Glamorous 6 nights trip to Antalya

Danat Al Khaleej
By Danat Al Khaleej

Glamorous 6 nights trip to the eight-most popular city in Turkey which is Antalya, it's the gateway to Turkey’s southern region, consists of fabulous mix of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture.

It is considered one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey and offers you a peerless experience.  


  • Day 1:- Arrival at Antalya Airport, stop for breakfast, log in to the hotel, then go on a guided tour of the area.
  • Day 2:-Trip to the waterfalls of the "Dudan" and then head to the city center to explore one of the most important landscape in Antalya which is “Antalya citadel” then doing shopping in the citadel market.
  • Day 3:-A free day for rest, recreation, shopping And exploring the city.
  • Day 4:- Fun day for the Canoprolo Canyon, water games and climbing
  • Day 5:-Free day for rest, recreation, shopping and exploring the city.
  • Day 6:- Head to the Mall of Antalya then head to The Land of Mythology Resort, visit the waterfront city and enjoy watching the fantastic shows.
  • Day 7:-Logging out the hotel after breakfast and go to the airport to return to the homeland.

Full board

-The contract and the details of the flight are fixed.
-The registrant for the trip is (100) dinars / (1000) riyals per person which is not refundable.
-The general instructions and rules of the trip should be read.
-Payment deadline 30 days before the date of the trip.
-25% of the value of the trip is deducted as a cancellation fee 30 days before departure.
-50% of the value of the trip is deducted as a cancellation fee 15 days before travel.
-100% of the value of the trip is deducted as a cancellation fee 7 days before departure.
-The discount system depends on the possibility and the status of the flight
-the above mentioned registrant is non-refundable upon cancellation.
-When you add another bed the price varies


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