4 Days Tour in Salalah

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Salalah is the precious natural gem of Oman. Located in the southern region of Dhofar, the city has plenty to offer visitors. Join us now to enjoy a full architectural, cultural and natural experience. This package is your key to discover the beauty of Salalah.


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Private 4WD InterCity Salalah Hotel 3*: 6130 SAR
Private 4WD Millennium Resort Salalah 4*: 6970 SAR



What's Included

Day 1: Arrival to Salalah 

Half-day city tour: After lunch, we will visit the beautiful Sultan Grand Mosque with its exquisite artwork and stained tiles. Visit Al Husn Souq where frankincense crystal of Dhofar and typical Dhofar frankincense.

Day 2: Full day – East & West Salalah Tour 

Our guide will pick you 08:30 Am and start to drive towards east. On the way to Taqa, you will pass by the Royal Farm and Marmura Palace the village is known for Dried Sardines, traditional & old Dhofari Houses. A very interesting castle can be seen there in this spot the former official residence of the Waliâ (Governor) of the region & obtain a glimpse into the rich history. To the East of Taqa lies the ruin of Sumhurum (Khor Rori), The city was the easternmost outpost of the Hadramawt Kingdom on the ancient incense route between the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf and India. Khor Rori was an important port on the coast of Dhofar, and one of the major trading cities with frankincense believed to have been the hub & harbour for the shipping of Frankincense.  After this, we will depart to take the way across the Qara mountains where the beauty of Dhofar Mountains Manifested. Herds of Camels & Cattle are a common sight which gives a scenic view of a traditional Dhofari rural beauty. At Jobs tomb, a reputed final resting place of the Islamic prophet, Experience the legendary story of Prophet Job and his devoutness. Unparalleled Vistas of the Al Garbib Plain can be seen. Continue towards Mughsayl where the white sand touches the deep blue of the ocean.

Day 3: Jebel Safari

Start the tour in the morning at 08:30 AM, by 4wd vehicles Proceed towards East. You will visit the fishing village of Taqqah, an old town with an interesting castle surrounded by watchtowers and stone houses. Drive to Wadi Darbat The most unexpected site in Dhofar is Wadi Darbat. The wadi is secreted in the mountains overlooking the site of Khor Rori, just after. Taqah on the coast. During the Autumn the water is replenished and some may remain throughout the year. As well as a spacious picnic area for visitors. Drive to Tawi Atayr (Well of Birds), one of the most dramatic of the various Sinkholes that dot the porous limestone of the Salalah Mountains. This enormous cavity plunges more than 100 metres. With a local guide, you can scramble down a rugged path to the bottom. Some 11km (7miles) further north lays another and even more impressive, sinkhole, the vast Taqi Sinkhole. Continue the journey into the mountain range of Jebel Samhan to a breathtaking plateau at a height of almost 1700m. Drive to Salalah Anti Gravity Point to see their cars going up the hill at Neutral gear. This is a really amazing experience. The car can move at a speed of more than 40 to 60 kilometres per hour without any acceleration Proceed inwards to Khori Rori creek, the site of the ruined city Samhuram, and capital of ancient Arabia frankincense trade.

Day 4: Your Half 

A day tour will commence at the archaeological site of Al-Baleed that display exhibits illustrating the Region archaeology, then Departure on the afternoon.

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