad Shah Aga Khan)


Top Attractions to do in Luxor

1- Temple of Karnak

2- Valley of Kings

3- Luxor Temple

4- Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple)

5- Luxor Museum 

6- Mediant Habu 

7- Tombs of the Nobles

8- Colossi of Memnon

9- Ramesseum

10- Valley of Queens 


Siwa Oasis 

Siwa is charming, located far near Morocco and Libya in the far west of Egypt on the Great Sea of ​​Sands. You will spend a long time on the road but it is worth it because of its attractive and rare scenery. If this is your first visit to the Siwa Oasis, there are some famous places that you should visit, such as a historical tour of the main city in Siwa, Shali, which contains strange and interesting relics, and Lake Cleopatra, in which it is said that the legend Cleopatra used to swim, which was also classified from medical trips For bones and skin because it is sulfur water, and you can visit the Oracle Museum, which Alexander the Great visited himself and the Siwa Museum, the Great Wizard’s House.


Certainly, these are not all tourist places in Egypt, there are many more than those mentioned in Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Ain Sokhna, and others. But let me now introduce you to the most luxurious hotels in Egypt.


This is Egypt: Top Resorts and Hotels in Egypt

Hotels in Cairo and Giza


1- Sofitel Cairo Nile Al Gezerah 

2- Sonesta Hotel 

3- Novotel Cairo El Borg


Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh 


1- Sultan Gardens Resorts

2- Sunrise Arabian Beach Resort  

3- Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach 


Hotels in Hurghada 


1- Sunrise Crystal Bay Resort – Grand Select 

2- Desert Rose Resort 

3- Sheraton Miramar Resort – El Gouna 


Hotels in Aswan 


1- Sofitel Legend Old Cataract – Aswan 

2- Kato Dool Nubian Resort 

3- Citymax Hotel – Aswan 


Hotels in Luxor


1- Pavillon Winter Luxor

2- Al Hambra Hotel

3- Cleopatra Hotel 


Hotels in Siwa


1- Adrere Amellal 

2- Palm Trees Hotel

3- Dream Lodge


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