Greece: A Walking and Culinary Adventure

By Rahhalah

Athens – traditionally regarded as a summer, stop-over destination on one’s way to the Greek islands – has become the new trendy European capital. With its thousands-years-old history, its reviving artistic scene, and its delicious culinary explorations, it is undoubtedly a city inviting you to spend several days uncovering its secrets. With this trip, we present a unique live-like-a-local experience as you will be accommodated in a homestay (the parental home of the main trip leader), getting acquainted with the daily rituals of life in Greece. You will spend days walking on the unknown paths of the Athens discovering its hidden corners, engaging – like the ancient Greeks – in meaningful discussions, and tasting a variety of culinary delights in traditional cafés and taverns. After a while, you will not be a guest anymore but, instead, a “family member” or an old friend welcomed into a house that will be like home.
As the days pass, you will feel that the places you visit, no matter how beautiful they are, won’t be the highlight of your trip. Instead, you will see yourself emerging renewed through the connection with the surrounding landscape, the details that will be shared, and the conversations that may last till late at night. This trip is about connecting with a part of yourself that Greece will undoubtedly bring to the surface; it is a
quiet, fun, intense, and nourishing vacation for the body and soul amid the beauties of a timeless landscape. This is the reason most people visiting the country end up falling in love with it. The highlights of this trip include:
 Walking tours around the historical center of Athens and its oldest neighbourhoods.
 A taste of the traditional Greek philoxenia through the homestay at the parental house of the trip leader.
 A visit to the Acropolis hill, the Acropolis Museum, and the “Da Vinci-500 years of genius” exhibition.
 A visit to the town of Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece, famous for its Venetian architecture and ambience.
 Climbing the 999 stairs to the Palamidi fortress: one of the best-preserved fortresses of Greece and the fascinating history and amazing panoramic views.
 A full-day food tour that will give you the opportunity to discover the lesser known parts of Athens while understanding the details of the lives of modern Greeks.
 An evening musical performance held in the wagons of an old train (remains of the famous Orient Express).
 Storytelling and analysis of archetypal stories and myths.
 A walk on Mount Ymittos, visiting the old monastery of Kaisariani.
 A 3-course cooking class at the leader’s house – including shopping at the farmers’ market and all needed preparation in advance.

What's Included:

  • City Tour

Day 1 (Friday, Feb 22):
Arrival Athens
You will be picked up from the airport and transferred to the homestay. In the afternoon, we will head towards Plaka.
Day 2 (Saturday, Feb 23): Exploring the ancient history of Athens. In the afternoon, we will walk down the central Pedestrian road of Athens and end up in the neighbourhood of Kerameikos.
Day 3 (Sunday, Feb 24):
After breakfast, we will head towards Nafplio.
Day 4 (Monday, Feb 25): Food tour to explore modern Athens.
Day 5(Tuesday, Feb 26): Kaisariani Monastery/Mt Ymittos walk/Cooking class.
Day 6 (Wednesday, Feb 27): Departure.

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