Ancient Athens: Top Things to do in Athens


Athens is one of the most famous countries that combine civilization, history and heritage in its monuments. Where tourists can have a lot of things to do in Athens.

The tourism places in Athens include many temples and ancient monuments that testify to the ancient history of the country.

It contains many Roman, and Greek monuments, which made it an inspiring historical beacon.

Tourism in Athens has a special taste, combining historical knowledge and enjoyment of various shows, festivals and performances on its territory.

If you are looking for a nice and enjoyable holiday, so you should go to Athens, it will provide you with what you need for any holiday.

Here are the most famous tourism places and things you can visit and enjoy in Athens.

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Things to do in Athens - Acropolis

The Acropolis region is famous for its huge frescoes, decorations and high columns. It is therefore one of the most beautiful tourist places in Athens.

As for the theater of Odeon Herodis Atticus. Which is located in the Acropolis, is a huge theater with two layers of terraces semi-circular.

Made entirely of stone, the theater can accommodate up to 5000 people.

One of the most beautiful performances of the Odeon Theater is the theatrical performances and musical ones.

While lighting up at night for the performances, makes it so charming.

Like the Odeon Theater, the Dionysos Theater is also a place, where performances are performed.

But it is characterized by its large stands and able to mobilize many spectators and visitors. The Dionysus Theater dates back to the Greek period.

If you are visiting the Acropolis, do not forget to recognize the Parthenon, the largest temple built by the Greeks in the Acropolis.

It was built in a unique Doric style architecture.

Which consists of a large number of columns surrounding it.

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Plaka District

Things to do in Athens - Plaka District

The historic district of Plaka, with its classical architecture and many museums, is one of the most famous and oldest tourist areas in Athens.

It receives thousands of tourists on a daily basis especially, since it is located under the mountain of the Acropolis.

Plaka is famous for its numerous shops for antiques and souvenirs, as well as many restaurants and ancient monuments.

If you visit the district you will find that one of the most famous museums, the new Jewish Museum, the Museum of Greek Folk Art, and the Museum of Fraseras.

The district is characterized by one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in Athens, the Mosque of Mohammed Al-Fateh, which was named after the visit of Mohammed Al-Fateh.

As you stroll through the district, you can enjoy a delicious meal at a neighborhood restaurant, where you can savor Greek food and dessert.

You can walk through the covered markets, which are famous for selling antiques and handmade gifts.

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New Acropolis Museum

Things to do in Athens - New Acropolis Museum

Like the former Parthenon temple, the new Acropolis Museum was built in 2007.

It is one of Athens’ newest tourist attractions.

This museum is located on Dionysos Arianobagito on the slope of the Acropolis of Athens.

The temple contains many ancient artifacts, collected from the Acropolis and its ancient temples.

National Archaeological Museum

Things to do in Athens - National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is responsible for the history of Greece, since it displays ancient Greek history more than 5,000 years ago.

Where thousands of artifacts are found in different locations in Greece.

It includes exhibits dating back to prehistoric times, and even later ancient times. Such as royal tombs, statues, jewelry and pottery.

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Al-Kaftius Hill

Things to do in Athens - Al-Kaftius Hill

For a unique experience you can go to Lykavittos Hill, which is 300 meters high, from which you can see a magnificent view of the Athens landmarks above it.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Athens.

To make the fun better, use the hanging rail to reach the top of the hill. To see the most beautiful landscape of the country.

If you are afraid of the highlands, the hill provides ladders, which surrounds it from each side.

Do not miss the Capitius Theater, where you can enjoy international concerts. In addition to many events and festivals.

The hillside of the Al-Kaftios features a spectacular view and sits in the restaurant at its top.

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Temple of Zeus Olympic

Temple of Zeus Olympic

The temple of Zeus Olympic is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Athens, built in the sixth century BC, it took about 700 years.

It is about 56 feet high and its columns are made of marble. The temple was built by order of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

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National Park in Athens

 National Park in Athens

Visit the National Park to see its unique plants where it contains more than 500 species of plants, as well as ducks, peacocks and turtles.

The park occupies 15.5 hectares of green space and includes many ancient monuments, such as mosaics and columns.

The park houses the prestigious Zappion building, which was built with the aim of setting up the world’s first modern Olympic Games and is still hosting exhibitions and events.

The Panathenaic Stadium is located next to the park, hosting the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

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Syntagma Square

 Syntagma Square

Syntagma square is the most important square in the city of Athens. It is the most beautiful field ever.

It is full of fountains and water tables, and also many statues and monuments as the statue of the Unknown Soldier.

The square is characterized by birds, that fills the courtyard and visitors feed it. It is also famous for its extreme cramping.

One of the most interesting things in Syntagma Square is the Switch Guard display, which you will never miss.

It is set up in front of the parliament building every hour.

The field is the starting point for tourist trips to the most important tourist attractions in Athens.

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