Enjoy kite surfing lessons

By Ootlah

Enjoy kite surfing lessons and learn how to do this amazing sports, we also have a great number of certified instructors to teach you well how to surf using kites. Don’t miss this travel and enjoy every single moment there.

  • LEVEL 1: DISCOVERY (2 hours)
    You want to master the elements and discover the amazing sport of kiteboarding? Your IKO Instructor will help introduce you to the sport and teach you various safety rules and skills on land before going into the water; The safety training will teach and show you how to assess the wind and physical location, as well as show you how to properly manage the equipment; set-up; and control the trainer kite.
  • LEVEL 2: INTERMEDIATE (4 hours)
    It is time to get in the water and attempt your first water start with your IKO Instructor. You will now put your skills to the test and experience the full potential of the wind. You will learn to use the kite power to body drag in all possible directions, water relaunches your kite, self-rescue, recover your board; and become proficient enough to begin riding on your own!
  • LEVEL 3: INDEPENDENT (2 hours)
    Its time to become an independent rider and the more you learn, the more passionate you will become about kiteboarding! On this level, your IKO instructor will show you how to ride upwind, toe-side, and help you focus on higher skills like controlling your speed by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-launching and self landing safely. As an independent rider, you'll be able to ride on your own and rent equipment wherever you go.



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Your very own personal instructor, your own kit, your own pace - as simple as that!
COUPLES LESSON (2:1) - PRICE 50 BHD/hr (sharing 25/person)
Learning this sport with your buddy or partner also makes things more fun and guarantees you'll have someone to encourage you to continue once you're done learning - no wonder why it's our best seller kite course!
GROUP LESSON (4:1) - PRICE 80 BHD/hr (sharing 20/person)
If you can round up a group of 4 people, then this course is for your crew, slightly slower pace in learning, but excellent on the budget side!

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