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On-Foot Wandering in St Catherine

By Ootlah Egypt

Enjoy a 4-day snorkeling tour of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites "Saint Catherine". Saint Catherine is a city in the South Sinai Governorate. It is located on the Al-Tur Mountains at an altitude of 1,586 m (5,203 ft), 120 km from Nuweiba.

  • Hiking in Saint Catherine


Breakfast at 8 a.m. Then move through Abu Jiva corridor (which is about a 35-minute climb), then you will pass on Tabuq, Wadi Al-Shaq, and see the Kharazat al-Shaq area.

Then lunch and a break in Wadi Zouatine.

At 3 P.M, ascend Jabal Abbas to watch the sunset, dinner, and rest in Wadi Abu Leia.


Waking at 6 a.m, having breakfast, and moving across the road (Amsikha, Abu Elda, Abu Karouq, Ain al-Nujila, climbing Bab al-Dunya mountain, and take lunch in Ain al-Nujaila and rest, then getting off (Naqab Bahriya), overnighting and eating dinner in a garden with Farsh El-Rummana, where beautiful star views.


Waking up early and eating breakfast, then moving to reach the Blue Jelt (you can swim, as it is a deep water pool), lunch in the Blue Jelt, climbing up to Farsh Umm Silah, overnighting in Saqr Valley, dinner, rest.


The return trip, get off from Shaq Tinah, lunch in Wadi Talah, go back to the camp, dinner, and overnight.

The first day, 14 K, is about 7 hours.

The second day is 15 km 7 hours.

The third day 8k 6 hours.

The fourth day is 6 km 4 hours.

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