Canary Tour: Where to go in the Canary Islands


If you are planning a trip to the Canary you are already on the right track, but first, do you know where to go in the Canary Islands?

Near-perfect weather year-round allows tourists to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Canary Islands any time of the year. Whether it is summer or winter in your home country you can travel to the Canary and enjoy sublime weather and beautiful vacation. This is one of the reasons why the islands are very popular among tourists.

We are here to help you schedule your vacation wisely so you don’t miss a thing! If you do not know where to go in the Canary Islands here is a nice itinerary for you.

Check our list of the absolutely must-see sights and must-do activities in the Canary Islands:

Catch a cable car to Pico Del Teide

Catch a cable car to Pico Del Teide

With an impressive height of 3,718 meters, Teide volcano is the third highest volcano in the world and Spain’s highest peak.

To catch the stunning view from the peak of El Teide, The cable car provides the most enjoyable as well as the easiest way to get up. It takes only eight minutes to climb up 1200 meters to the top station. Each car holds 35 passengers and the cars leave every 10 minutes.

Be sure to choose a clear day though (check the weather before you go) because if the peak is covered with clouds you might not see a thing. Some people find the experience of hanging among clouds a magical one though!

However, if the sky is clear, you can catch a stunning view of the volcanic valley spreading out splendidly below. You can even see the islands of La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro rising up from the Atlantic. A truly magical view!


Explore La Gomera, the island lost in time

Explore La Gomera, the island lost in time

No international airport in La Gomera, no five-star chain hotels, and no masses of tourists. Nonetheless, the small island boasts magnificent natural beauty, an authentic way of life, and picturesque colorful local homes.

The tiny villages on the small island are one of its most attractive elements, each with its own personality and beauty. Make sure to check El Cercado to watch how local potters carefully craft traditional ceramics using techniques inherited from their ancestors.

The island features one of Europe’s last remaining cloud forests due to the huge banks of swirling fog surrounding the emerald peak which rises 1487 meters above sea level. This leads us to our next must-see in the Canary Islands.


Check the surreal Parque Nacional de Garajonay

Check the surreal Parque Nacional de Garajonay - Where to go in the Canary Islands

Lush greenery shrouded in mists, this surreal park looks like an enchanted forest out of a fairytale.

This cloud forest enjoys a much cooler temperature than the rest of the island due to the elevation and humidity. Inside this unique atmosphere, you will feel like you have traveled to another world, one that is not utterly real.

Garajonay is one of the best-preserved subtropical rainforests in Europe that is largely due to preservation efforts on La Gomera. The park is home to around 400 species of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the Canary Islands.


Scuba dive in La Restinga Marine Reserve

Scuba dive in La Restinga Marine Reserve - Where to go in the Canary Islands

Thanks to the warm crystal clear waters, which allow more than 30 meters of visibility, The Canary Islands are a haven for divers.

If you know how to dive, or are interested in trying, then you shouldn’t wonder where to go in the Canary Islands. Go Diving!

Diving in the Canary Islands allows you to enjoy one of the best underwater biodiversities in the world with a water temperature of more than 20 C all year round.

La Restinga is a sanctuary on El Hierro Island where turtles, tuna fish, rays, grouper, dolphins, and barracudas visit every year. The rich and varied biodiversity there is unbelievable, and so is the clarity of the water.


Catch a unique show at Loro Parque

Catch a unique show at Loro Parque - Where to go in the Canary Islands

If you are still wondering where to go in the Canary Islands you have to catch the only killer whale show during your visit!

Loro Parque is located in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife; it comprises an aquarium where sharks, rays, and fish swim among coral reefs just a few feet away from visitors. It also features a globally renowned orca show.

Killer whales dance to the music and dive and jump around a giant transparent tank, which allows spectators to see all of their underwater acrobatics. Sometimes the stunts are so spectacular that those spectators get splashed by water.

Moreover, the park is also renowned for its impressive collection of exotic birds. It is home to more than 300 species of parrots.

If that is not enough, the park also boasts the largest penguinarium in the world, home to more than 250 penguins. It boasts an enormous enclosure as well, where visitors can see gorillas, tigers, and even anteaters.

The Loro Parque Foundation aims to set a safe place for the protection and conservation of endangered animals. The zoo has earned the 2008 Animal Embassy Award for sustainable and responsible management.

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