Hidden gems: Explore the marvelous beauty of Saint Kitts

July 22, 2018
Pristine beaches, colorful tropical forests and balmy weather, Saint Kitts is a true island paradises in the Caribbean. The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis, usually shortened as Saint Kitts and Nevis, is an island country in the West Indies. It is one of the smallest countries in the world, and the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere. The country is as lightly populated as it is small, which makes this tine country a quiet escape from reality. Let’s explore the amazing beauty of Saint Kitts and check its best tourist attractions.

A tour in Basseterre

1 Saint Kitts' lively capital, Basseterre, is the perfect place to start your tour. The narrow downtown streets along with the stunning architecture of the old buildings make the city utterly picturesque. The downtown lies next to the cruise-ship terminal in Port Zante. It is lined with duty-free shops and souvenir stalls for the tourists who only have enough time to explore a tiny bit of the beautiful city. While in Basseterre, do not forget to visit the National Museum. It lies in the 1894 Old Treasury Building, which is a perfect background for the small museum. It features artifacts from colonial and sugar history as well as displays of the local lifestyle and traditions. The Treasury Building is also renowned because it was formerly known as the gateway to the island as its archway was the point of entry from the pier for passengers arriving to the island by ship.

Central Reserve Rain Forest

2 The Central Reserve Rain Forest covers an extensive area that makes almost 25% of the island. It extends from the mountains in the center of the island to the coastline. The rainforest features lush greenery that only grow on volcanic lands such as this. The area has been protected since 1902. There are a number of hiking trails to follow, most of which offer great views and are easy to follow. You can see a wide variety of wildlife. Interestingly enough, even though wild monkeys outnumber humans on the island, they are the most difficult to spot, even in the rainforest. They are very shy and can camouflage themselves very well amidst the dense vegetation as they are green.

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

3 Construction of this fortress began in 1690 and lasted for almost a century as it was sort of a never-ending project for the British. This might explain why it is very well-preserved after all these years. The impressive fortress and the surrounding grounds became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. The fortress is situated atop hill which makes for a breathtaking view. It features exhibits and videos about the history of the fort and the history of the island. As you get to the top, do not forget to ring the tower bell, it is a unique experience that is guaranteed to transfer you through time.

The sugar train

4 The charming colorful double-decker train that drives around the coastline is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. It is the loveliest way to explore Saint Kitts. Built between 1912 and 1926, the railway was formerly used to transport sugar from plantations to factory. It got out of use in 2005 when sugar production ceased. It is currently used as a popular tourist attraction. Often during the journey a group of a cappella singers sing calypsos. The views of plantation houses and lush vegetation are something to behold.

The stunning beaches

5 Needless to say that the Caribbean island features superior beaches; the white sandy beaches are almost unreal. Diving sites in the crystal clear waters around the island are varied and plentiful, from rich marine life to shipwreck, they offer something for everyone. Moreover, water temperature stays warm enough to swim all year round.

Visit neighboring Nevis

6 Nevis lies just 2.5 miles from Saint Kitts, across the channel known as The Narrows. You can take the ferry to explore the beautiful small island. Nevis may be the smaller one of the two sister islands but it still has many attractions to offer visitors, including volcano and some stunning waterfalls and hot springs. Be sure to pay a visit to the renowned Botanical Gardens of Nevis while you are there. They offer an astounding experience that mixes rich colorful landscapes with ancient sculptures and stunning water features.