WHIZZ KIDS - Individual package


Jump in just like you would from an aircraft, but without a parachute, and even without boarding an airplane in the first place! Everyone can enjoy this body flight experience, except for those reluctant to go on a life-changing adventure.

We can guarantee you the thrill of an extraordinary and unforgettable experience!

Open from 12pm to 9pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 11am to 9pm (Friday and Saturday).

  • Indoor Skydiving

Under 16s ONLY. Max of 6 children per class.

Details list

  • 5 Minutes Time in the air
  • 90 Minutes From arriving to the end
  • 35 BHD per child for 5 minutes of flying time. Max of 6 children per class.
  • Put your kids in the safe hands of our flying instructors and let them learn to fly. Strictly off-limits for adults!
  • If your children like being thrown in the air, or jumping on a trampoline, this experience will literally blow them away!
  • From arrival to completion ≈ 90min.
  • Equivalent to 5 skydives at 13,000ft.
  • Your tunnel instructor may be male or female; our highly skilled instructors may have to physically guide you in the flight chamber.


    Upon booking your session and arriving at Gravity, you will be greeted at reception and taken through the registration process, in which you will fill in a waiver form with your personal details. Once you have completed this process, you will then meet your instructor who will get you and your group ready for your flight!
  2. GEAR UP
    At the gear station, the instructor will give you all the necessary equipment including your flying suit, shoes, a helmet, safety goggles and ear plugs.
    Once you have worn your suit, you can begin your training! You will be guided to our briefing room and during this time, your instructor will take you over some hand signals used for communication in the tunnel and demonstrate body flying positions.
    The action begins here! Once you have completed the briefing session, you will be taken into the flight chamber with your class and start flying. Now is the moment to just hold on tight and jump in against the force of GRAVITY!
    Each individual will jump into the tunnel separately and will be guided by the instructors at all times.


Don’t forget to keep some memories! If you loved it that much and would like to keep photos and videos so you can show off to your friends and family, stop by our reception counter and one of our receptionists will have them ready for you on USB stick. Most importantly, don’t forget to pick up the framed photo of you flying in the tunnel.

Additional Info:
1. Booking is subject to availability. You will be contacted to receive a confirmation for your booking
2. Booking or payment should be made online
3. No refund policy. If you wish to cancel due to some reasons, you'll be offered a different date/time. Only you need to advise us for 24hours in advance.
4. Please arrive on time

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