7 nights at the land of cedars

Rug and Rock Adventure

7 nights at the land of cedars, which is Lebanon, known by “Paris of the middle east”

Lebanon is one of the smallest country in the world, but also it's one of the most diverse.

It has spectacular beaches and splendid landscapes, you have to visit.

What's Included:


Flight Plan:

  • Day 1: Welcome to Lebanon-Beirut awaits (Dinner)
  • Day 2: From Beirut to Ehden ( dinner)
  • Day 3: Hiking through the Ehden reserve to the Qozhaya valley (breakfast and dinner)
  • Day 4: To Qozhaya monastery and the lower Qadisha (Breakfast - dinner)
  • Day 5:  Qannoubine to Bcharre (breakfast and dinner)
  • Day 6: Crossing mount Lebanon, West to East (breakfast and dinner)
  • Day 7: A day in the Beqaa (breakfast and dinner)
  • Day 8: A final day’s walking (breakfast)


7 breakfast - 5 dinners


-This trip doesn’t have fixed departure, it organized only on bespoke basis.
-Contact us and tell us about the number of your group and the dates you are interested in

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1,614 USD / per adult