Live a moon landing experience with VR machines


Have you ever wondered how Neil Armstrong felt when he first set his foot on the surface of the moon? You don't have to wonder anymore because now, with our modern virtual reality machines, we will provide you with the chance to live the moon landing experience for five minutes in an experience you have never lived before in your life. This is only one of 45 games you can try along with exploring Jurrasic Park, swimming with the sharks, and many other thrilling adrenaline-pumping activities.


An all in one theme park with multiple attractions and rides full of intense motion, swim with sharks; explore Jurassic park, roller coasters and much more. Have fun for this amazing space shuttle for you and your family and try something you never experienced before but always wanted to. This play includes 45 games and experiences a motion platform for only 3Bd per seat located at Amwaj Island.

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8 USD / per adult