Turkey– Tahtali and Chimera Trail Run

Pipa’s Athletes
By Pipa’s Athletes

Are you up for a sport adventure in Turkey? Join us in a 4-day trip to Antalya in Turkey and join our race across the trail that runs through the mountains of Tahtali and Chimaera which is famous for its never-dying flame.Duration: from May 16 - May 19

What's Included:

  • Running

Accommodation: Double rooms in a three-star hotel or a motel

Day 1 /Night 1: Arrival

Joining point – Meeting at the Motel.

Day 2 / Night 2: Race Check-in Day

Local Lunch

Check-In for race

Local Dinner

Back to the accommodation so you can enjoy your free time. ( Expected around 6:30 Pm)

Day 3 /Night 3: Race Day

Trail running- starting at 5:30 AM

Local meal after race

Back to the accommodation so you can enjoy your free time and recover. ( Expected around 9 Pm

Day 4: Going back home


Meals are not included in the package.

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400 USD / per adult