Discover Bursa and enjoy Kemalpasa Tour

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Bursa has a long history that can be explored at practically every turn. But this city, which is also known for its food, beaches, bazaars, hot springs, and more, has a lot more to offer to visitors than just history, much of which will be explored in this tour.

What's Included:

  • City Tour

Crying Tree in Golyazi

This plant tree is about 730 years old occupying very large area in Gölyazı Town. it is nice to rest and take some drinks at the cafe set up in its shadow and watch the storks.

Suuctu Waterfall

Bursa's Suuctu Waterfall is in the middle of a natural paradise, situated 17 km away from Mustafakemalpasa district and the roar of the water falling 38 m is very pleasant. The waterfall offers magnificent beauty that awaits photographers and nature lovers.

Special Kemalpasa Sweet Store

This special place offers many kinds of Kemalpaşa sweet and other regional meatballs, good quality, friendly staff, quick service combines all. Then we will have lunch. 

Paradise of Bird

On 10 acres of land, peacock, pheasant, partridge, ducks and birds such as pigeons farm produced at the same time home to migratory birds. Izmir to Golyazi the way to the sign on the left after 1 km to 5 km inside the bird farm, blue cypress, lemon cypress, spruce, cedar trees, also worth seeing as a true natural paradise.




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