Live the most realistic racing simulation experience


Try the Next Level Racing motion platform V3 which is designed to provide you ultimate immersion with most realistic racing simulation experience available. Get to see the future of simulation the next level racing motion platform that puts you on the race track with incredible precision, realism and immersion.


You will have the multiplayer racing experience with the ability to choose from a wide variety of super-cars and racing tracks. Just get in the race, Drag, drift, and Rally. All with the motion, force, manual shifters, and hand breaks exactly like a real car!

GT Racing, F1 and Rally for only 4.5Bd in 15 mins playtime.

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12 USD
Starting Time: 12:00 AM
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Traveler x1 12 USD
Total 12 USD

4.5 Bd for 15 mins playtime
8 BD for 30 mins playtime
15 BD for 60 mins playtime

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12 USD / per adult