Thrilling VR Racing Experience


Have you ever wanted to try and live the thrill of being in the driver seat in the adrenaline-inducing car races? Now you can with our Omni Racing Plus package where you will indulge in the highest possible level of immersion in a realistic and unforgettable experience.


Take the chance to try the most advanced simulation systems and platforms that are used in training by leading universities around the world as well as military institutions, training institutions, and professional drivers and pilots and live a realistic experience on either a racetrack or a flight tarmac with an unprecedented degree of realism and immersion, all combined to provide you with a breath-taking experience.

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Starting Time: 12:00 AM
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Racing plus package includes 15mins racing, 2 times extreme machine, space shuttle and VR theater for only 10bd per person.

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27 USD / per adult