Enjoy the trail running race in Turkey

Pipa’s Athletes
By Pipa’s Athletes

You will enjoy the mix between the West and East where the diverse cultures in Turkey.

Turkey could turn out to be one of the most beautiful lands in the world that has a stunning landscapes and scenery history 

Never miss this trip, it really an experience deserve to make.

What's Included:

  • Day 1: the arrival to the motel
  • Day 2: Enjoy the Turkish atmosphere and get ready for the race (local lunch and dinner)
  • Day 3: The race time where the trail running
  • Day 4: Going back home
  • this activity will start from 16 to 19 May,2019

Not included

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Starting Time: 12:00 AM
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Host Details: Shall be provided upon booking confirmation
What should you bring?
– ID (Passport, Identity Card, Driving License)
– Everything the race organizer is asking for
-Your fitness & the simple & adventurous you

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