Glamorous 7 nights at Azerbaijan

Danat Al Khaleej
By Danat Al Khaleej

Glamorous 7 nights at azerbaijan where you can enjoy seeing the mountains and mud volcanoes and the unique music.It blends a fantastic and dramatic landscapes with a people and culture that reflect it's splendid location.

  • Day 1:-Arrival at Haider Aliyev International Airport in Baku, then take the bus to the hotel in the city of "Chamakhi" and receive the rooms - time to rest.
  • Day 2:-Visit the tomb of "Deri Baba" and the mosque "Juma" oldest mosques in the Caucasus region and then go to the village "Lajish" famous handicrafts and finally visit the palace "Shravan Shah."
  • Day 3:-To travel to Qabala and to log in to the hotel for a rest and then a tour in the region.
  • Day 4:-Visit the most famous landmarks of Qabala, climb the Tevan Dag mountain cable car and shooting center and then head to Kaba Land for fun and fun
  • Day 5:-after a meal. Breakfast Go to Kervansaray Palace of Shaki King and visit the pastry shops then go to Lake Ju River in Qabala on the road to the capital of fire country Baku
  • Day 6:-Go to the mountain park and the highest point in Baku then to the famous Nizami Street Followed by a visit to the carpet museum and then to the old city the oldest city in Baku where we find Guardian Virgo, mosques, fields, minarets and bathrooms
  • Day 7:-go to semi "Abshoran" island to seelegendAzerbaijanwhichnot extinguished Mount Fire "Otrajat"a religious temple to some followers Zoroastrianism Than shopping at "Park Boulevard" shopping center
  • Day 8:-log out of hotel and go to airport to return To the homeland.




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