Birthday Places: Places in Egypt for birthday celebrations


Birthdays are happy occasions that should be celebrated to be a lasting memory, but the decision of where to stay for a birthday has become confusing. As a result, here is a list of the best birthday places where you can have a fantastic birthday party. Every birthday, you’re looking for a new place to celebrate away from home. If you want to celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones, here is a list of birthday places that will suit and satisfy all tastes.

Birthday places on the Nile


This place is perfect for unforgettable birthday celebrations. It makes you feel at home but without the routine. This location is distinguished by privacy, as it has large air-conditioned rooms equipped with a stage and a microphone to enjoy the most beautiful karaoke performances, in addition to a movie night, as well as reasonable prices. The birthday system in “Stage” is two hours and the price is determined by the number of people.


15 Ahmed Heshmat, Mohamed Mazhar – Zamalek

Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street – Manial

Le Mix

Located on the Nile, this place is a favorite for those who want to celebrate the birthday of someone special, it is also a suitable place to celebrate romantic birthdays. The place is romantic, relaxing and offers the most stunning panoramic view at sunset. Le Mix has several birthday packages which you can choose from according to your preferences and budget. In addition, it has distinctive party decorations and a sound system for listening to your favorite music. Birthday parties are organized by booking the place for 3 hours and paying 75 pounds per person.

Do not miss the chance to celebrate the birthday of your loved one in this wonderful place.

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Address: Abdulaziz Al Saud Street – Manial

Al Markeb

Al Markeb is one of the best birthday places in Cairo and one of the best places for birthday parties in Maadi to celebrate your partner’s birthday in a private, romantic, and quiet place overlooking the Nile. The place offers Nile cruises every two hours, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink, and desserts.

It contains four different boats, each boat has its own atmosphere and suits different parties:

  • Classic Show, is suitable for Couples, because of its wonderful decorations, flower, candles, and music, providing a romantic atmosphere.
  • Castle gives the feeling that you are inside a palace floating in the Nile.
  • Oriental, is an oriental-style boat that you will be seated as if you are in an ancient archaeological place in Cairo, such as Al-Moez Street.
  • Modern Show, is more suitable for young people, as it contains games such as PlayStation, chess, and other entertaining games.

Prices are varied but generally reasonable compared to what is offered for Birthday supplies, cake, balloons, and flowers.

Address: Corniche El Nile – Maadi

Latino for a romantic birthday

You can organize a birthday party in a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere, and enjoy a special and unforgettable party at Latino Restaurant, which is one of the best birthday places for engaged and married couples, due to its privileged location overlooking the Nile directly. It also has an indoor place to sit with your loved one in a romantic and calm atmosphere.

Address: Dokki

Nile Lyly boat

This place is very unique, as it has a diverse selection of restaurants. Nile Lyly boat includes Galleria restaurants, which are ideal for romantic birthdays or a romantic dinner, as well as the distinctive Sky Lounge restaurant.

Address: 70 Abdel Aziz Al Saud St. – Manial

Heaven 47n

This wonderful location includes beautiful trees and landscapes overlooking the Nile, which makes celebrating birthdays in this place unique. It also offers places for photo sessions and all kinds of parties, whether marriage or engagement.

Address: Corniche El Nile – Maadi

Restaurants and cafes for birthdays


The ideal choice for your friend’s birthdays. This restaurant combines excellent service, wonderful decor, bright colors, delicious food, and a great location. Prices are low cost and there are no taxes to pay.

Address: 5 Jaafar Al-Sadiq Street, from Abdullah Al-Arabi, in front of Al-Burj Restaurant, Nasr City – Seventh District

Pizza Club

It is considered one of the cheapest birthday places in Cairo. The place is spacious and well decorated allowing you to spend quality time with your friends. Its prices are suitable for everyone and there are no service fees or taxes.

Address: 8 El-Sayed El-Marghini Street – Heliopolis

Talla Restaurants 

This restaurant is considered one of the best birthday places in Heliopolis. The restaurant provides free service and a DJ on birthdays, and there is no minimum number of people required. They have offers to suit all budgets, and it is recommended to book at least one day before the occasion. 

Address: Korba – Heliopolis

Birthday Places for Children

Celebrating your child’s birthday in a restaurant has become an old concept. Children’s desires and dreams in 2022 are more than just a meal at a restaurant. So these are some places for birthday parties for kids to enjoy their day.


It is considered one of the most enjoyable experiences in Egypt, as the place helps the child define his identity and personality through the practical life that they lead during their visit to KidZania. KidZania offers a variety of programs with new ideas for birthday parties.

Address: Cairo Festival City – Fifth Settlement


It is a cultural entertainment place for children for more than 10 years. It is a unique experience for the child on his birthday where he can participate in activities such as horse riding, pottery making, drawing, and designing T-shirts, in addition to games such as balloon battles.

Address: Mariouteya – Saqqara Road

Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline Park offers various activities such as laser tag, trampoline, and paintball. It is considered one of the most famous entertainment things to do in Cairo. For birthdays, Adrenaline Park provides cake, food, and drinks, in addition to children’s enjoyment of games.

Address: Green Belt – 6th of October

Sugar Spell

SugarSpell is an excellent choice to enjoy an outdoor birthday party for your child with family and friends. The place has recreational activities, including painting and baking, in one of the restaurant’s halls that prepares for birthday celebrations. In addition, there is a food menu at reasonable prices.

Address: Degla Street – Maadi

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