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Travel Packages: Finland
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What is Finland famous for?

Land of a thousand lakes, Finland has 187,888 lakes and every landscape in the country is dotted with patches of water. Finland is one of the largest countries in Europe and Lapland and it's one of the least densely populated countries in Europe. That is why people can relax and feel comfortable in traveling to a country like Finland, and not feel crowded at all. Public transportation in Finland runs on time and it's clean and efficient, so you can move around easily and enjoy many things to do in Finland.

Best time to visit Finland and who can visit it

The best month to visit Finland is January because most of the crowds have thinned out and the children are back to school, February is the coldest month in the year, spring arrives in May and Summer is usually in August, it is short but pleasantly warm. In general, the weather in the South of the country differs from that in the North.

Finland is a very fantastic and interesting destination for spending your vacation, you can travel to Finland alone or in a group or with your partner or even with your family because all Finland's attractions and landscapes are suitable for all types of travelers.

Things to do in Finland?

There are a lot of things to do in Finland like enjoy the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe which is Lake Saimaa, it's really worth visiting.

The first thing you have to do when you arrive in Finland is visiting its capital Helsinki. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland with influences from both the East and the West, it has parks, a lot of green areas and a number of forests, you can visit one of the UNESCO sites in Helsinki, Suomenlinna, which features ancient monuments and architecture, it is full of old fortresses and dungeons.

You can also enjoy a popular activity in Finland which is sleeping in a glass cottage surrounded by natural views. It is the best way to enjoy and experience the two extreme seasons, Summer and Winter.

One of the most popular landmarks in Finland is Bengtskar. It is the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries so it's a must-see.

Additionally, you can hike in one of Finland’s 40 national parks which are scattered around the country.

Also, you can ride a husky sleigh as Finland is blessed with a lot of snow which makes it the best place for sledding. If you need to relax and to refresh your mind during your vacation in Finland, you have to try The sauna, Finland has over three million saunas.

There are lots of sports parks and swimming pools suitable for you and your family like Ala-Malmi sports park, Kontula sports park, Myllypuro sports park, Pirkkola sports park, Velodrome sports park and more.