Enjoy a unique tour in Armenia for 6 days

By Yerani Travel

Armenia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction, with the small but charming nation boasting a rich history. It boasts some of Europe’s most stunning views, with the peak of Mount Ararat dominating the country’s skyline.


  • City Tour

Day 1: Arrival

Upon your arrival, our driver will meet you at the airport and accompany to your hotel.

Day 2:  Group Tour – Tatev Monastery and Ropeway, Carahunge Observatory, Shaki Waterfall, “Hin Areni” winery (excursion and degustation).

The Wings of Tatev will take us straight to the 9th century Tatev Monastery, which once was the educational and spiritual center of Armenia.Here you will see the Harsnadzor Watchtower and Devil’s Bridge, which is a natural viaduct formed on the river. Shaki Waterfall is a waterfall in Armenia, with a height of 18 m. It is located in Syunik Province.

Day 3: Depending on the day of your arrival, you can take part in one of these tours.

1.Group Tour: Hovhannavank, Saghmosavank, Armenian Alphabet Monument, Amberd Fortress.

The monastery of Hovhannavank is about 5km south from Saghmosavank. The complex includes the 4th century basilica church of St, John. Saghmosavank is translated as the monastery of psalms.  It was famous for its medieval manuscripts and book-repository.Our next destination is the Amberd fortress, located on the slopes of Mount Aragats – the highest peak in Armenia.On the way to Amberd, we will have a short stop at the Alley of the Alphabet, where you will be given the chance to find the first letter of your name and even snap a picture with it. Not only is Armenian a very old language, but it is also an independent branch of the Indo-European languages, making it unlike any other language in the world.

2.Group Tour: Garni, Geghard, Lavash Baking and tasting

This fantastic tour will introduce you to the exotic Pagan history of Armenia, and show the later development and spread of Christianity in the country. The first stop is Garni Temple (77 A.D.) –it is the only standing heathen temple in the whole post-Soviet area. The Monastery complex of Geghard is another historical site included in this tour. St. Geghard symbolizes the lance with which the Roman centurion pierced Jesus after the crucifixion. Not far from the temple of Garni (about 10 minutes’ walk), there is a cozy local restaurant with an amazing view of the temple, where you can relax and take part in master-class of tasting of freshly baked lavash – traditional Armenian flatbread

Day 4: Group Tour – Dilijan (Old Town), Goshavank and Haghartsin Monasteries, Lake Sevan (Sevanavank), traditional lunch. 

The tour will take you to the North of Armenia, where you will be surrounded by beautiful nature. Through the city of Dilijan, we will make a stop at the monastery of Gosh-Goshavank. This historical church is located in the heart of nature and beautiful village which has the same name. Mkhitar Gosh was one of the great intellectual powers of his day, “a humble man of wisdom”, authoring numerous works, including the first code of civil and Canon law that was used in both Greater Armenia and Cilicia. The next destination during this trip will be the monastery of Haghartsin, dating back to the 10th-14thcenturies. The name is translated as “the play of the eagle”. The refectory of Haghartsin is considered the biggest amongst Armenian Church architecture; it was an absolute innovation of its time! If you are curious as to why, there will be nothing better than seeing it for yourself! Whilst staying in Armenia, you simply cannot miss the opportunity of visiting one of the country’s most renowned landmarks – the beautiful lake Sevan. We will also visit the monastery of Sevanavank, built by the princess Mariam to honor the life of her deceased husband in the 9th century. Sevanavank is also home to one of the most beautiful Amenaprkich (all savior) Khachkars of Armenia. This is one of the 13 rarest crosstones depicting Jesus.

Day 5: Group Tour – Echmiadzin (St. Hripsime, St. Gayane, Mother Cathedral, Treasury Museum), Zvartnots

This daily tour will begin by visiting St. Hripsime church, which was built on the sepulcher of a Christian nun Hripsime who fled from the Roman Empire and was killed in Armenia. This amazing building has stood upright from the day of its construction since 618 A.D, making it one of the oldest standing churches in the world. Five minutes’ drive away will be our next spot: the 7th century church of St. Gayane. After this stop, you will be able to observe the first world’s first Christian Cathedral – the Holy Echmiadzin, built in 301-304. According to the legend, Jesus Christ descended from heaven and showed the place where later Gregory the Illuminator ordered to build the church. On the way back to Yerevan, we will make a final stop at another beautiful 7th century temple Zvartnots, also included in the UNESCO heritage list.It is a unique building with its architectural structure.

Day 6: Departure

On the last day of your tour the transfer to the airport will be organized. We hope you will take with you the best memories about Armenia and a spark of coming back again!

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