Camping adventure in Oman


Enjoy a camping trip full of wonderful activities in the magnificent sites of Oman.

What's Included:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Multi Sport

Day 1

Camping over-night in either a mountain spot or beach that is close from the adventure spot. All camping equipment such as tents, temporary toilet and sleeping pages will be provided.

Day 2

-Mountain off-road driving to the adventure start point.
-Training/briefing for the hiking, safety gears and the adventure rules
-Hiking/Canyoning/Climbing (There are options for more than 12 spots for hiking, canyoning or climbing with various difficulties levels)

-Example for most common spots are, Wadi Shab, Wadi Mibam, Wadi Hail, Wadi Hawer, Al Hooqeen, Snake Gorge, Jabal Shams via Ferratta, Wajmah, etc).
-Off –road driving and commuting to the allocated Hotel for check in.

Day 3
Two options are available:
Option 1:
-Hotel in Nizwa on old heritage in Hotel
-Nizwa Souq tour
-Nizwa fort Tour
-Al Hamra (Bait Al Saffa) visit. It is a 400 years old house that simulate all the aspects of the Omani life. You can experience some activities yourself.
-Misfat Al Abryeen. An old mountain village with farming terraces. The visit includes Honey exhibition.

Option 2:

-Standard hotel in Sur.

-Visit the Old Castle museum.

-Wahiba sand dunes crossing.

-Wadi Bani khalid natural pools


There will be an English & Arabic speaking guide during the trip.

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Enjoy your holidays!

498 USD / per adult