Tourism in the Alps: what to do in Liechtenstein


The Principality of Liechtenstein is a small, alpine country landlocked by Switzerland and Austria. If you decide to visit this country that largely looks like a colorful painting out of a child’s story book you might start wondering what to do in Liechtenstein?

One of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein might only be 160 square kilometers but what the picturesque country lacks in size it makes up for in striking scenery and tourist attractions.

The German speaking country provides more than aesthetics, although its amazing beauty is reason enough for tourists to visit.

So if you find yourself near the Alps, pay this small country a visit and you will not regret it. Here is what to do in Liechtenstein.

Ski in Malbun

Ski in Malbun

Of course the first think to do in the Alps is skiing! And Liechtenstein features some of the best skiing tracks in Europe.

Malbun is the most exceptional ski resort in Lichtenstein, skiing there is one of the top things to do in the quaint country. Snuggled in an Alpine ridge close to the splendid Saminatal Valley, The area is so quiet and peaceful, it almost makes skiing more of a relaxing activity than a thrilling one.

Three ski lifts are available to take you 2,000 meters up the valley where you can enjoy various ski slopes of diverse difficulties.

And while in Malbun, make sure to visit the Malbi Park Kinderland. The park offers ski runs for children and also provides skiing lessons and programs for kids.

Enjoy nature at The Galina Falconry Center

Enjoy nature at The Galina Falconry Center

The perfect place to enjoy nature and learn about local birds, you can experience hawks, eagle owls, buzzards, falcons, ravens and golden eagles close up in this stunning falconry show that takes place from May to October.

You can get up close and personal with these wild birds. Plus, you also get to learn about the art of traditional falconry.

You can also go hiking after the show, the area features many magnificent hiking trails.

Visit the ancient castles of Schellenberg

Visit the ancient castles of Schellenberg

If you are still wondering what to do in Liechtenstein you should know that one of the best things to do there is touring its ancient castles. Surrounded by the lush green vallies and snowy mountains, these castles are very imposing.

Some of the finest examples of medieval architecture are the ancient castles of Schellenberg. Obere Burg, which is the upper castle, was built in 1200 in the medieval style and Untere Burg, which is the lower castle and the smaller of the two, was built in 1250.

There are some more preserved castles in other areas around the country, but these two are the oldest and therefore the most charming, even in their crumbling state.

Ride the Citytrain in Vaduz

Ride the Citytrain in Vaduz

Of course no visit to a country in ever complete without checking the capital; and Vaduz is a charming capital indeed. Surrounded by mountains, Vaduz is a picture perfect city nestled on the banks of the Rhine.

And as it is a compact city, just like everything in the small country, you can take a 30 minute tour in the Citytrain and get a glimpse of all the key landmarks in Vaduz. And the train itself is absolutely charming and colorful that riding it is such a delight.

In this short tour you will get to see the old part of downtown Vaduz, the famous Vaduz vineyards and Vaduz Castle. In addition to that, the train stops at the Red House, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions there.

Stroll across the border

Stroll across the border

15 Minutes from Vaduz city center, you will find the Alte Rheinbrucke, which is the last surviving wooden bridge across the Rhine.

The beautiful covered wooden bridge is an easy stroll as it spans 135 meters across the Rhine. Near the center of the bridge, you will find a sign that marks the Liechtenstein-Swiss border.

Built in 1901, this bridge certainly makes a scenic stroll.

Check out The Traditional Farmhouse Museum

Check out The Traditional Farmhouse Museum

Built in 1518 near Eschnerberg Mountain in the municipality of Schellenberg, the traditional wooden building is a fine example of the local farming community up to the start of the 20th century.

The beautiful farmhouse was registered as a protected building in 1993. It is currently home to a museum showcasing the lifestyle and customs of farming in the region during the late middle Ages. It is owned and run by the Liechtenstein National Museum.

This museum certainly deserves a visit; it is unlike any other museum you might have seen. In addition to the intriguing exhibits on show, the building itself is an architectural beauty that showcases the structure of its time.

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