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No matter how much experience you have, it’s always a good idea for everyone to drive a boat The person driving a boat can change from moment to moment in most boats and ships. You can use as "Helmsman" for Boat driver. The term helm is referred to as Boat or Ship. This is for small ships or boats, don’t hesitate to reserve this trip and to enjoy driving your boat and learn how to drive boats.

Ski Boat Driver 1

The Ski Boat Driver level 1 (SBD1) is designed for anyone who wishes to drive unassisted for water skiing and/or other associated disciplines inland(non-coastal).

First of all, you will need to decide whether you need boat driving lessons, or if you have previous boat driving experience including towing skiers/riders. Our BWSW instructor will assess you and advise whether you need boat driving lessons first.

If you have the required experience, the Ski Boat Driver Level 1 is roughly a 3 hour long program consisting of a theoretical based assessment (assessment of boat driving knowledge) and a practical based assessment (assessment of boat handing skills). Prior to completing the theoretical based assessment, candidates will attend a tutoring session designed to develop understanding of a number of key topics relating to driving a ski boat on inland waters, this will take approximately 1 hour. Following this, candidates will complete 17 questions, relating to the SBD1 classroom course.

After successfully completing the SBD1 examination candidates will receive a new BWSW membership card which will state that the member is an SBD1 driver.

The practical based assessment consists of a 30 minute familiarisation session (to familiarise the candidate with the boat, the site and the assessment procedure) followed by a 15 minute slow maneuvering skills assessment and a 15 minute water ski/wakeboard driving assessment.



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BWSW ski boat driver level 1 certificate is required

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