RS 300 Ride in Bahrain

By Ootlah

Are you up for a challenging sailing adventure? Join us for an exciting ride for 60 minutes in the waters of Bahrain in a RS 300 boat, which is considered one of the most difficult dinghy boats to ride.

The RS300 is a modern racing sailing dinghy that has two rigs. Rig A is slightly smaller than Rig B. The two sail sizes ensure that the power-to-weight ratio and handling characteristics are similar for both large and small sailors. RS300 is one of the most challenging and exciting dinghies to sail.


  • The price is per person
  • Duration is 60 minutes
  • Location in Amwaj Island
  • An RYA seamanship Skills Certificate is required to rent the RS300.
  • Please check with us the availability
  • Boat Sailing


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