Ancient architecture and green mountains: Top places to visit in Georgia

November 19, 2018
Unbelievable green mountains which slope into lush valleys and vineyards dotted with picturesque old churches, Georgia looks too beautiful to be true. Places to visit in Georgia are varied and plentiful. This may constitute a conundrum to travelers, if you are traveling to one of the most beautiful countries on earth what should you see first? And we are here to help answer that question. If you are looking for places to visit in Georgia here is our top choices.

Experience Tbilisi

Experience Tbilisi The old architecture in the capital Tbilisi is beyond beautiful. The capital of Georgia since the 5th century, the diversity of the architecture reflects the city’s long history. Add to that the modernized facilities and services and you have one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe. All that and more makes Tbilisi one of the top places to visit in Georgia. From backpacker hostels to five star hotels, the city offers every sort of accommodation to welcome all of its visitors. The same concept goes for food, restaurants and cafes of all price ranges are available. Moreover, hotels in Georgia are generally more affordable than other tourist destinations as the country is relatively new to the tourism sector. When in Tbilisi, make sure to catch the cable cars for a wonderful ride over the city and the river. It is an experience that you will never forget. Another must do in the capital is riding the revamped ancient Funicular to the Mtatsminda Park above. Keep in mind that this is easily a whole day trip, an amazing one.

Walk through history in Mtskheta

Walk through history in Mtskheta Georgia’s old capital, Mtskheta is one of the most ancient cities in Georgia. The ancient churches in the city are some of the most beautiful in Europe. It is only 30 minutes away from Tbilisi so you can take a tour while staying in the capital. The tour will take half a day or a day if you linger there, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Check out the cave city of Vardzia

Check out the cave city of Vardzia This cave-palace-monastery built in the Caucasus looks like something out of fairy tales and fantasy novels. It is something that you have to see to believe. At some point in history, this huge cave city comprised 6000 apartments spreading through 13 levels, as well as a throne room and a large church with an external bell tower. Some of the caves were destroyed by a massive earthquake though. The place still houses a monastery within a closed part, but some parts are open for visitors. It is definitely worth a visit.

Visit the beautiful Stepantsminda

Visit the beautiful Stepantsminda Formerly known as Kazbegi, this small town offers some of the most beautiful scenery ever. When in the area make sure to check its famous waterfalls. The area is famous for providing exhilarating activities within a stunning setting. Mountain activities in the area include paragliding and river activities include Kayaking. It is also famous for trekking and walking as the mountain paths are just beautiful.

Take a tour in Svaneti

Take a tour in Svaneti Off the beaten path, Svaneti has managed to keep its pristine beauty and remain Georgia’s hidden gem. The picturesque villages sit amidst magical Alpine meadows to make this ravishing mountain region one of the most striking places to visit in Georgia. The area is mostly a mountain retreat, famous for its walking paths and skiing slopes, both are magnificent. When in Svaneti, make sure to check the UNESCO-listed Medieval Watchtowers, they were built between the 9th and 13th centuries to provide mountain dwellers with a clear view of the approaching enemies.

Relax in Batumi

Relax in Batumi The most famous tourist destination in Georgia, Batumi offers a multitude of tourist attractions on the coast of the Black Sea. A wide array of hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities is available in Batumi because of the throngs of visitors traveling there year round. If you are traveling there during the summer there is no need to remind you to check Batumi Boulevard, all visitors find their way to the famous park along the beach. It comprises restaurants, cafes, fountains and lush greenery. Near the northeast tip of Batumi Boulevard you will find the huge Ferris Wheel, one of the city’s most renowned attractions for a good reason. Take a ride and enjoy.

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