8 Days in the Land of Fire

Danat Al Khaleej
By Danat Al Khaleej

Explore the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan. It's a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a new nation full of plenty of tourist places, where you can visit and enjoy.

What's Included:

  • City Tour

Day 1: Arrive at the airport and then head to the hotel in the city of Chamakh.
Day 2: Visit the shrine of Deir Baba and the oldest mosques in the Caucasus region and then enter the village of Lagich village and visit the palace of Shurwan Shah.
Day 3: Departure to Kabbal and have a tour in the area.
Day 4: Visit the Kabbal tourist attractions and climb in the Tufandag Mountain Series cable car and then head to Khaba land for fun time.
Day 5: Go to Kervansaray and then start to Lake of Nahor and go hiking in Khabal then move to the capital land of Fire Baku.
Day 6: Go to the mountain park then the famous Nizami Street followed by Visiting the Carpet Museum and then the Old Town
Day 7: Talk to the Absheron peninsula to see the myth of Mount Fire and then shop in the centre of Boulevard Park.
Day 8: Airport transfer and departure.


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2- From 2/8/2019 to 9/8/2019.
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